Azriel Crews

Azriel Crews is an actress, singer, as well as a popular writer based in New York. As an actress, Crews has worked in nearly a dozen TV shows encompassing  Keene, This Is B.S., and more. She was also a crucial cast member of The Family Crews, a reality TV show that represented the family life of her actor father Terry Crews.

Apart from following the career path just like her father, Azriel Crews has also tried her hands in the real estate world as well. She is now a competitive real estate agent in New York City Metropolitan Area.

In addition to her versatility in a handful of fields, what regarding her personal life? Many of her fans are eager to know if Terry Crews’ daughter Azriel is dating a boyfriend in 2022 or not. Well, we will find out everything you are looking for in the young star kid encompassing her mother, siblings, and a lot more.

Let’s take a deep look!

Azriel Crews Age as well as Ethnicity

Born on 13th November in the year 1990, Crews is aged 31 in the year 2022. Celebrating her 25th birthday, her father made a tweet in November 2015 writing

Happy 25th Birthday to his AMAZING daughter AZRIEL! So proud of the woman she has become.
She was born as well as grew up in the United States of America. Talking regarding her ethnicity, Terry Crews’ daughter is an Afro-American. She holds an American nationality.

Just Like her father, Azriel Crews was alreraisedsed in a Christian family.

Azriel Crews Father as well as Her Relationship With Him

Born and raised in Flint, Michigan, Azriel’s father initially played football just like a linebacker before getting into acting. He first snatched attention after his role in the TV sitcom Everybody Hates Chris from the year 2005 to the year 2009.

Later in the years, the actor acted in various other TV projects like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Lip Sync Battle, Portlandia, and more. Likewise, his roles in big-screen projects are also very sufficient. Most popularly, Azriel’s father appeared in The Expendables 3, Deadpool 2, and many others.

As the daughter of such a VIP dad, Azriel Crews has also been doing great in her rights creating her final work. In addition, the father and daughter duo has also shared strong bonds similarly his roles in big-screen projects are also sufficient.

Most famously, Azriel’s father worked in The Expendables 3Deadpool 2, and various others.

As the daughter of such a superstar dad, Crews has also been doing great in her rights building her original work. In addition, the father and daughter duo has also conveyed a strong bond.

Back in the year 2018, Azriel Crews presented the Voice of Courage Award to her dad at the great Safe Horizons Champion Awards.

During this time, the star kid explained her father as generous, tenderhearted, as well as passionate regarding justice.

All You Need To Know regarding Her Mother

Azriel Crews’ mother named Rebecca King-Crews is a singer as well as an executive producer. She studied music and theatre at Western Michigan University.

As per sources and reports, Azriel’s mom is the singer, songwriter, and a great producer at Chosen One, a gospel singing group.  Besides, Rebecca also appeared in different theatrical plays including The Whiz, Pippin, and The Music Man as well.

Are Azriel Crews Parents Still Married?

Yes, Azriel Crews’ parents Terry as well as Rebecca have still been married. Both of them tied the knot in July 1989 and are together ever since. As for their first meeting, the two met in the late years of the 80s during Crews was a college sophomore. Two years later they exchanged their vows.


Although their marital relationship is now considered one of few Hollywood relationships that have spanned over three decades, the two were once on the verge of separation. Even, Terry’s wife left him at some point. It was all his bad habits that put a problem in their marriage. The actor, later on, told that it was a wake-up call for him,

It allowed him to revamp and reshape his life for the better. He had to humble himself and reroute, and there’s nobody more thankful that we’re still together than him. That’s why they’re still here and we have this beautiful family.

Azriel Crews

Ultimately, the couple was able to make their relationship work.

Azriel Crews Has Four Siblings

Azriel Crews has three cute younger siblings from her parents’ marriage. She has two sisters named Wynfrey Crews as well as Tera Crews and a brother named Isaiah Crews. Just Like her, her brother named Isaiah is also keen on acting.

Moreover, Azriel Crews also has an older half-sister named Naomi Burton-Crews from her mother’s earlier relationship. All of them are super closed to each other. Azriel has also shared several photos of her siblings on her Insta.

Education: Is a New York University Graduate

Azriel Crews went to New York University’s Tisch School of The Arts in the year 2010 and earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in musical theater in the year 2015. Since then, Crews is regularly working in both acting as well as music.

Azriel Crews is an actress and singer

Talking regarding her career, the 31-year-old star kid is following in her father’s footsteps. She further landed her very first acting gig on The Family Crews, her family reality TV show.

Azriel Crews

Premiered on BET on 21st Feb in the year 2010, the show follows the life of her father Terry Crews, especially his relationship with his wife and children. Its second season was released in March in the year 2011.
Azriel once explained about the show in an interview with a youth organization.


The show was centered around our family. We wanted to show our family who we were, which was a Christian family that is in Hollywood as well.

The actress further also appeared in the show along with her parents as well as her siblings.

Her Other TV Works

After the family show ended in the year 2011, Azriel landed her second acting role in a short video The Internet Is Down: The Musical in the year 2016. Her other TV credits encompass Crashing, High Maintenance, I Ship It, as well as In Development.

In the year 2020, Terry Crews’ daughter went on to play in the TV series named Katy Keene. And the upcoming year, the actress had two roles in series named Younger and This Is B.S.

Crews Is Also a Singer as well as a great Makeup Artist

Before her growing career in show business, Azriél has mentioned herself as a singer on her Instagram profile. She is also a great keyboardist who trained under the patient as well as brilliant NYC-based musician/band Michael Lofaso.

Azriel Crews

Moreover, Crews once also worked as a freelance makeup artist in the place of New York. She earlier worked as the elite makeup artist named Mario Maio’s assistant at the Wall Street Journal Video. She, later on, began providing her makeup services to a variety of clients in New York.

Azriel Crews Career As a Real Estate Agent

As we have talked above that Azriel has also tried her luck in the world of real estate. The New York University graduate is at present a real estate agent at Casa Blanca. She earlier served as a licensed real estate salesperson at the place of Cooper & Cooper Real Estate.


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