Alexander Bauer bio

Alexander Bauer bio is an American star kid and media personality born to popular parents Melanie Griffith as well as Steven Bauer. Alexander Bauer bio is the single child of his actor parents. Apart from his family name, Bauer is popular for his roles in films as well as shows like Kazoo’s on First?, Holding, as well as This Loneliness.

The star kid’s father named Steven Bauer is popular for Qué Pasa, the USA?, Wise Guy, Breaking Bad, Ray Donovan, as well as several more. Similarly, his mother Melanie Griffith is popular for Working Girl, Buffalo Girls, Shining Through, Another Day in Paradise, as well as others.

Today we will try to disclose details of Alexander Bauer bio’s family, career achievements, earnings, girlfriend, as well as more. Stay tuned with us to know more about Steven as well as Melanie’s not-so-famous child.

Alexander Bauer bio Is His Parents’ Only Child

The low-key actor named Alexander Bauer bio was born under the birth sign Leo on 22nd August of the year 1985. As remembered above, he is the only child of Steven as well as Melanie Griffith’s marriage. Furthermore, his godmother is Warren Beatty.

American actor, as well as star kid named Alexander Bauer bio, is the son of Melanie Griffith & Steven Bauer

Alexander Bauer bio is the only child of Melanie Griffith as well as Steven Bauer

Bauer is 36 years old in the year 2022. Furthermore, he was born and raised in the place of Los Angeles, California. As for his education, no accepted details of his schooling are disclosed at the moment.

Alexander Bauer bio’s Ethnic Backgrounds
Alexander Bauer bio has mixed ancestry. He is Jewish from his father’s side as well as has English, Irish, Welsh, Scottish, as well as Scots-Irish/Northern Irish ancestry.

Alexander Bauer bio Has Three Half Siblings

Though the film performer is his parent’s only child, he put forward alongside his three half-siblings, Stella Banderas b. in Marbella, Spain, which is in Dylan Bauer, as well as none other than actress named Dakota Johnson.

Alexander Bauer bio

Bauer’s sister named Stella Banderas is from his mother’s wedding with Antonio Bandera, Dakota is from Melanie and Don Johnson‘s marriage, likewise, Dylan is from his father’s wedding with Ingrid Anderson.

Alexander Bauer bio’s Half-Sister named Stella Dropped Her Mother’s Surname

Born on 24th September of the year 1996, Stella Del Carmen Banderas Griffith is 26 years old in the year 2022. As per Banderas’ IG, she is the founder of the great Lightbound Studio. Furthermore, she has also established her perfume as well.

Unlike her cool brothers, Stella has made a name for herself in the industry. And it is no surprise that her achievement can be credited to her parent’s name. Nonetheless, things took a new turn when Stella Del Carmen declared openly to drop her mother’s surname ‘Griffith’.

American star kid and actor named Alexander Bauer bio with her mother and siblings

Alex alongside their sister Stella, his mom Melanie as well as others during his mother’s birthday


Back in the year 2021, the then 25-year-old even filed a name change petition asking a magistrate to remove Griffith in a Los Angeles court. And absurdly, she reasoned her name change dissertation “to shorten my name by eliminating the extra last name”.

She further added,

As well, I commonly do not use “Griffith” when referring to myself or on documents so, lowering the name would match my formal use.

Although the petition raised a few eyebrows regarding the mother-daughter connection, it appears that there’s no such issue as well as Carmen simply wants to shorten her name.

Alexander Bauer bio Is An Actor as well as Businessman

The 36-year-old star kid is an actor and reportedly a businessman by career. He made his cinematographic debut with the great short comedy video Kazoos on First? in the year 2013.

Alexander Bauer bio

Two years later, he docked his debut acting role as a sidekick in the year 2015 comedy-drama film This Loneliness headlining Corey Smith, Breann Thorne, and C.B. Jacobson, as well as others.

Despite having a family background of great actors, Alexander didn’t make a name for himself in the industry. Rather, he works behind the camera.

As per his IMDB profile, he has a second assistant cameraman credit for his name for This Loneliness as well as Holding. Apart from this, not much about his recent profession is known to the public.

Alexander Bauer bio’s Parents’ Melanie Griffith as well as Steven Bauer’s Relationship

Alexander’s mother found love for the second time with cool Steven Bauer after her divorce from her first husband. And ultimately, Melanie and Steven got wedded on 8th September of the year 1981 amidst family as well as friends.

Alexander Bauer bio

Alexander Bauer bio’s parents named Melanie Griffith and her ex-husband named Steven Bauer

Actress Melanie Griffith and actor named Steven Bauer were married from the year 1981 to the year 1989
They welcomed their only child Alex on 22nd August of the year 1985 as well as lived a blissful life. Although the former pair parted ways in the year 1981, they are still very good friends.

The entertainer pair even went to her film Dark Tourist’s premiere hand-in-hand back in the year 2013. Looking at the moments they shared during the event, we can say that Steven, as well as Melanie, are still each other’s soulmates.

Alexander Bauer bio’s Mom Gave It A Shot With Her First Husband Don Johnson

A few months after her divorce from the Scarface actor named Steven, Griffith exchanged her wedding vows with Don Johnson on 26th June of the year 1989 for the second time. This time, Don as well as Melanie lasted for eight years.

Griffith shares a daughter, Dakota Johnson b. 4th October of the year 1989 in Austin, Texas, USA. Sadly, the second wedding was also not the charm for Don and Melanie as they got divorced in January of the year 1996.


Not to forget, the then-husband-wife was married only for six months and went separate ways during their first wedding back in 1976.

Alexander Bauer bio

Griffith tried her luck at a wedding for the third time with an actor named Antonio Banderas on 14th May of the year 1996. While together, they greeted a daughter, named Stella Del Carmen Banderas Griffith. They got divorced on 4th December of the year 2015.

Note: Don was previously wedded to Kelley Phleger, with whom he has three kids named Grace, Jasper, & Deacon.

Is Alexander Bauer bio Dating Someone Now?

Unlike his popular celebrity parents, Alexander has been living most of his life away from the limelight as well as the media. The only time we can see Alex on the internet is when his mother named Melanie uploads his picture.

American star kid named Alexander Bauer enjoying his time with his mother Melanie Griffith

Bauer out and regarding for lunch with his mother Melanie back in the year 2013
That being said, Bauer is reportedly single. Furthermore, information regarding his wedding or an alleged connection has not surfaced on the internet so far.

Talking regarding his parents, both of his parents are single and maintain a good connection with their respective ex-spouses.


Alexander Bauer bio Net Worth

As Bauer’s recent profession is not known, so is his fortune. Nonetheless, some other sources estimated his net worth around $500 thousand in mid of the year 2022. A decade back, he worked as an actor as well as a great assistant cameraman.

Further his father, Steven Bauer is worth around $3 million whereas, his mother, Melanie is worth around $40 million in September of the year 2022.



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