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Co-parenting their dolls! Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox greeted three kids before they get divorced in the year 2020.

The ex-couple, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green became parents in the year 2012 when their first kid whose name is, Noah, came, after two years of their Hawaii wedding. Journey and Bodhi were born in 2016 and 2014, respectively.

Between babes, No. 2, Bodhi, and 3, Journey, the Transformers celebrity documented separation from the BH90210 alum — but the ex-couple get back together ahead of their youngest kid’s appearance. In May of 2020, the couple, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green eventually called it a stop.

“I will forever love her,” the celebrity, who also shares a son whose name is Kassius with ex Vanessa Marcel, told during an episode of his “…With Brian Austin Green” podcast at the moment. “And I feel Megan Fox will always cherish me, and I learn as far as a family what we have assembled is good and different.”

While the California resident shifted on with Dancing With the Stars’ Sharna Burgess after that same year, Megan Fox got committed to Machine Gun Kelly in January the year 2022.

“In July of the year 2020, we crouched under this banyan tree. We inquired for enchantment,” the celebrity, Megan Fox underscored her Instagram official account disclosed at the moment. “We were neglectful to the discomfort we would confront jointly in such a small, frantic interval of duration. Oblivious of the task and renounces the marriage would expect from us but is intoxicated by the affection. And also the karma.

Brian Austin Green

Due to some reason after a year and a half later, amassing stepped through suffering jointly, and having chuckled more than I ever comprehended feasible, he asked me to walk down the aisle with him. And barely as in every life before this one, and as in every life that will pursue it, I told yes. …and then we two drank each other’s blood on 1.11.22.”

In a picture of his own, the rapper composed, “Yes, in this being and every being. Under the same regions, we fell in affection, I took her back to ask Megan Fox to tie the knot with me. I know the myth is one ring, but I formulated it with Stephen Webster to be two … as two counterparts of the same heart shaping the obscuree soul that is our love.”

The Texas resident, who has a kid who is a daughter of his own whose name is Casie, met Megan Fox’s children in the year 2020, a media outlets source completely said to Us Weekly in September of that year. “Brian Austin Green is a slightly more shielding of them,” an insider enhanced.

Keep scrolling to glimpse what Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have possessed to tell about parenting Bodhi, Noah, and Journey for so many years.

New Parents: Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox

Brian Austin Green

“We are compressed to get the probability to name ourselves the mom and dad of this gorgeous heart and I am always thankful to God for facilitating me to comprehend this kind of boundless, pristine affection,” Regan Fox featured her eldest kid’s Facebook debut in the year 2012.


Big Brother

Kassius was ” a little different” from his stepbrother at starting, Megan Fox said to Daily Mirror in December of the year 2012, telling, “He’s not encountering any kind of grudge or competitiveness, but he’s not eager because he only prefers to go and play video games.”

Helping Hand

She went on to say to the media source outlet, “It’s a plenty of chores and I didn’t employ any assistance just because I overrate my capacities. I had no impression of how difficult the babies can be. Before Two weeks I told Brian Austin Green, ‘We have to bring an evening nanny or we’re going to get separation documents because someone’s got to nap in this home or we’re going to murder each other.’

Rushing About Her Guy

“The all-over stuff has been oppressive just because I didn’t understand you could mind for something so much, and I feel most of the people often say that but I enjoy him so much it harms,” Megan Fox said E! Announcement of her firstborn child in December of the year 2012. “It’s a fascinating impression to have just because I never felt that before.

He’s bringing to that spot where he’s chuckling and he’s almost prepared to chuckle, and I can’t stay for that babe chuckle that virtually makes you realize like you can fly like your soul’s going to flare.”

Incubation Plans

Megan Fox said to Ellen DeGeneres in May of 2014 that neither of Megan Fox’s children was “scheduled,” mockery, “I mean, we can’t let Brian Austin Green near me any more time.”

Connected at the Hip

“When you have babes, you don’t certainly have an existence,” Megan Fox said to Chelsea Handler in August in the year 2014. “Every moment is devoted to anyone else. You don’t get to poop independently. You have to carry the babe with you.”


Brian Austin Green

“[Journey]’s just very relaxed and considerate, and then my former two are wild creatures and they’re constantly battling,” Megan Fox said to Extra in November of the year 2017. “Everything is a rocket. You can’t have utensils, utensils are rockets … They’re always attempting to murder each other, and it’s so annoying because the babe gets stressed out just because he doesn’t comprehend what’s getting on.”

Signature of Approval

“I’ve heard from few people that they don’t acknowledge with [Noah] wearing gowns. To them, I say, ‘I don’t look after,'” Brian Austin Green said during a September of the year 2017 Today show impression. “He’s 4 years old, and if he likes to wear it, then he wears it. Goggles or Dresses or slippers or whatever. It’s his existence. These are not my clothing. … I feel like at I am 4 years or 5 years old that’s a moment when he should be getting pleasure. He’s not abusing anyone wearing a gown. So if he likes to wear a gown, awesome! Nice on him.”

Parenting moves

“I’m much extra the terrible cop than Megan Fox is, and at early, that kind of was a problem for us,” the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum said to Us in September of 2019. “Now, we hear to each other and we speak to each other about everything. If Megan Fox doesn’t love something or I don’t, we hear to it. We Co-parent adequately, I believe, straight now. Megan Fox is an incredible mother and a great wife.”


Doing it Contrarily

“I am a much strict parent [parent],” the celebrity told Us after two months. “I’m a little extra OCD. To me, I would relatively not glow at all in the home. To Megan Fox, she doesn’t mind, so that was a region where we jolted skulls. … We both comprehend what she’s certainly decent at and what she accomplishes well, and I comprehend what she does more reasonably than myself.”

Cheerful Parents

Megan Fox said to Us in December of 2019 about “renouncing control” as a mother, clarifying, “They were survived to be who they are actually … I have to help that procedure, not to get entangled and micromanage and shape them into what I guess they should be.”

Naming it Stops

Brian Austin Green

“No, [I’m] not [having] more children,” Brian Austin Green said to Us in February of 2020, remarking, “The children I have straight now are nice. It’s enough!”

Generous Co-parenting

The ex-couple’s parenting attitude was “no different” post-break, Brian Austin Green clarified to Us in August in the year 2020. “When one individual is touring and laboring, the other individual will walk in and take supervision of aspects at residence and the children, and this problem is not unusual. Megan Fox adores her children, would do anything for her kids, and has and will begin again to,” he expanded.


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