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Marc Schauer bio is a well-known celebrity spouse, media personality, as well as real estate agent by profession. Marc Schauer bio is also alc ohol as well as a drug counselor. Marc is mostly famous as the second husband of the Academy Award-nominee named Laura Linney.

Married to a famous actress Laura, Marc Schauer bio’s life has also been a subject of curiosity. So, how did he meet his wife? Do they have any kids from their marital connection?

In this article, we are going to talk about Laura Linney’s husband named Marc Schauer’s career, personal life, marital connections, as well as more.

How Old Is Marc Schauer bio? Details Of His Early Life

The real estate agent Marc Schauer bio was born on 5th April of the year 1960 in Telluride, which is in Colorado, the United States of America. He has Caucasian ethnic descent as well as is an American by nationality.

Marc Schauer bio is 62 years old as of the year 2022. He is four years older than his wife who was born on 5th February 1964 in the place of NYC. She is the daughter of Off-broadway playwright Romulus Linney as well as Miriam Anderson Leggett, a nurse.

Marc Schauer bio Never Went To College

The celebrity spouse reportedly completed high school in New York. After that, he forgot college to pursue a career in real estate.

American real estate agent Marc Schauer bio as well as his wife named Laura Linney
Marc Schauer bio as well as Laura got engaged in the year 2007 and got married in year 2009
While on the other hand, Linney finished high school at Northfield Mount Hermon School. She then enrolled at Northwestern University as well as later disseminated to Brown University graduating in the year 1986. In the year 2003, she obtained an honorary doctor of fine arts degree from Brown University.

Similarly, Marc Schauer bio learned acting at the Julliard School alongside actress named Jeanne Tripplehorn as a member of Group 19.

Marc Schauer bio Is A Licensed Broker

As cited earlier, Schauer is a drug counselor as well as a real estate individual broker by profession. He was based at 650 Park Ave Apt 10e, New York, NY 10065 where he toiled at his own real estate principal office.

Due to his broker license type, he was allowed to sell, buy, rent, auction, as well as advertise real estate properties for a compensation commonly in the form of commission or brokerage. The cost is normally negotiable.

As per Licensee, his real estate license was published by the NYS Department of State as well as was valid till October of the year 2021. As for now, it is still unknown whether Marc restored his license or not.Marc Schauer bio

Moreover, he also works as a counselor for the drug as well as alcohol abuse.

How Did Marc Schauer bio As well as Laura Linney Meet?

The husband-wife first crossed paths back in the year 2004 when Linney was visiting Telluride for a film festival. During that time, Marc was assigned to host the actress as well as her mother.

During an interview with The New York Times Magazine, Linney chatted about their first meeting telling,

“I recall looking at him at one point as well as going: ‘Am I affectionate to this man? Am I enticed to my handler? What is going on?”


Though the love between them had already sparked nothing much transpired in their first meeting. Later they connected over an email, and they finally agreed to meet in the place of Chicago. Well, she describes her second meeting with Marc as filled with nervousness as well as anxiety as she rode from her room to the lobby hotel in the place of Chicago. She declared,Marc Schauer bio

I got out of the elevator as well as I turned and I looked at him and every anxiety just vanished. As well as I thought, Oh, this is going to be fine. As well as we fell very hard for each other very fast.

Marc Schauer bio also told that it was love at first sight as well as she formulated a crush on Marc then and there. The couple even went on a stroll to watch the stars.

While Laura was ready to vacate Colorado, Marc handed her a note where he had written ‘I’ll stargaze with you anytime.’ Well, the remainder of their connection is history.


They Married After A Few Years of Dating

After dating for a while, Marc as well as Laura got engaged in August of the year 2007. The lovers married on 2nd May of the year 2009 in intimate matrimony after a 21-month-long engagement. Laura was walked down the aisle by an actor named Liam Neeson.

American real estate agent named Marc Schauer bio Son from his marriage with his wife
Marc and Laura’s son named Bennett excited during his visit to a museum
As of now, the pair are married for over a decade and their relationship comes across to be getting stronger every day. In their marital relationship, the husband, as well as the wife also have a son.Marc Schauer bio

They received their only child, named Bennett Armistead Schauer on 8th January of the year 2014. Linney was 49/50 years old when she put on birth to her son.

Besides, she was formerly married to actor David Adkins. They got wedded on 2nd September of the year 1995 until the year 2000.

Marc Schauer bio’s Wife Laura Is A Oscar Nominated Actress

Marc’s wife named Lauren Linney, as we’ve mentioned before is an actress with a victorious career of over three decades. She started her acting journey with the year 1990 theatrical drama named Six Degrees of Separation.

Similarly, Linney made her film debut as a young teacher in Lorenzo’s Oil starring Nick Nolte as well as Susan Sarandon. Her other initial acting credits are Dave, A Simple Twist of Fate, Absolute Power, The Truman Show, Lush, Tales of the City, Law & Order, Love Letters, Running Mates, as well as several others. He is neither on Facebook nor on Twitter.

Marc Schauer bio’s wife named Laura

Linney and actor named Jason Bateman
Linney alongside her Ozark co-star named Jason Bateman
The actress made her big breakthrough in the entertainment world with her role as Cathy Jamison in the year 2010 TV series named The Big C. Her character was so precious that she ended up with her fourth Primetime Emmy Award as well as a Golden Globe Award.Marc Schauer bio

In the year 2017, she landed yet another main role, Wendy Byrde, in the Netflix series named Ozark. The series first aired on 21st July of the year 2017 starring Jason Bateman, Sofia Hublitz, Skylar Gaertner, as well as Julia Garner.

Likewise, her recent acting credits are Falling, The Roads Not Taken, The Last Movie Stars, as well as My Name, Is Lucy Barton.

How Rich Is Marc Schauer bio In the year 2022? His Wife Is A Millionaire

With a career spanning over a few decades, Marc surely has attained a lot. According to sources and reports, his current net worth is around $1 million as of the year 2022.

On the other hand, his actor wife named Laura reportedly owns around $10 million in net worth. She attains her wealth from her sole acting career.


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