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Angela Lansbury biography: Angela Lansbury is a Singer and an actress. Angela Lansbury is one of those actresses whose Career Spanned more than 80 Years. Angela Lansbury was born on the 16th of October in the year, 1925 (Libra). Angela Lansbury was Born In London England

Angela Lansbury is an Oscar-nominated celebrity, who has been equally prosperous in theater, in movies, and on television. She is a British-American celebrity with an Irish base. Angela Lansbury moved to the United States of America in the year, 1940 to escape the German bombarding of Britain when the ‘Second World War,’ was going on, she assisted her family by performing minor jobs before she was cast in leading roles in movies and theater.

Angela Lansbury biography

Even before Angela Lansbury turned 21 years, she was chosen for two ‘Academy Award selections for her role in ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray and ‘Gaslight’ coming to be the youngest actress to do so. She was not able to win an ‘Emmy Award despite being nominated for almost 12 years total, however, Angela Lansbury has gained six ‘Golden Globe awards and five ‘Tony Awards.’ She has allured the audience with her roles in movies such that ‘Bedknobs and Broomsticks’, ‘The Manchurian Candidate, ‘and ‘Death on the Nile.’ Angela Lansbury took analysts by surprise with her character of ‘Mame Dennis’ in the musical ‘Mame.’

Adding more to Angela Lansbury biography let us tell you that She is very popular for playing the lead role in the detective movie whose title is ‘Murder, She Wrote.’ Angela Lansbury returned to the stage and characterized several critically praised roles in movies for example, ‘Blithe Spirit’ and ‘Deuce’

Angela Lansbury Biography: Early Life and Childhood 

Angela Lansbury biography

Angela Brigid Lansbury was born on the 16th of October in the year, 1925 in Regent’s Park in Central London. She was born to an actress name Moyne Macgill and a forest trader name Edgar Lansbury. Angela Brigid Lansbury’s dad came to be a politician, pursuing in the footsteps of her grandfather whose name is George Lansbury. Her grandfather was the governor of the ‘British Labour Party and he was also an anti-war activist. Angela Brigid Lansbury was left devastated after her dad died from belly cancer when she was only nine years old.

Adding more to Angela Lansbury biography, She followed ‘South Hampstead High School from the year, 1934 to year, 1939, however, was greatly self-educated, in theatre, learning from publications and cinema

In the year, 1940, Angela Brigid Lansbury started taking acting lessons at the ‘Webber Douglas School of Singing and Dramatic Art’ in Kensington in West London

After the demise of Angela Brigid Lansbury’s grandfather in the year, 1940, her mom shifted to the United States of America to escape the Blitz. in the United States of America, she earned a scholarship from the ‘American Theatre Wing’ and began studying at the ‘Feagin School of Drama and Radio,’ from where Angela Brigid Lansbury graduated in the year, 1942

Back in Britain, Angela Brigid Lansbury had got featured onstage in a school creation of Maxwell Anderson’s ‘Mary of Scotland.’ In the United States of America, she originally got featured in performances of William Congreve’s Oscar Wilde’s ‘Lady Windermere’s Fan’ and ‘The Way of the World.’

 Angela Lansbury biography: Career 

Angela Lansbury biography

Angela Brigid Lansbury began her career in the year, 1942 when she was only 16 years old, when she served as a nightclub act at the ‘Samovar Club,’ Montreal. She simulated to be 19 years old and earned 60 dollars per week, vocalizing Noël Coward songs. She shortly confronted John van Druten, one of the scriptwriters of the movie version of ‘Gaslight,’ at a festivity hosted by her mom.


John Van Druten proposed her for the role of ‘Nancy Oliver,’ a conspiring cockney maid, in the film whose title is ‘Gaslight’ released in the year, 1944./She affected the analysts as well as the audience with her debut movie role and received an ‘Academy Award selection for ‘Best Supporting Actress.’ Angela Brigid Lansbury employed an agent and confirmed a seven-year contract with MGM. In the year, 1944, she played a role alongside Elizabeth Taylor in the commercially thriving movie whose title is ‘National Velvet.’

The following year, she got featured in the movie adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s novel whose title is ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray.’ The movie did not perform well commercially, however, her role earned her a ‘Golden Globe award and her second ‘Oscar’ selection. Around the following decade, she got featured in several MGM productions, comprising ‘The Harvey Girls released in the year, 1946, ‘State of the Union released in the year, 1948, and ‘The Three Musketeers released in the year, 1948.

Angela Lansbury biography

She was often selected to perform adverse roles, sometimes Angela Brigid Lansbury playing roles much older than her, which provoked her to terminate her agreement with MGM. She then shifted back to stage creations.

In the year, 1984, Angela Brigid Lansbury was selected to get a feature in the detective television series whose title is ‘Murder, She Wrote,’ despite her dealers advising otherwise. Her character of protagonist ‘Jessica Fletcher’ came to be one of her most remembered roles, which she would play for the following 12 years

Angela Lansbury biography

Even after the series finished in the year, 1996, Angela Brigid Lansbury continued to play the role of ‘Jessica Fletcher in several television movies based on the same script. She later got featured in another television series whose title is ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and then Angela Brigid Lansbury played a significant role in the film whose title is ‘Nanny McPhee in the year, in 1956.

In the year, 2009, Angela Brigid Lansbury returned to Broadway in a renewal of the production whose title is ‘Blithe Spirit.’ For characterizing the role of ‘Madame Arcati,’ she received her fifth ‘Tony Award and came to be one of the two celebrities with the highest number of ‘Tony Awards after Julie Harris. Angela Brigid Lansbury also earned her first ‘Olivier Award’ for her role in the play.

Angela Brigid Lansbury has since got featured in two other Broadway revival shows, which are, ‘The Best Man and ‘A Little Night Music.’

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In the year, 2017, Angela Brigid Lansbury was part of the BBC TV mini-series whose title is ‘Little Women.’ She also had a cameo role in the movie whose title is, ‘Mary Poppins Returns released in the year, 2018, which is a sequel to the movie of the same name released in the year, 1964.

Angela Lansbury biography: Legacy and Personal Life 

Angela Lansbury biography

Adding more to Angela Lansbury biography, At the age of only 19 years old, Angela Brigid Lansbury ran with an actor name Richard Cromwell and they married soon after in the year, 1945. Nonetheless, the relationship between Richard Cromwell and Angela Brigid Lansbury ended in separation within a year. It was noted that Richard Cromwell was gay, which Angela Brigid Lansbury was unfamiliar with at the time of their wedding.

In the year, 1949, Angela Brigid Lansbury tied the knot with an actor whose name is Peter Shaw and they lived together for more than five decades till Peter Shaw’s demise in the year, 2003. Peter Shaw and Angela had two kids whose names are, Deirdre and Anthony, both of whom after that came to be part of the anti-establishment activity and began using strong drugs. Anthony after that came to be a television director, while their second child whose name is Deirdre opened a cafeteria.

Angela Brigid Lansbury and Peter Shaw, both of whom were initially from England, hoped to get into a marriage when they were in Britain. Nevertheless, as both of them were divorcees, the Church of England rejected to get them wedded.


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