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Alexa Jeong is the daughter of popular American actor Ken Jeong. Her father Ken is popular for his role in the year 2008’s The Hangover film series where he depicted Leslie Chow. Besides, Ken is also famous for his roles in the NBC series Community, and the ABC sitcom Dr. Ken.

Talking regarding Alexa Jeong’s mother, she is a family physician while her father is an old internal medicine physician. Well, despite being the daughter of a well-known actor, several people are unknown of Alexa’s identity. She doesn’t indulge in making her media impressions too often. So, it is normal that many of Ken’s fans have been interested to know what his daughter named Alexa Jeong is doing currently. Is she following in her father’s footsteps?

Here’s everything you need to know regarding Alexa Jeong.

Alexa Jeong’s Age – Her Birthday as well as Parents

Alexa Jeong was born to Ken Jeong as well as Tran Jeong on May 26, in the year 2007, in California. She is 15 years old as of the year 2022. Alexa Jeong has a brotherly twin sister Zooey Jeong. Talking regarding her nationality, she is an American by birth as well as has Asian roots.

Both her parents belong to Asian nationality as Alexa Jeong’s paternal grandparents were from South Korea while her mommy has a Vietnamese lineage.

Alexa Jeong with her parents and a twin sister named Zooey Jeong

Details about her maternal grandparents are not accessible at present while her paternal grandparents were D.K. Jeong as well as Young Jeong. Alexa Jeong’s grandfather named D.K. Jeong was a good professor at great North Carolina A&T State University. He had earned his Ph.D. in economics from Wayne State University.


Alexa Jeong as well as her twin sister named Zooey, both are in high school as of the year 2022. Their father hasn’t disclosed much regarding their school or academics, however, back in the year 2015, he disclosed during one of his television appearances that his daughters were in third grade. So, it is comfortable to say Alexa Jeong is in her sophomore year.

Besides, the doting father also revealed Alexa Jeong was into gymnastics and she had just joined a gymnastics class back then.

Both Her Parents are Licensed Doctors

Alexa Jeong’s dad, named Ken is popularly known as a comedian cum actor, however, many few of you might familiar that he is a licensed doctor. He is an internal medicine physician and licensed in California, however, he ended up practicing medicine ever since he began his acting career. Currently, he is a panelist on the American version of The Masked Singer.

Alexa Jeong

On the other hand, Alexa Jeong’s mom is a family physician licensed in the place of California. She earned her M.D. from the David Geffen School of Medicine and has been exercising medicine for over two decades. However, it’s a bit ambiguous if she has been working as a full-time doctor following the birth of her children. It’s because Tran was analyzed with cancer when her children were one year old, and it took her several years to recover.

Mother’s Battle with Breast Cancer – Alexa Jeong  was Just One

Ken and Tran Jeong had just greeted their twin daughters a year ago as well as they were happy to encounter their first parenthood together. But, the husband and wife were broken after Tran was diagnosed with a highly contentious form of breast cancer. The diagnosis was overwhelming for the family, especially for Ken.

Ken revealed that he was too frightened to think about what would happen if his wife left them too soon. He was also anxious that how would he tell this to his children if Tran wouldn’t endure. Meanwhile, back in the year 2011, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, Ken paid a profound contribution to his wife in a lengthy blog in the Huffington Post.

Alexa Jeong

In the blog, Ken honored his wife for being so strong entire her treatments. He wrote,

“She protested back against cancer with everything she had for our girls so that they would develop knowing a mother’s love, a mother’s instinct, a mother’s touch.”

Finally, after sixteen chemotherapy sessions, a mastectomy, as well as radiation, Tran Jeong became cancer-free in the year 2010, nearly two years after her diagnosis, as well as lives a healthy life now.

Alexa Jeong’s Parents Are Happily Married for Nearly Two Decades

Alexa Jeong’s parents Ken as well as Tran Jeong have been together for more than two decades. They began dating in the year 2002 after hitting it off in their first meeting at Kaiser Permanente. After around two years of courtship, Ken, as well as Tran, exchanged vows in September in the year 2004 in a personally organized wedding.

The pair lived a couple of years as a married couple before they expanded two new members to their family. It was May 26, in the year 2007, when the pair encountered their first parenthood welcoming two fraternal twin daughters.

Alexa Jeong

Tran and her spouse named Ken Jeong, have been married since the year 2004

In their twenty years-long partnership, Tran, as well as Ken, have supported each other through their ups and downs. We all understand Ken always stood by his wife’s side when she was struggling for her life, however, very few of us might know that Tran has been an emotional person in Ken’s life as well as his career in acting.

Tran Jeong Encouraged Her Wife

Ken used to be a professional doctor as well as he is still a licensed physician. But, he agreed to pursue his dream career in acting a long time after he began practicing medicine. He began acting during his sophomore year at Duke University. He even deemed majoring in drama, however, concentrated on his pre-med coursework.

Ken continued to work in some artworks while he worked as a doctor as well as in the year 2006, he decided to pursue a full-time acting career. His wife Tran’s role in him pursuing his dream is memorable.

Alexa Jeong

Tran always motivate him to follow his dream and even when she was battling cancer, she always motivated him to continue his work which ultimately helped him to succeed as an actor. Ken has admitted time and again that his wife was the one who encouraged him to take his famous role in The Hangover film series.

Ken Jeong attended his passion for acting leaving his medical career behind

He took the role when Tran was going through her cancer treatments as well as at the time Ken didn’t want to leave her alone and go shooting. However, Tran contended he should take the offer and go for the shooting.

Is She on Social Media?

Well, Alexa Jeong might be active on social media, but she isn’t available publicly until now. But, as per her father’s conversation with Ellen DeGeneres back in October the year 2020, it seems that both Alexa Jeong and Zooey have social media accounts. Besides, Ken also jokingly told Ellen that his daughters don’t think he is a cool dad and had halted him on Instagram and muted him on Twitter.

Alexa Jeong

She Might Pursue a Career as a Doctor

Alexa is just 15 as of the year 2022, and it is probably a few years before she seeks any specific career. Rather, she and her sister both are willing to her mother’s profession and want to be a doctor in the future.


Ken said in a conversation that his daughters liked to be like their mommy. In his own words,

“I don’t mind what they do. But they wish to be like mommy. I could not be any happier.”

Well, only time will show if Alexa will select to become a doctor or discovers any other job more preferable for her.

Where is Alexa Jeong in the year 2022?

Well, as we mentioned earlier, Alexa Jeong is 15 years old and is attending high school presently. She is still a few years from starting her career and starts gaining money. So, at present, we can safely say Alexa Jeong lives with her parents and her twin sister at their generous home in Calabasas.

Alexa Jeong’s parents own an around $3.95 million home in Calabasas, California which they purchased in the year 2016. The house has more than around 6,700 square feet of living space and consists of well-designed rooms and a new chef’s kitchen.



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