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Anthony Radke bio is not a commonly heard name. He was only put up to popularity through his prominent younger brother, named Ronnie Radke. Anthony Radke bio’s younger brother, named Ronnie, is a famous songwriter, rock musician, as well as rapper.

Ronnie always considered his elder brother, named Anthony as a source of support as well as a father figure in his life. Unfortunately, Ronnie had to lose his sibling almost around decade ago.

So, how did Anthony Radke bio die? Here, in this article, we will get to know the true explanation behind his demise, his short-lived life, as well as his family.

Let’s dig in.

How Did Anthony Radke Bio Die?

Anthony Radke bio, who was a resident of Ramona, passed away on the 10th of August of the year 2013. It was an early morning of Sunday when the terrible casualty took place which took his life.

The 33-year-old, Radke who was a huge lover of bikes as well as a passionate rider, unfortunately, made his way out of his life through it too. He lost his life in a vicious road accident while traveling to his great workplace.

Anthony was buried on August 17th, of the year 2013, at Lewis Cemetry, Ramona. The cremation took place at 10:30 in the morning in the presence of his family as well as a few close friends.

Anthony Radke bio’s Early Life: Who Was He?

As you all go over earlier, Anthony tragically lost his life in his early 30s. He was born on April 24, of the year 1980, to a family of three children. Radke was the eldest of his two younger brothers, Matthew Radke as well as Musician Ronnie Radke.

The late Anthony was not only the elder one but also the accountable sibling. Both of his loving parents were never emotionally available for their kids. Hence, he was the one to hold obligations for two of his immature brothers.

Anthony Radke bio perished in a motorcycle accident.
Anthony Radke bio used to be a talented as well as hardworking carpenter. He was an employee at J.D Construction, working at great Fort Riley. As he had an immense love for motorcycles as well as riding bikes, he was also a member of the Nemesis Motorcycle Club at Great Woodbine.

Relationship Between Anthony Radke bio And His Younger Br named Musician Ronnie

The rock musician Ronnie was around three years younger than his elder brother, named Anthony Radke bio. The demise of his elder brother was a huge trauma for him. Along with his wife as well as kids, Anthony also left his two younger brothers behind. Through a post on his Instagram account, Ronnie disseminated how thankful he was to have an elder brother like him.

Ronnie shared a childhood image of him and his brother as well as composed;

Anthony Radke bio

The people I took for granted are gone. My brother died today. I understand one day he would cause of. How crazy of a driver he was. The only family I have is my father as well as him, and now he is gone. He left five kids as well as a wife behind. What the hell am I supposed to do right now?

In the other post, he also said, Anthony Radke bio was my brother’s name, he was around four years older than me and always protected me. I pursued him everywhere and duplicated everything he did. I’m so heartbroken. It does not even seem real.Anthony Radke bio

An old picture of Anthony Radke bio as well as Ronnie Radke

An old picture of Anthony Radke bio with his younger brother, named Rock Musician Ronnie Radke.


These captions would even make a middle-aged person overwhelm. Hence, one can understand through these words, how significant Anthony was for Ronnie. He devoted one of his songs to his late brother, titled, The Day I Left the Womb. He shared that he wrote the song in the year 2005 for his brother, as well as listening back to it now is nostalgic as well as heartbreaking at the precise time for him.

Anthony Radke bio’s Wife As well as Family: Where Are They?

Anthony was wedded for around seven years when he took his last breath. He was wedded to Amanda M. Littler Jones on March 23, of the year 2006. The couple exchanged vows at the United Methodist Church in the place of Harrington. They both were happily happy as well as fulfilled life until the tragic happening took place.

Radke had five kids with his wife Amanda, four sons, Troy Jones, Nathan Jones, Joshua Radke, as well as Dylan Radke, and a daughter, named Sabrina Jones. All of his kids were not even 10 years old when they lost their father.


Amanda didn’t even get proper time for herself to sob adequately on the death of her better half since she had to raise all her kids all alone now. The Anthony Radke Children’s Education Fund was founded to help his kids as well as his wife have a better life ahead.

Anthony Radke bio

Hopefully, they got to study as well as make their future better with the help of their uncle, Ronnie as well as other relatives.


Late Anthony Radke bio with his brother named Ronnie

We have no information about where Anthony Radke bio’s family is today. But we hope that they are living a happy life.


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