Who is Karen Reed? Some key facts about the Karen Reed murder case of Boston

In 2022, Boston police officer John O'Keefe was killed and his case remains unsolved.

The police recovered his body from his house in Canton. But once again this case has come into the limelight.

Karen Reed, the woman who was dating and in a live-in relationship with O'Keefe at the time of his death

who was arrested a few days later on charges of murder, motor vehicle homicide and leaving the scene of a fatal accident.

The state alleges that Karen Reed killed O'Keefe by hitting him from behind with a car and leaving him to die.

Karen Reid's lawyer, Reid, argues that police and other parties colluded to frame Reid for O'Keefe's murder.

Prosecutors say Reed and O'Keefe were drinking with friends and acquaintances at a Canton bar before they got into an argument.

They say she hit Brian Albert with his SUV outside his home

But Reed's lawyers say Reed dropped O'Keefe off at Albert's home

O'Keefe was found severely beaten inside, then her body was placed on the front lawn. He says he was then framed for her death.

Reed, 44, taught finance at Bentley College but was fired after her arrest.