Tavior Mowry

Tavior Mowry is an American actor as well as music producer, who is most famous as the younger brother of TV twins named Tia and Tamera Mowry. Though he has currently shifted his career into movies & music, Tavior was into football in the past and also flirted with the great University of California.

Apart from all his professional achievements, Tia & Tamera’s brother also leads a wonderful matrimonial life with his girlfriend-turned-wife. Well, who is his wife? Does he have any children?

In this article, we are going to examine Tavior Mowry’s love life, career, net worth, social media presence, as well as much more.

Tavior Mowry Is The Younger Brother Of Tia As well as Tamera Mowry

As we said,  Tavior Mowry is mostly comprehended as the younger sibling of twin sisters Tia as well as Tamera. He was born Tavior Dontae Mowry on July 5, in the year 1993, in Fort Irwin, California, which is in the USA, to father Timothy Mowry and mother Darlene Mowry. As of the year 2022, he is 29 years of age presently.

Tavior Mowry

Tavior With His Mother named Darlene Mowry
Childhood Photo Of Tavior With His Mother named Darlene

Born and brought up in the United States,  Tavior Mowry is an American in phrases of nationality, but has different ethnicity, with Irish & English ancestry. Additionally, he has a reasonable childhood and lived a plurality part of his life along with his parents as well as siblings.

Talking regarding his education, he did his schooling at a local school as well as later enlisted at the University of California, Davis. He completed his graduation in the year 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology.

Tavior Mowry Parents Are Former U.S. Army

In case you didn’t know, both Tavior Mowry’s parents were in the U.S. Army, where his mother fulfilled as the drill sergeant. However, they had to stop the job to move to California, where his father served as a custody officer with the City of Glendale Police Department.

Tavior Mowry

Recently, his mother helped as a security guard for a brief period. However, things changed after the success of his sister named Tia, and Tamera in the TV industry. As of now, Darlene, Tavior’s mother, works as the administrator for her daughter. Further, she has also generated a few movies such as Double Wedding, The Poof Point, & Seventeen Again.

Tavior Mowry Career

When it arrives in professional life, Tavior has worked in a mixture of fields. At present, he specifies himself as a musical artist as well as works as a Freelance Audio Engineer at Rogue Wav Colectiv. Further, he has also helped as an actor in the year 2021 crime-thriller Before is also part of TV series named The Real.

Before earning it in the entertainment industry,  Tavior Mowry worked as a Marketing intern at Sacramento Republic FC from July in the year 2014 to Aug in the year 2015. Soon after that from Apr 2015 to Feb in the year 2016, he picked up a job as a Marketing intern at UC Davis Athletics.

Similarly, from Jun in the year 2016 to Aug in the year 2016, he worked as a Merchandiser at Wine Warehouse. After that from Aug 2016 to Feb in the year 2017, he helped as a Sales Representative at Regal Wine Company, before finally beginning his journey as a musical artist as well as an audio engineer.

Tavior Mowry Is Married To His Wife named Zandy Mowry

Well, Tavior Mowry is married to his girlfriend-turned-wife named Zandy Fitzgerald. The couple tied the knot on September 21, in the year 2020, Monday at the Graystone Quarry, which is found barely outside of Nashville.

Post their marriage, Tavior Mowry made a beautiful post from the day with a wonderful caption he composed beautiful lines.

Tavior Mowry As well as His Fiancee-Turned-Wife named Zandy Mowry On Their Wedding Day
Tavior Mowry As well as His Fiancee-Turned-Wife named Zandy Mowry On Their Wedding Day

Tavior Mowry

Similarly, the then-new wife named Zanday also shared a photo of her kissing Tavior. In the caption, she jotted down,

The Mowry’s. God composes the best stories

As of the year 2022, the couple are in a marital relationship for over 2 years as well as their relationship appears to b stronger every day. Just back in September in the year 2021, Tavior shared a breather with his wife, which pretty much indicated the kind of love they share. In the caption of the photo, he described his fiancee-turned-wife named Zandy as the most gorgeous person. He wrote,

I love you so much my wonderfully sweet, good, beautiful, wise, as well as just a little less funny than my wife.

How Did Tavior Mowry Meet His With the reports, as well as sources the couple reportedly met back In the year 2017, when they also shared ramen jointly. It was after that the duo got to know each other and started dating. Zandy disclosed the story of their meeting via a post on her Instagram where she jotted down,

Tavior Mowry


She always said she want whoever she marry to love God more than He loves me because I knew if that was the case she would be loved well. That prayer and many others were answered when @taviordontaemowry stepped into my life. Two as well as a half years ago we ate ramen together as strangers as well as now we’re PREPARING TO GET MARRIED. What a ride.

Tia & Tamera’s Brother named Tavior Is Married For a While

Tavior Mowry With His Wife named Zandy
It was after many years of dating, that the duo got engaged in July of The He Has children?
Though Tavior, as well as his wife, are together for years, they don’t have any children. The pairs did not seem to have any plans to greet the kids.

Who is Tavior Mowry’s Wife named Zandy Mowry?

Well, Zandy Mowry, born in the place of Alein xandria Breanne Fitzgerald, is a professional guitarist as well as a songwriter. She was born on February 9, in the year 1995, in Nasnessee, U.S.A. As of the year 2022, she is 28 years of age presently.

Tavior’s Net Worth

Mowry is a successful individual and has undoubtedly received a good sum of money. But when it comes to his exact net Hiss is ambiguous. Nonetheless, there are estimations that he is worth around $500k to $1 million.


His income is expected to increase since he has eventually become a social professional.

Tavior Mowry

He Is Also Available On Social Media
Tavior Mowry is available on social. He is on Instagram, Twitter, as well as Facebook. He is pretty much famous on Instagram with around 254k followers. Similarly, on his Twitter, he has around 8.5k followers.

Moreover, on all the social media platforms, he more often gives insight into his personal and professional life.


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