How did Maya Hawke relate to her character's anxiety in Inside Out? Find out

Maya Hawke's character Anxiety is one of the new emotional characters

Who joins the cast of Pixar's 'Inside Out 2,' which is now in theaters

Hawke, 25, embodies this sentiment in Pixar’s latest film, Inside Out 

in which her character becomes involved with Anxiety, a set of emotions that exist in a young girl's mind

As she enters adolescence she begins to experience more complex emotions.

In a promotional interview for the film, he said, "I have anxiety, but I don't have debilitating anxiety or medical-grade anxiety.

"There's a character in me that's troubled and anxious, and so I was really able to play with that character," she said.

Also he freed himself up and gave him free reign in this role, which was really nice."

Hawke explained how to play the character as "the little voice I hear in my head—the one that tells me if my shoes aren't right…

Or I should worry if I'll be late at the airport or if I'll say the wrong thing — whatever voice is in my head, I let it come out of my mouth instead of keeping it in my head."

In an interview with Disney, he said that when he saw the picture of this character during the audition, he immediately realized that he had to play this character.