Why Joseph Quinn Said Quiet Place Costar Lupita Nyong'o Was 'Very Helpful' About Him Joining the Marvel Universe

Actor Joseph Quinn will soon join the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 'The Fantastic Four',

Whereas Lupita Nyong'o is very famous for her brilliant acting in the 'Black Panther' films.

Quinn, 30, will play Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie

Also, 41-year-old Nyong'o has appeared in the role of Nakia in the Black Panther films.

Quinn said I'd have a great time and enjoy it. She was really supportive while I was thinking about all of that," he says.

Plus she said she's obviously part of that world and she spoke very fondly about her experience, so that was encouraging.

Quinn says Evans (43) and Jordan (37) have given him "the opportunity to play twice as big a role" after their respective portrayals of Johnny Storm.

“They’re both fantastic actors and they did an amazing job with their interpretations,” Evans says.

"So I think it's a question of trying to find something that's… well, not different. I think it'll just come from me."

"I've definitely been inspired by his portrayal, so let's see how it goes," the actor added.

Nyong'o recently joked to Extra that she's given Quinn "the Ten Commandments of Marvel," amid reports that she'll be donning the suit.