Bobby Bones

The real name of Bobby Bones is Bobby Estell. Bobby Estell was born on the 2nd of April in 1980. The Net Worth of Bobby Estell is $7 million. The height of Bobby Bones is 183 centimeters. Bobby Estell is Television and American Radio Personality.

Bobby Estell is a television and American Radio celebrity. Bobby Estell is quite popular, but after getting featured on the Dancing with the Stars, Bobby Estell’s prosperity went through the canopy. But that occurs when you win the show. Bobby Estell arose and gained season 27 of the show with his companion, whose name is Sharna Burgess.

Bobby Estell Born in Arkansas, Bobby Estell lived there all his life. Bobby Estell) parents were young when Bobby Bones and Bobby Estell came to this world. Bobby  Bobby Estell’s mama was 15 when she got expectant, while Bobby Bones’ dad was 17. Bobby Bones’ dad left him and Bobby Bones’ (Bobby Estell) mom when Bobby Bones was five years old. As an outcome, Bobby Estell had to procure early on for his family. And Bobby Estell began a career in the radio.

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Net Worth, Earnings, and Income of Bobby Estell
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Professional Career of Bobby Bobby Estell

When Bobby Estell was in college, Bobby Estell began laboring as a station hand at KLAZ in Hot Springs, Arkansas. After some days of getting the job, Bobby Estell made it to the air. A manager gave Bobby Estell a choice to go on air as Bobby Z or Bobby Bones. Bobby Estell chose the old “stage name”. Bobby Bones’ real name is Bobby Estell.

Bobby Estell’s first radio deal paid him $17,000. In the year 2002, Bobby Estell got a new duty in Little Rock, Arkansas. At the radio station KHFI-FM, Bobby Bobby hosted the show whose name is The Bobby Bones Show.

Bobby Estell’s original policy was for the night shift. But Bobby Estell got soon shifted to daybreaks. While in Austin, Bobby Estell met with Amy and Lunchbox. Bobby Estell met the upcoming co-hosts in a bar and a Culver’s. Bobby Estell put Amy on the air shortly.

Over 10 years, the Television show built a huge audience. They selected it as the top-rated daylight show in Austin. Few regional demands syndicated the show. When Bobby Estell was on top of his game, Bobby Estell got a job proposal outside of the radio. But Bobby Estell was selected to remain with The Clear Channel.

At the end of 2012, The Clear Channel shifted Bobby Estell and his show to Nashville. They took the Bobby Bobby Estell Show famous worldwide. Bobby Estell monopolized the slot hosted by long-time DJ Gerry House. Bobby Estell now publishes on weekday mornings.

The show is not a formal exclusive interview halt for top nation music celebrities and even stars outside the genre. Several of the most popular callers include John Mayer, Taylor Swift, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, Ed Sheeran, and more.

Bobby Bones

Bobby Estell and his co-hosts halt the typical country radio structure with a mix of pop-culture news.

In February of 2013, the show got worldwide syndicated via iHeart Media-owned Premiere Networks. The show was also accessible on mobile and radio petitions. Almost 150 radio stations in Canada, the US, and the UK can attend the show.

The show of Bobby Estell, The Bobby Bones Show is the most-listened-to-country layout morning display in the nation. The show, The show of Bobby Bones has an approximate audience of 9.2 million listeners every week. The hugest market for the show, The Show of Bobby Bones is in Chicago.

Net Worth, earnings, and income of Bobby Estell

As host of one of the adequate country shows, whose name is Bobby Estell in the country, Bobby Bones receives a lot of wealth. Bobby Estell receives most of his revenue from The Bobby Bones Show.

But Bobby Estell also receives money from other media. In the year 2009, Bobby Estell seemed in the feature film Band slam with Vanessa Hudgens. Bobby Estell’s movie profession comprises the ABC drama Nashville as well.

Bobby Estell is not only a famous host but also a great host. In the year 2012, Bobby Estell hosted a weekend athletics discussion program with tennis star Andy Roddick.


Bobby Estell has his podcast, The Podcast of Bobby Bones (Bobby Estell). There, Bobby Bones interviews songwriters and singers of all genres. The podcast of Bobby Bones Estell is full of anecdotes. Bobby Estell published a book, Bare Bones, I’m Not Lonely If You’re Reading This Book in May of 2016. In the year 2018, Bobby Estell published his second book, whose name is Fail Until You Don’t: Fight, Grind, Repeat.

Bobby Estell was a guest tutor for season 16 of American idol when the top 24 round started. Bobby Estell came to be a full-time mentor for season 17.

In September of 2018, Bobby Bones Estell joined the tournament Dancing with the Stars. Bobby Estell fought in season 27 with experienced dancer Sharna Burgess. They reach the tryouts other than the second-lowest score for a pair in the Final 4. In the finals, they won the competition.


With so several fame and revenue from television, radio, and other sources, Bobby Estell’s Net Worth fortune is more than $7 million.

Bobby Bones

Achievements and Awards of Bobby Estell

During Bobby Estell’s prolific and long career, Bobby Estell won several awards. Some of them are mentioned below:

Personal Life of Bobby Estell

Bobby Estell fall in love with a singer, Lindsay Ell. The two, Bobby Estell were in a relationship for almost 1 year from 2016 until 2017. But after Bobby Estell and Lindsay Ell got Separated, Bobby Estell was sole for a while.

There were so many rumors that Bobby Estell is in a relationship with Nikki Glaser, a friend guest on Dancing With the Stars. But the pair, Bobby Bones and Nikki Glaser never verified the relationship.



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