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Ava Kolker bio is an American actress who foremost rose to prominence as a child Ava Kolker bio artist in the year 2013 comedy horror series named Scary Movie and the year 2014 popular series named Girl Meets World. Furthermore, Ava Kolker bio performed the role of Princess Jasmine in the musical dram Alladin and Corny Collins in the movie, named Hairspray which enabled her to authenticate herself as a great versatile actress.

Similarly acting, Ava Kolker bio is also a singer as well as has sung more than 5 songs till the year 2022. Likewise, Ava is also a great social media star. Despite all her professionalism, how is Ava Kolker bio in her private life? What is Ava Kolker bio doing in the year 2022? Is she dating somebody?

In this article, we are going to examine everything about the actress, singer, as well as social media star, Ava Kolker bio along with her age, family, siblings, career, net worth, as well as much more.

Ava Kolker bio Is A California Native

A Californian native, Ava (aka Ava Grace Kolker) was born to her mother named Sandrine Kolker, as well as her father named Doug Kolker on the 5th of December of the year 2006 in Tarzana, which is in Los Angeles, USA. As of August of the year 2022, Ava Kolker bio is 15 years of age as well as has a birth sign Sagittarius.

Ava Kolker bio is California native
Baby Ava Kolker bio with her cute mother. Source: Instagram

When Ava Kolker bio was 1 year old, her family shifted to Florida where she spent most of her early days as well as grew up alongside her two older sisters Kayla Kolker, as well as Jade Kolker, as well as a younger one Lexy Kolker.

Talking about her ethnicity, Ava Kolker bio belongs to the mixed ethnic background as well as is American by nationality.

Details on Ava Kolker bio’s three sisters

Ava Kolker bio’s eldest sister named Kayle was born on July 14, of the year 1998, in the place of California. By the year 2022, she is already 24 years of age. She is a social media influencer as well as an actress by profession. Kayla was seen as an actress in the TV series, named Victorious of the year 2010 where she portrayed the character named Milly Mooney. Similarly, Ava Kolker bio’s other sister named Jade is an Instagram star, born on September 15, of the year 2001. Jade is around 20 years currently.

Ava Kolker bio has 3 sisters
Ava Kolker bio with her parents as well as sisters. Source: Her Instagram

Furthermore, her younger sister, named Lexi was born cute Alexa Rose Kolker on August 17, of the year 2009, which makes her 13 years of age as of the year 2022. The youngest of the Kolker brood has already acted on different projects such as Shooter, Searcher, and A little Mermaid, as well as many more, as a supporting as well as the lead actor. Among many, Lexi’s portrayal of the character named Chloe in the year 2018 horror movie, named Freaks was popularly appreciated.Ava Kolker bio

Career Detail: Ava Kolker bio Started As a Child Actress

At a very young age, Kolker began acting in the American entertainment industry. She started her professional career as an actress with a guest impression on the TV series named American Horror Story in the year 2011. Later, after a year, she did her first film in the comedy genre Golden Winter, in which Ava had fun with the character named Marybeth Gietzen.

Similarly, she did films like Scary Movie which was commercially prosperous, The Trials of Cate McCall, and Meadows in the earlier years of her career. Her capacity to do versatile roles made her more famous among the audience as well as the film fraternity.

After every performance, her popularity increased, as well as as a result, the Scary Movie cute actress worked on various projects as well as played in numerous TV series as well as movies. Further, Ava Kolker also did a voice role for Wooden Bear Cub in the year 2019 movie, Red Shoes as well as the Seven Dwarfs.Ava Kolker bio

Ava Kolker bio’s TV Series as well as Movies

Talking about her TV series, from the year 2011 to the year 2022, she had done eleven great TV series in total. She turned on acting in the TV show, named American Horror Story. Subsequently, she appeared in the episode named “The Glitch That Stole Christmas” of the great series Dads.

Furthermore, Ava Kolker bio played Romy in Sam as well as Cat, an American teen sitcom in the episode, named MagicATM. Likewise, she played in TV shows like Blak-ish, Girl Meets World, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., How I Met Your Father, Sydney to the Max, as well as many more.

Moving to her movies, Ava appeared as Heather in Miss Meadows, Augie in The Trials of Cate McCall, as well as Lily In Scary Movie 5. Her other great movie credits comprise Message from the king, The Axe Murders of Villisca, A Fairy’s Game, as well as Sister Cities. Moreover For her incredible acting in Girl Meets World she was given the Young Entertainer Award in the year 2016.

Ava Kolker bio Is A Singer As Well

Besides her acting career, she is also a great singer as well as has sung around six songs till today. She essentially sings songs from artists such as Ariana Grande as well as Billie Eilish.Ava Kolker bio


She, from a very early age, was curious about music. Some of her songs are titled The Good Ones, Eventually, What It Will Be, as well as Seventeen, as well as others. If you want to hear her songs, you can do so by calling her great YouTube channel.

Is Ava Kolker bio on Instagram? Her Other Social Networking Sites

She is highly active on Instagram under the username @avakolker with around 1 million followers as well as around 1,711 posts in total. Also, Kolker is also on Facebook with around 2.7k likes. The beautiful actress has unlocked her account on Twitter under the username @RealAvaKolker where she submitted herself as Olive on @disneychannel’s Sydney to the Max as well as Ava on Girl Meets World. Ava Kolker bio has around 15k followers on Twitter with around 1,276 tweets in total.

Likewise, Ava Kolker bio is also a TikTok star with around 4.1 million followers on her cool TikTok account. Furthermore, she has her own cool Youtube channel with around 44.7k subscribers where she keeps uploading her great music video. She is both on Facebook and on Twitter.Ava Kolker bio


Ava Kolker’s Net Worth

Though Ava is in her teenage years, she has already made a great career in acting as well as music. She has been acting for more than 10 years as well as is a social media influencer. So, without any doubt, we can say that she is earning a lot of money for a long time. Moreover, she has a net worth of around $550,000 as per reports as well as sources.



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