Briana Jungwirth bio

Briana Jungwirth bio is a hairstylist who is generously known to people as the ex-girlfriend of the famous boy band One Direction member Louis Tomlinson. She is also understood for being the mother of Louis’ first child named Freddie Reign Tomlinson.

Even though her romantic relationship with her ex-partner Tomlinson is very short-lived, the stylist has been on the media radar for several reasons. Multiple controversies surround her, encompassing faking pregnancy, legal battles over her newborn, Twitter lash between Briana Jungwirth bio as well as Louis’s new girlfriend, named Dannielle Campbell, as well as more.

Similarly, she has also been in a relationship with an American singer-songwriter named Jayk Purdy. So, how did that turn out? Is she still in a connection with her boyfriend? Where is she now? There are a many things that people don’t know regarding Louis Tomlinson’s ex. Hence, in this article, we will discuss all the matters as well as queries regarding Briana Jungwirth. Let’s go!

Who is Briana Jungwirth bio? Details on Louis Tomlinson’s Ex-Girlfriend

Briana Jungwirth bio was born on January 26, 1992, in California, which is in the United States to Tammi Clark, as well as Joe Jungwirth. While her mother is a former model and actress, as well as her father, is a construction manager. Talking regarding her age, she is around 30 years old as of the year 2022.


Briana Jungwirth bioHer parents segregated her when she was 10. Soon after their divorce, her father married named Karen Lawrence in the year 2007 and her mother is in a relationship with Brett Clark. Briana Jungwirth bio has a half-brother named Austin Clark.

Briana Jungwirth bio with her family members

The hairstylist lives with her mother, step-dad, half-brother, as well as son.


Talking about her ethnicity, she has a mixed ethnical background as well as is American as per nationality.

Similarly, Briana Jungwirth bio finalized her high school at Agoura High School in the year 2010, nonetheless, not much is known regarding her higher studies.

Briana Jungwirth bio is a Hairstylist by Profession

As we talked above, she is an American hairstylist by profession. As a professional, she also labored as a personal stylist for a while. However, unfortunately, her professional status at present has stayed away from the media.

Even though she is successful in her career, she only became the talk of the town after her relationship with her ex-boyfriend named Louis Tomlinson went public. He is a singer as well as a member of the famous boy band One Direction.

Briana Jungwirth bio’s Former Boyfriend Louis Tomlinson Is a Successful Singer as well as Songwriter

Louis Tomlinson is an English singer as well as a songwriter. He was born Louis Troy Austin on December 24, of the year 1991, to Johannah Poulston as well as Troy Austin. His career as a singer started in the year 2010 when he auditioned for The X Factor’s music competition. He was eradicated as a solo performer but later conducted in a group of four which was later named One Direction.

Briana Jungwirth bio
The group debuted with the song named What Makes You Beautiful on August 19, of the year 2011, which was a great hit. With a lot of hit songs as well as albums, the group was having a blast together. However, since the year 2015, One Direction has been on hiatus as well as all of the members have been helping with their solo careers.

Tomlinson debuted with the solo song named Just Hold On in December of the year 2016. It was great number two on the UK Singles Chart. Similarly, in the year 2017, he published another song Back to You with Bebe Rexha. He also occurred on Debrett’s 2017 list as one of the most important people in the UK.

When did Briana and Ex-Boyfriend Louis Start Dating? Any children?

The former pair Briana Jungwirth bio, as well as her then-boyfriend Louis first, met when they were introduced by a mutual friend in April of the year 2015. The two began dating and their relationship went public after they were seen together on numerous occasions.

Briana Jungwirth bio
Briana Jungwirth bio son named Freddie with boyfriend Louis

The former lovers have a cute son named Freddie Reign Tomlinson.
After months of dating as well as being together, it was revealed that Briana was pregnant with Louis’s child. She gave origin to their son Freddie Reign Tomlinson on January 21, of the year 2016. Briana’s family even nicked name him as a miracle kid as his birth made them rebelieve against religion.


Just for a fact, the One Direction band member was recently in a connection with his longtime girlfriend Eleanor Calder up until March of the year 2015. Nonetheless, after the split from Briana, he began dating Dannielle Campbell.

Briana Jungwirth bio & Louis Fought for Custody of Their Son After Split

In July of the year 2016, the stylist became furious at Louis’ then-girlfriend named Dannielle Campbell on Twitter for trying to become her son’s mother. Louis didn’t take it lightly as well as criticized her for doing so. Attending the incident, Briana didn’t enable the singer to see his son making him take legal action against her.

The former pair fought for Freddie’s custody and later entered an agreement of allowing Louis to visit his son with an exception of no overnight calls. Freddie lives with his mother in their gorgeous house in Los Angeles California.

Many People Claim That Briana Jungwirth bio’s Photos with Her Son are Fake

Louis Tomlinson’s ex-girlfriend named Briana has been in a fair share of controversies over the years. In one of the articles published by Ecumenical News, people indicted her for using others’ images as her own and even accused her of photoshopping the image of her baby. Many say that she faked the pregnancy because Tomlinson is gay as well as he didn’t want others to find out about it.

Nonetheless, Briana didn’t stay quiet about the allegations, instead announced this on her Twitter

“To create such a disgusting lie as well as to stir up so much trouble is disliked. I’ve never stolen any image. It’s sickening how I’ve been dealt with throughout my pregnancy and now.

I’m exhausted from the bullying as well as harassment. I have a newborn son; this is a time-sensitive part of my life where I should be appreciating every minute.”

Briana Jungwirth bio Also Dated Her Boyfriend named Jayk Purdy After Split

After splitting up with the One Direction singer named Louis Tomlinson, she was reportedly in a relationship with the singer as well as After Romeo member Jayk Purdy. A friend of Purdy’s shared a photo of them at a concert in October of the year 2016. Similarly, Briana also dealt a photo of her and Purdy going out for dinner with her family. However, their relationship was also short-lived; she even tweeted her account saying that she got toyed with. Many people contended her to be a gold-digger and attention seeker.

Later on, she was in a couple of relationships encompassing Brody Jenner, stepbrother of Kiley and Kendall Jenner, as well as Michael Straus.

Briana Jungwirth bio Was Engaged To Nick Gordon: Her Wedding Plans

Apart from all her relationships, Briana was also in on & off connection with Nick Gordon. Well, back in September of the year 2020, there was also news of their engagement where Nick had seemingly popped the question on the getaway to Las Vegas.

How Much Is Briana Jungwirth’s Net Worth?

She is estimated to have a total net worth of around $1 million which she has amassed from her career as a hairstylist. She also added to her fortune from the money she earned as child support from her ex-boyfriend named Louis.

Whereas, her ex-boyfriend named Louis is estimated to have a total fortune of a whopping around $70 million which he has amassed from his career as a singer and songwriter.

Is Briana Jungwirth bio on Instagram? Her Social Media Presence

Yes, the stylist is on Instagram (@brianasrealaccount) where she has around 619K followers where she posts pictures of herself as well as her son named Freddie. Similarly, she also has a Twitter (@realbjungwirth) account with around 44.6K followers.



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