Amanda Markert bio

Amanda Markert bio is an ex-hooters waitress turned VIP hostess. Amanda Markert bio is generously known as the baby mother of the MTV reality show, Jersey Shore star, named Paul D. DelVecchio or Pauly D. Amanda Markert bio as well as Pauly have a complicated relationship; they originally hooked up purely with the intent of a one-time thing. Markert, nonetheless, ended up developing a child during that.

The one-time pair is now parents to a daughter despite never having a romantic relationship between them. Their timing has a rather thick plot implicated. Markert’s story is more than just a waitress winding up for one time with a true star.

Amanda Markert bio has had a fair share of dramas from her rocky connection with the fathers of her kids to the custody battle of her daughter. Read further about what other such-like funds are related to her. Also, know who she was before meeting Pauly D; how precisely the ex-couple met, and to whom is Markert now wedded, among others.

Amanda Markert bio Is From New Jersey

Amanda, real name Amareda Markert bio, who is from New Jersey, was born in the year 1988. As of the year 2022, she is 34 years of age. Growing up, she expended most of her time in her hometown, where she also finished off her education.

Amanda Markert bio, the mother of Pauly D’s love child

The now 34-year-old mother of Pauly D’s daughter named Amanda Markert bio.

One of Markert’s previous Facebook handles declared she went to Absegami High School in Absecon New Jersey from where she graduated in the year 2005. She thereafter listened at Atlantic Cape Community College in Mays Landing New Jersey.

Again according to her Facebook, Amanda Markert bio is also researching forensic psychology at Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.

Amanda Markert bioAmanda Markert bio Used To Work At The Hooters

As referred to, the now 34-year-old Markert previously worked at hooters as a waitress. She was also a cocktail waitress for some time; she labored at both Hooters as well as Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City.

Pauly D former girlfriend named Amanda Markert worked as a hooters waitress.
Amanda Markert, the mother of DJ and reality star, named Pauly D’s daughter, Amabella.

Some assume Amanda Markert bio now works as a hostess with VIP bottle service at the Pool After Dark nightclub in the place of Atlantic City.

As for how precisely her professional life is going has stayed quite a mystery, especially following her not-so-open to public life. On her fairly available Facebook, Amanda Lynn, Pauly D’s baby mother mostly shares portraits of her family matters; be it their gatherings, or others.

Amanda Markert bio And Her Partner named Pauly D Had an Extremely Short Relationship; How Did They Meet?
Amanda Markert bio met the Jersey Shore star, named DJ Pauly D in Las Vegas sometime in mid of the year 2012. It was at a club, a Rehab pool party at the Hard Rock Hotel in the place of Vegas where the latter was conducting as a DJ.Amanda Markert bio

Right after meeting the MTV star, Markert reportedly posted a pair of tweets mentioning her meet-up with Pauly D. Shortly after getting to know each other, the two got drunk as well as went on to conceive a child. Markert gave birth to her daughter, Amabella Sophia Markert with Pauly D on May 15, of the year 2013.

A cast of MTV reality series named Pauly D and VIP hostess named Amanda Markert.
New Jersey-born Amanda Markert bio and the father of her daughter, named Amanda Markert bio. TMZ
Sources, during the time reported, that one night in Vegas was “the only time they’ve ever been together.” After their hookup, Markert allegedly left town in the morning.

Amanda Markert bio as well as the Rhode Island-born DJ were never in a relationship and neither they have had any in all these years. Pauly didn’t know he had a daughter, named Amabella until Markert endangered to file a paternity suit against him. Understandably, the Providence resident wasn’t there when Markert gave birth to cute Amabella.

Pauly D later agreed to take the DNA test as well as the outcomes indicated that the TV personality indeed was Amabella’s biological dad. On being father, Pauly advised US Weekly that he was overjoyed being a father as well as thrilled to embark on the then-new journey of fatherhood.

Amanda Markert bio As well as Her Boyfriend Pauly D Custody Battle

Moreover, it took a while before Pauly knew he had a daughter, sometime after the discovery, Pauly D as well as Markert would entangle themselves in quite a messy custody battle. The court battle was largely due to Markert inquiring about child support from DelVecchio but not like him to have any custody rights.Amanda Markert bio

She expressed her baby’s father, named Pauly D never wanted a child. He allegedly had indicated she have an abortion. According to Amanda Markert bio, she had screenshots of some incriminating text messages from the G-Unit Records musician that invited her to discontinue her pregnancy. Markert, nonetheless, didn’t concur.Facebook

On Twitter, Amanda Markert bio wrote, that Pauly D didn’t help her financially when she was bearing his child except for the money that he gave her but it was rather for abortion. Markert, nonetheless, used that capital for prenatal care.


Amanda Markert bio also expressed it was all her that was paying for the doctors’ assignments.

All these allegations accordingly made Pauly D fight against Markert for the full custody of their daughter as he also reasoned that his baby mother having struggled at Hooters was deemed unfit for lifting Amabella.

Pauly D’s daughter Amabella with her mother named Amanda as well as her stepbrother; Amanda is married to her new husband

Amanda Markert bio with her as well as Pauly D’s daughter, Amabella, and her son from a previous relationship. Facebook
The father of Markert’s daughter, named DelVecchio however didn’t make the nuptials. As for her baby’s father, named Pauly D, he is presently dating a woman named Nikki Hall. The Silver, as well as Gold DJ and Hall ,started dating in July of the year 2020 pursuing the production of Double Shot At Love season 2.

In addition to her daughter with cool Pauly D, Markert is also a mother to a son from her last relationship. She has a son, Mikey with a man named, Lance Gerbino. The market probably also has one more kid with her recent husband, Frazier.

Amanda Markert bioAmanda Markert bio net worth

Amanda when Amanda Markert bio was pregnant with Pauly D’s love child, named Amabella.
And among them, Markert’s baby father, named Pauly D often made headlines with each of his new signings on the show. Not to mention contained in the contracts were some broadly big figures for a reality star. While the specifics never came to light, one can say it was big regardless, as such Pauly D now is calculated to have a net worth of around $20 million.Instagram


Nevertheless, the metrics get lighter on his baby’s mother’s side. The inexactness has mostly to do with her far less famous life than the father of her daughter. Resultantly her net worth has always been a consequence of dodgy poll.


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