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Blaine Lawrence bio is the director of Camp Hi Ho, a summertime camping facility in the place of Louisville. However, Blaine Lawrence bio is adequately known as the brother of Jennifer Lawrence. His sister is a world-renowned actress as well as has done various movies encompassing the X-men and the Hunger Games.

Many people only know him as the brother of the popular actress however, there is more to his life that has been attracting scrutiny. Many are interested in Blaine Lawrence bio’s career, age,  married connections, and love life in general.

So, if you are also one of these people as well as looking for answers about his life, then rest assured as today this article will cover everything there is to know regarding Blaine Lawrence bio, Jennifer Lawrence’s big brother.

Who is Blaine Lawrence bio? Details on His Early Life as well as Age

As we discussed earlier, he is the director of Camp Hi Ho. Blaine Lawrence bio was born in the year 1985 in Indian Hills, Kentucky. His father named Gary Lawerence is a construction company owner and his mother named Karen Koch former manager as well as the owner of Camp Hi-Ho.

Blaine Lawrence bio with his family; father, mother, & sister named Jennifer Lawrence
Blaine Lawrence bio with his sister and parents.
Blaine Lawrence bio as well as Jennifer has an older brother by the name of Ben Lawrence. Ben is a professional web designer as well as a managing partner of Louisville Geek, an IT company.

Similarly, Blaine Lawrence bio has a mixed racial background comprising English, Irish, German, and Scottish ancestry. He is a great American by nationality.

Blaine Lawrence bio Details on His Education

Blaine Lawrence bio finalized his high school at Ballard High School in the year 2004. Furthermore, for further studies, he went to the University of Kentucky and graduated back in the year 2008. Furthermore, his big brother Ben had also completed his education at the same high school as well as university.

Blaine Lawrence is the Director of great Camp Hi-Ho

The camp was first founded as well as operated by Blaine’s mother named Karen Lawrence. However, after Karen retried, her second son named Blaine took over the business.

Blaine Lawrence bio is the owner of great Camp Hi Ho

The camp encourages kids to make their own decisions and participate in several activities.


The camp is located in the place of Louisville where kids from ages four to twelve come every summer to enjoy numerous activities. It encourages them to make their own decisions as well as choose what they like to participate in. Therefore, it is the perfect place where kids can be kids as well as enjoy their time.https://todaytop24.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/GettyImages-162614801-e1606691730326.jpg

The Camp was Destroyed in a Fire in November of the year 2020

All things were going well for Blaine Lawrence until one day on November 27, of the year 2020, when the camp caught fire. The major building was reduced to ashes as well as nothing was left of it.

Blaine Lawrence bio camp caught fire
The camp caught fire in November of the year 2020.

It took around 30 firefighters to take down the engulfing flames. It was a huge loss for the Lawerance family. The camp had been active for over 35 years and all the hard work as well as sweat put into it left Blaine quite upset and hurt. On November 29, of the year 2020, Camp Hi Ho’s Facebook page dealing with a post saying,

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we substantiate the news that we lost our barn last night in a horrible fire. We are deeply pleased that no people or animals were hurt, but we are still mourning the loss of years of hard work as well as recollections that occurred in these walls.

Similarly, Jennifer Lawrence’s brother asked his community for help via a Fundraiser as well as assured them that he will do everything in his power to bring back the camp as well as come back even stronger.Blaine Lawrence bio

Moving to the present, the camp is built as well as fully functional. It has been available since June of last year as well doing great ever since.

As per what caused the fire, the investigation shows that it was lured in by an electrical short-circuit which may have happened due to a faulty extension cord.

Blaine Lawrence bio’s Wedding Took Place on Rainy Day in Kentucky

The camp Hi-Ho director wedded his girlfriend-turned-wife named Carson Massler on October 7, of the year 2013, on a Hermitage farm in Kentucky. The procession took place in front of their closest friends as well as family members.  It was raining heavily that day and when asked about the marriage Carson said,


It was a great crazy, epic, as well as very wet. It set a state record for the great third-highest rainfall ever! All the things you worry about on your big day happened to us, But that’s what we liked about it: It was real.Blaine Lawrence bio

Blaine Lawrence bio with his wife named Carson Massler on the wedding day
The cute couple got hitched on a farm in Kentucky.
The couple first met in the year 2012 at a Louisville bar. After meeting each other they felt some sort of connection as well as went outside for a walk and sat under a tree and talked for hours. The crazy part is both of them were dating someone else, however, a couple of months later they were single as well as their true love story blossomed.

Blaine Lawrence bio Has Two kids With His Wife

The cute lovebirds have been married for almost nine years now. They are blessed with two beautiful children. However, they are quite secretive about their personal life as well as they have managed to keep the details regarding their children away from the media.

Blaine Lawrence bio with his wife and kids
The happily married couple share two kids.
The family of four is in a happy space as well as making the best out of life.

Blaine Lawrence bio’s Sister named Jennifer Lawrence Is a Renowned Actress

His sister Jennifer Lawrence is a famous American actress born on August 15, of the year 1990, to Gary Lawrence as well as Karen Lawrence. At the age of 14, Jennifer asked her parents to let her go to the place of New York to have a shot at acting. Thus, she along with her brother Blaine Lawrence bio went to New York. The popular actress also dropped out of her school to pursue her dream.

She began her career with minor roles in Company Town (of the year 2006) and Medium (of the year 2007). Nonetheless, she got her breakthrough after seeming in the sitcom series The Bill Engvall Snow and winning the Young Artist Award for the same series. Furthermore, she has appeared in numerous movies encompassing the X-Men series (of the year 2011-2019) The Hunger Games (of the year 2012- to the year 2015), and many more.Blaine Lawrence bio

Blaine Lawrence’s Net Worth

He is estimated to have a net worth of around $500,000. He has amassed his income working as a director for Camp Hi Ho.

On the other hand, his little sister as well as a famous actress named Jennifer Lawrence is estimated to have a fortune of around $160 million. She has amassed her fortune from her career working as an actress.

Is Blaine Lawrence bio on Instagram? His Social Media Handles

Yes, Jennifer Lawrence’s brother is available on Instagram (@blainelawrence). Furthermore, he is also active on Facebook (Blaine Lawrence) where he posts many photos of his family as well as kids.


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