Ashley Lent Levinson

Ashley Lent Levinson is an administrative producer in the American Film Industry. She has produced as well as co-produced several movies and series like Pearl, Gossamer, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Pieces of a Woman, and numerous more.

Apart from her career as a producer, Ashley is well-known for being the wife of a director named Sam Levinson. Her husband is well-known for creating a drama series named Euphoria based on the Israeli series, in which Ashley too worked as an executive producer. Well, how is their married life together? Does the pair share kids?

Today, in this article, we will focus more on Sam Levinson’s wife, named Ashley Lent Levinson along with her age, parents, her professional career, net worth, as well as many more.

When Was Ashley Lent Levinson Born? Her Age And Wikipedia

Sam Levinson’s wife, named Ashley Lent Levinson was born on July 22, of the year 1982, in California, which is in the United States of America. As of now, she is 40 years old in the year 2022. Ashley Lent Levinson grew up in her hometown along with her sibling named Allison Lent who is now a College Advisor at Allison Hatcher College Advising. Furthermore, her sister Allison is wedded to Mike Hatcher.

Talking about her parents, her mother named Michael Mullen once worked as a campaign coordinator at ‘Foley for Mayor of the year 2018’ while her father Robert Ralph Lent was an employee in the oil industry. Ashley’s father, named Robert is no more in this world as he died away in the year 2014 because of cancer.

Besides, Levinson is an American as per her nationality as well as belongs to the white ethnicity. Moving on to her education, though not much information is known yet, some sources and reports claim that Ashley majored in the film as well as television production.

Ashley Lent Levinson Is A movie producer: her profession details

In her professional career in the American entertainment industry, Ashley has attended as an Executive producer and co-executive producer on several series as well as movies. She, first, started as an associate producer with the year 2015 drama series, named Warning Labels.

Furthermore, her career as a producer geared forward with the projects like Assassination Nation (of the year 2018), Queen & Slim (of the year 2019), Bombshell, Those Who Wish Me Dead (of the year 2021), Euphoria, as well as many more.

Ashley Lent Levinson grinds in the film industries

Ashley Lent Levinson with her professional team

Moreover, Lent is also a co-founder of Little Lamb Productions alongside her husband Sam Levinson, and film producer named Kevin Turen. Besides being a producer, Ashley has been into other mixture of jobs in her professional career. Let’s have a look.

Insights On Ashley Lent Levinson’s Other Profession

Before she entered the American Movie Industry, she started in Marketing and Product development at Joie, where she labored as a designer for two years from the year 2003 to the year 2005. After, Ashley Lent Levinson changed course to Fashion Glue and then to Stafford Commercial Real Estate as a Consultant up to the year 2009.

Furthermore, in November of the year 2009, she also worked at Soho House Group, a Marketing and Creative Programming, where she led artistic programming in art, fashion, music, and film, as well as others. Likewise, her experience doesn’t end here, further, she entered the Sundance Institute. She has been a member as well as president of REX, a mobile app company.Ashley Lent Levinson

Ashley Lent Levinson Is Wedded To Sam Levinson: Who Is Sam?

The producer as well as designer, Ashley is happily married to the American actor as well as filmmaker, named Sam Levinson (aka Samuel Levinson), son of Academy Award-winning director named Barry Levinson.

More, the pair has been wedded for many years. They generally prefer to keep their personal life out of the limelight.

Ashley Lent Levinson married Sam Levinson

Ashley Lent Levinson with her husband named Sam Levinson
Her life partner named Sam is a writer and director. He has written as well as directed movies like Malcolm and Marie, Another Happy Day, Assassination Nation, and others. Similarly, Sam is also an executive producer as well as an actor. Also, Sam is a Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award winner and has got nominations for many other awards.

Before Ashley Lent Levinson’s marriage to such a multitalented person, her now-husband was in a connection with an actress named Ellen Barkin from the year 2008 to the year 2011. It looks like after Sam’s as well as Ellen’s break-up in the year 2011, Ashley became a pivotal part of Sam’s life which ultimately resulted in their wedding.

Ashley Lent Levinson’s Husband, named Sam Levinson Struggled with Drug Addiction

As a teenager, Sam struggled against drugs. In the year 2019, at the premiere of his HBO series Euphoria, he indicated his dark past with drugs. He said,

“I expended the most of my teenage years in as well as put of infirmaries, rehabs as well as halfway cottages. I was a drug addict, and I’d take anything as well as everything until I couldn’t hear or breathe or feel,”

According to him, he even ceded up on his addiction but later he went to rehab as well as realized that his life may become better if he stop eating up drugs. By the year 2022, the actor has been drug-free for 17 years.Ashley Lent Levinson

Ashley Lent Levinson Shares A Son With Her Spouse, named Sam

The couple jointly has a son whom they called Isadore. As we started earlier, both the married duo are extremely private about their personal affair, as a result, the precise birth date of their son is yet to be disclosed. Nevertheless, on June 5, of the year 2016, Ashley composed on her Twitter account that she with her husband has greeted a baby boy.Instagram


Ashley Lent Levinson has a boy with her husband

Ashley Lent Levinson with her Son as well as husband. Source: Facebook
So, as per her Twitter, her son is 6 years old as of the year 2022 as well as is growing up in a loving as well as caring family environment.

Ashley Lent Levinson Is On Instagram: her other social media sites

Levinson has a private Instagram account under the username @ashlevinson with around 1,108 followers and 468 posts in total. Furthermore, she also has united Facebook where we get to see some of her handful of photos but lately, the executive producer has not been available on Facebook.


Moreover, Ashley Lent Levinson is on Twitter under the username @ashleylent with around 1110 followers. She is fairly engaged on Twitter in comparison to her other social mediasites.Ashley Lent Levinson

Ashley Lent Levinson’ Net Worth

She has been in numerous professions throughout her life. She is moreover an executive producer in the American Entertainment industry and has worked on many projects. So, for sure, she has accumulated a lot of quantity in her pocket. We can say, she has a net worth of around $1 million as per some sources.

On the other hand, her husband named Sam Levinson has a net worth of around $7.48 million.


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