Christa Podsedly
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Sometimes people gained fame for their high-profile relationships instead of their professional achievements. This can be said for Christa Podsedly who attracted huge fame after her marriage to Scott Steiner, one of the legendary wrestlers in the past.

The duo has been married for many years now and their relationship is still going strong. What’s the motive behind their enduring married relationship? Also know do Christa Podsedly and her husband, Scott Steiner Scott have children?

Take a look at what you need to know about Christa Podsedly including her career or business and her father’s death at 69 as well.

Christa Podsedly how tall, Body Measurement, Weight

Christa Podsedly
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Now, Let’s check out Christa Podsedly Wan eight, Body Measurement well as height as per below:

Christa’s Weight is 66 KG. Christa Podsedly has an extraordinary body style with great Body measurements and Height. Christa Podsedly has a healthy body weight to match her height. Christa Podsedly’s Height is 5 Foot 7 Inches.

When did Christa Podsedly and Scott Steiner Got Married?

The couple exchanged their vows in June of 2000, in a low-key wedding ceremony attended by their close friends & families. It has been over two decades since the couple was married but their relationship is still so strong.

The duo is also quite open about their love life and frequently appears enjoying some quality time together in several places.

Everyone is curious about Christa Podsedly’s dating life as well as her relationship. But, I want to tell you something that, At this recent moment Christa Podsedly friendship between her partner remains good.


According to sources claim that there are no conflicts or issues between Christa Podsedly and Scott Steiner which is very good. Christa Podsedly still has respect & passion for their partner & also from her husband’s side.

How did Christa & Scott first meet?

Christa first meets her then-future-spouse Scott at a gym. She is also a health devotee like her man. The duo remained friends for some time. According to the Sources, the two dated for a while before they walked down the aisle.

The duo has two kids:

The couple is blessed with two grown-up sons named Brandon Rechstiner & Brock Rechsteiner. Brock was born in August of 2002. Both of them share a healthy bond with their parents.

The family of four nowadays lives in Georgia.

Christa’s Podsedly both Sons Are Involved in Sports:

Brandon & Brock both play football at their Etowah High School, in Woodstock, Georgia. Brandon 5 feet 10 inches tall will graduate in 2023 and his aged brother Brock 6 feet 2 inches tall will finish off his graduation in 2021 from the school.

Besides football, they play basketball so far. Their mom Christa Podsedly often shares her sons’ sports achievements on her social media accounts.

Moreover, Brock is in a lovely relationship with his girlfriend, Neva Clark. She is also a volleyball player.

Is Braden Bohannon is also Scott’s Son?

On the get-together of Brock’s 18th birthday, his brother Brandon uploaded a few pictures of themselves in August of 2020. Braden also stated in the photo writing, “My step bros right there.”

So it is obvious that Braden Bohannon is whether Christa’s or Scott’s from their distinct relationship although they have yet to talk about him.

Like his step-brothers, Braden Bohannon also plays basketball & football at Elco High School. The 5 feet 11 inches tall Braden Bohannon’s roles in football are safety & quarterback.

Who is Christa Podsedly?

Christa Podsedly is a businesswoman who was the co-owner of the Shoney’s Kitchen & Bar franchise located in Acworth, Georgia. She started the cafeteria along with her beloved husband back in 2016. Though, the couple had to shut down their business due to COVID in 2020.

They declared the news of their restaurant’s on their Facebook page, “We have shut this business due to Covid-19. We admire your patronage over the past 4 years.”

Steiner disclosed they will soon open a Sports Bar.

From Where is Christa Podsedly? All about Her Family and Father’s Death:

Scott Steiner’s wife Christa Podsedly was born in New York, in the US. She is the daughter of Susan M. Podsedly(mother) & David Aloys (father). Her father died on the 10th of November, 2011. He had been suffering from pancreatic cancer for 6 months.

David Aloys attended Michigan State University. He spent the majority of his career doing a job as an architect at Eastman Kodak Company in Rochester, NY for almost 37 years. Following his retirement, David went to Hendersonville, NC.


Christa Podsedly also has a brother named Stephen M. Podsedly & her grandfather’s name is LeeRoy Rechsteiner.

Education is done by Christa:

Around 1993, Christa Pedsodly enrolled at the State University of New York College at Cortland. She received her Bachelor’s of Science, Biology/Biological Sciences, General Minor in Wellness & Health Promotion. She was the Captain of the Gymnastics Team for three years from 1994-97 and she was also the president of the BACCHUS Network.

Christa Podsedly Net Worth:

According to some sources, her fame is $200,000 as of 2020. In the meantime, Christa Podsedly’s husband, Scott has an approximate net worth of $1 million. He has mainly collected the major portion of his wealth from his prosperous wrestling career.

Popular wrestler Scott Steiner: What Happened to Him?

Christa Podsedly
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Born and grew in Michigan, Scott Steiner began his wrestling career at the University of Michigan. He has a brother named Rick Steiner who is also an experienced wrestler.

Rick made his debut in the Indianapolis-based World Wrestling Association in 1986. Throughout his extended career, Scott Steiner has arisen as a wrestler for Crockett Promotions (JCP), World Wrestling.

He is a one-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, one-time WWA World Heavyweight Champion & a one-time WWC Universal Heavyweight Champion.

Moreover, in initial 2020, Scott Steiner unexpectedly fell out when he was in the locker room of an Impact Wrestling taping in Atlanta. He was hurried to a closed hospital.

His wife Christa Podsedly declared that he would make a 100% recovery on Twitter in March. She also expressed her appreciation to all well-wishers.

Wrestlers like Tommy Dreamer, Johnny Swinger & Joey Ryan were also in the hospital with Scott Steiner.



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