Anuel AA

Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago aka Anuel AA born November 26, in the year 1992, known popularly as Anuel AA, is a Puerto Rican rapper. His music frequently includes samples as well as interpolations of songs that were popular during his youth.

He is seen as a controversial figure in the Latin music scene for his legal problems and controversies with fellow Puerto Rican rappers Cosculluela. And Ivy Queen with fellow American rappers 6ix9ine.

Raised in Carolina, Puerto Rico, Anuel AA started documenting music at age fourteen. After that began posting it online four years later in the year 2010.Before eventually signing to the Latin division of fellow American rappers named Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group.

His 2016 mixtape Real Hasta la Muerte was well-received, but his achievement was put on hold the same year by a 30-month prison sentence for illegal firearm ownership in Puerto Rico. Anuel AA documented the entirety of his debut album while incarcerated, during which time his genre of music surged in popularity.

Anuel AA released his debut album, also titled Real Hasta la Muerte, on July 17, in the year 2018, the day he was discharged from prison. The album was a crucial as well as commercial success. In the coming six months, he happened on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs, solidifying his position as one of the top Latino artists.

In August in the year 2019, Anuel AA published the song named China, a collaboration with Daddy Yankee, Karol G, Ozuna, and J Balvin. It was a global achievement. Anuel AA has since released the hit song Me Gusta with Shakira, and his second album named Emmanuel, which was featured on May 29, the year 2020.

In November of the year 2020, Anuel AA made a statement on Instagram. He also released a new song indicating his imminent retirement from the music industry, citing family and relationship issues. Anuel AA was back to music with his combined album Los Dioses with Ozuna.

His third studio album Las Leyendas Nunca Mueren was published on 26 November in the year 2021, including 16 tracks.

In December in the year 2021, Anuel became the first Latin artist to work together with UFC to promote a sports conceptual album. He features his admiration for powerful cultural figures, including sports icons.

Real Hasta La Muerte was the presenting sponsor of UFC Fight Replay for key moments of UFC 269’s main card. The company’s activation with UFC comprised Anuel AA’s visuals, logo, and artistic concept for his third album, named Las Leyendas Nunca Mueren.

On February 18, in the year 2022, Anuel AA participated in the year 2022 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game.

Anuel AA Biography

Anuel AA grew up in Carolina, Puerto Rico. His father is Afro-Puerto Rican. His mother, who was grown in Milwaukee, is of White Puerto Rican descent.

Anuel AA has clarified that he has experienced racism since childhood for being mixed race. His father, named José Gazmey, was once vice president of the great Puerto Rican division of Sony Music Entertainment’s A&R department.

Anuel AA

When Anuel AA was a child, his father worked in the studio with salsa artists like Héctor Lavoe and Fania All-Stars. While he does not specify as a fan of the salsa genre, Anuel AA recollects that seeing his father interact with these artists inspired attention in the recording industry.

However, his father lost his job when Anuel AA was fifteen years old, which led him to become what Rolling Stone magazine depicted as a son of the streets.

Anuel AA admired Tupac Shakur while growing up and yearned to emulate his style of dress, specifically his emphasis on jewelry.

He is childhood friends with a Puerto Rican rapper named Casper, who co-wrote, and performed on, the track named Te Boté. Speaking regarding how his upbringing in the projects impacted his music, Anuel AA stated, his music is my soul speaking, literally.

It’s spiritual. It has a lot of feelings as well as a lot of pain. It’s his experiences growing up en la Calle [in the streets]. Anuel AA started recording music at age fourteen and began posting it online at age 18 in the year 2010.

Anuel AA

His music earned millions of streams and views and eventually caught the attention of American rapper Rick Ross. who further signed him to the Latin division of Maybach Music Group. His mixtape Real Hasta La Muerte was released in February in the year 2016 and received positive reviews from critics.

The achievement of this mixtape leads to Anuel AA landing a guest feature on Ozuna’s 2017 album Odisea.

Anuel AA Musical style and influences

According to sources and reports, Anuel AA is deemed as one of the founding fathers of Latin trap music. He is remarked for his signature BRRR adlib, which is implied to mimic the sound of an automatic firearm.

Anuel AA’s lyrics frequently discuss sex, crime, and life on the streets. Paul Simpson of Allmusic narrated his lyrics as “too risqué to be played on the radio and emphasized that his success has instead stemmed from streaming services and the artist’s highly active social media presence.

Anuel AA

Gary Suarez of Vice viewed his 2018 album named Real Hasta la Muerte as a collection of both gleaming trap bangers as well as reggaeton crowd-pleasers.

Despite his bad guy image, Suarez wrote that the relationship-themed songs named Culpables and Secreto represent a softening of his hardened trapper’s persona. Anuel AA is noted for his use of the word bebecita (“baby girl”) in songs. Moreover, on social media, the word has become related to the reggaeton genre as well as Anuel AA and Karol G’s relationship.

Anuel AA’s introduction to hip-hop occurred upon listening to rapper Tupac Shakur.[His songs repeatedly pay homage to both U.S. and Latin artists that impacted him in his youth.

Examples encompass China which samples both It Wasn’t Me by Shaggy and Ella Me Levantó by Daddy Yankee and Delincuente which interpolates Bandoleros by Don Omar as well as Tego Calderón.


Anuel AA is influenced by, and has collaborated with, American hip-hop artists Meek Mill as well as Gucci Mane, both of whom, like Anuel, attained notoriety for serving time in prison.

Describing Meek Mill’s effect on his music, Anuel AA explained that he listens to what people say in the songs, not just the songs. With rappers, you gotta listen to what they say. And Meek is speaking some real shit.

Anuel AA

In an interview with Vice, Anuel conveyed admiration for the music of bachata artist Zacarías Ferreíra, Dominican dembow rapper El Alfa, and an English singer-songwriter named Ed Sheeran. He has also indicated curiosity in collaborating with Post Malone and Billie Eilish.


On September 15, in the year 2018, Anuel AA released a diss track called Intocable aimed at a fellow rapper named Cosculluela. The track was widely criticized due to its profanity and remarks regarding homosexuality and HIV/AIDS patients.

In the song, he refers to the model as well as television host La Taína as a pig for her HIV-positive status. Due to the public backlash, Anuel AA’s concert at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico venue, scheduled for October 12 of that year, was terminated by his production staff and main producer Paco López.


Anuel later published an apology for the song. He explained that It is the worst mistake of my career. He does not need this and he apologizes to all the people he offended.

Moreover to those who lost everything after Hurricane Maria …his fans deserve me to be a better person, and he apologize to even people in Puerto Rico.

Anuel AA

In early April in the year 2019, Anuel AA as well as Ivy Queen confronted in an assertion on Instagram. It was after Anuel queried how Ivy Queen could be still contemplated the Queen of Reggaeton.

Anuel AA argued she hadn’t had a hit song in more than 7 years, and further questioned if Karol G should be considered another Queen of Reggaeton. Followers on Instagram believed why he made the comments.

Ivy Queen reacted with statements regarding where she came from and how she was a pioneer, paving the way for other women to follow.




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