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Andrew Davila bio is a Youtuber, Instagram influencer, as well as Tiktok star who is also a member of Brent Rivera’s Amp Squad. Andrew Davila bio previously was with Sunset Park where he developed videos in partnership with Stoke Twins and others.

Since the mid-2010s, Andrew Davila bio has been famous for his titular YouTube channel which now has practically 3 million subscribers. He is often talked about or attended to for his bizarre video titles from enveloping his whole body with bees, making a move on his friends’ moms, pulling pranks on fellow YouTubers to even collaborating with some of them containing Lexi Rivera, and Brent Rivera, among others.

Learn further about him, how precisely he became famous, how he get into Amp Squad, his relationships, and some distinct details about his life as well as even his worth as a social media star.

Andrew Davila bio Is A Gen Z From Texas

Davila, (real name, David Andrew Davila), who is from Dallas Texas was born on June 26, of the year 2000. His parents are also from the place of Texas. Andrew is the eldest of three kids; his siblings comprise a sister as well as a brother both of whom are much younger than him.

Andrew Davila bio Is A YouTuber

22-year-old TikToker with over 7 million followers as well as YouTuber, Andrew Davila. Instagram

They though mostly reside in the place of Texas. The now 22-year-old, Andrew Davila also grew up around horses which he tells has always liked.

Both of his parents are Mexican. Andrew Davila bio once disclosed he has gone to the country several times as well as he still has a lot of families over there. He similarly is also fluent in Spanish.

Andrew Davila bio Went Viral In An Interesting Way

The foremost time Davila got on hit on the internet, the Texas-born was small in high school. It was because of a portrait of himself that he had mailed and which was something that he tells had never done before.

He uploaded the still on Twitter which eventually went viral.

The image was later noted by a group called Boy Pages. From there on, he just proceeded on on using social media.

“and it went viral as well as now that’s why I’m here,”

said the at least six-foot-tall social media celebrity to Famous Birthdays.

Ironically he never wanted to be in front of the camera or take images at all. Surprisingly he once acknowledged hating all of those. After becoming well-known in high school he left his education midway through his junior year and shifted to New York where he lived for about a year.

Andrew Davila bio, nonetheless, went back to finish high school but upon repaying he had to redo his junior year.

Davila Youtube Journey; From Sunset To Brent Rivera

Before beginning his self-titled YouTube channel, Andrew Davila bio was a member of a coordinated channel called Sunset Park.

The next breakthrough in Andrew’s popularity was collaborating with fellow YouTubers, Stoke Twins his fellow Sunset Park members, as well as also Youtubers on their own. The year they first partnered up was the year 2017. Stoke Twins were the first famous people Andrew had co-operated with. Though at the time, Davila was more well-known than the brother-duo, around 20k vs 13k.

Andrew Davila bio parents

Former Sunset Park member and Youtuber from Texas, Andrew.
He later became one of the content creators of Amp Studios, a talent incubator as well as a content group from the founder as well as also a YouTuber himself, Brent Rivera.

He Now Is Also A Member Of Amp Squad

Andrew Davila bio is one of the ten people from the Amp Studios team that developed more than a billion views on social media each month. The bilingual Ig influencer originally used to post a rather dim style of videos though still very similar to what he is doing currently. He later transitioned to a more bizarre sort of content, a change that he thinks is something severe.

Davila considers switching his satisfied style on YouTube as one of the proudest moments of his social media career. While Andrew Davila bio originally hated being in front of the camera, the son of Mexican parents now thinks social media may be a pretty long-term thing for him.Andrew Davila bio

He says if there weren’t for social media he would have been into directing and more concentrated on his clothing line. He has a fashion brand, especially selling hoodies for men as well as women.

Andrew Davila bio, who celebrates his birthday on June 26, really considers social media to be his dream job. Back in June of the year 2022, in an interview with popular Birthdays, Davilla told me his dream as a social media star is to buy a house by the year 2025. Other things, Andrew told he would like to have are 5 million subscribers on his YouTube, and a car worth around $5 million and above.

Is Andrew Davila bio Dating Lexi Rivera; Who Is His Girlfriend?

In April of the year 2020, he told Awesomeness TV that he never really had a girlfriend. However, in current years, he has been frequently linked with Lexi Rivera, a more well-known Youtuber with 8 million subscribers, 20 million followers on TikTok, and 8.3 on Instagram. She is also the cute sister of Brent Rivera.

According to their followers, the alleged pair became sort of official when Lexi posted a video on her YouTube that had titled, named My Ex Meets My New Boyfriend.Andrew Davila bio

Andrew Davila bio girlfriend

Brent Rivera’s sister with her rumored boyfriend Andrew.
In the video, Rivera pranks her former partner, Ben by making him believe, she as well as Andrew are dating privately.


A while ago there was an Instagram story where Davila asks Lexi if she liked the kiss to which she says yes before Andrew Davila bio indicates his middle finger to her thusly indicating it was just a joke.

They nonetheless have so many moments be it in the form of pictures, TikToks, or shorts all of which apparindicateicates that they may very well be a couple already. All that has been missing though is a rock-solid assurance from either of the parties.

Lexi was formerly the girlfriend of Ben Azelart, a fellow YouTuber. The cute pair had been dating since they were mid-teenagers.

What Is Andrew Davila bio Net Worth?

From being just a normal high schooler to a Youtuber with millions of subscribers, Andrew sure has come a long way. And with that, he presumably has also amassed a lot of economic gains from each of his hundreds of videos, brand promotions, and nonetheless the ways, social media are famous for raking in. After all, he pays tens of thousands of dollars just to know the profound secret of his friends.Andrew Davila bio

One of his income avenues also comprises his line of fashion brands (clothing line).


If not anything at all, by default his close to 3 million subscribers are almost always assured to bring him hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly. That being said while may an a hypothesis, Andrew Davila bio’s net worth from his social media career alone should be anywhere from six sculptures to even around $1 million.


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