Check out Camila Cabello's Pitbull sample and find out why it's special

Pitbull should be on the dance floor of a club or playing through car speakers

The Charli-via-Gucci pivot on lead single "I Love It," two Drake appearances throughout — but the biggest might be the Pitbull sample on "Boat"

After the chorus, about all the things her ex never told her, you hear a faint synth line and think, Is this… it? No, it can't be.

When I first heard "Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn" in an emotional, vulnerable song, I went through some version of the five stages of grief.

At first, I thought my ears were deceiving me. I laughed out loud. I tried to find meaning in it:

Maybe Cabello really wants this ex to forget whoever she's with right now and meet him in a hotel room. But by the time the song was over, I loved it.

It’s also C,XOXO in a nutshell: Undeniably silly moments coexist with raw emotion, with the thread of Miami tying it all together.

C,XOXO certainly looked scattered ahead of its release, with Cabello dyeing her hair blonde and twirling her arm with Lana Del Rey at Coachella.

But it's all united by that simple love-letter concept to your hometown.

Cabello worked with producers El Guincho and Jasper Harris on a beat-driven, sample-rich album

that reflects her city's melting pot of hip-hop, club, and Latin trap music; more than a few songs sound like a lost cut from the Spring Breakers soundtrack.