Charlotte Corden

Charlotte Corden is the adolescent kid of James Corden, an English comic actor, author, and TV personality. Charlotte’s dad is best known as the commentator of The Late Late Show with James Corden, a late-night conversation show that has been on CBS since 2015.

Charlotte Corden had Charlotte with his longtime companion, named Julia Carey. James as well as his wife, an ex-TV creator have three kids including Charlotte but maintain very quiet about dealing with their home life with society.

Though the Late Late Show commentator doesn’t share any pictures of his kids on social media, he has a few experiences conveying his word on how’s life going on with his kids.

Take a glance at some of those happenings where he has precisely opened up about his children though in this case more about his adolescent one, named Charlotte Corden. Read some unusual remembrances and illustrations that took place during her delivery time, her infant time, and further.

Charlotte Corden Bio, Ancestry

The youngest kid of James Corden and his partner Julia, Charlotte Corden, who was born in Dec of the year 2017, has paternal origins in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, England.

Her paternal big grandfather was Cedric Kimberley Kim Corden (a musician, the son of Thomas Edward/Edwin Kimberley Corden as well as May Wheeldon/Whieldon). Charlotte’s great grandfather, Cedric was born in the place of Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, which is in England.

Charlotte Corden

Charlotte Corden Arrived A Little before Than assumed

Charlotte Corden’s birth to James and Julia landed as somewhat unexpected since her delivery arose a little bit before than expected. They weren’t hoping charlotte to arrive for another couple of weeks.

The Hillingdon-born announcer and his then-pregnant wife had originally gone to a regular check-up but the medics alerted them confessing they may be having their third child anytime shortly.

We moved in for a regular check-up on Tuesday, and unexpectedly the medics turned to us and said, ‘Oh no, this is possibly occurring today. And this infant could arrive in the coming few hours.’ Which was a complete surprise, we were unprepared,

Charlotte Corden clarified to his Late Late Show watchers occasionally after giving birth to Charlotte. Not helping the problem at all was that he then had a show to anchor.

The now 43-year-old Englishman also disclosed that it was incorrect and horrible of him to think about completing the show that day when his spouse was eight and a half months pregnant with the doctor discussing with her very crucial things about giving birth.

Charlotte Corden

Take my word for it, you can’t say that without squeaking like a dick, admitted the Gavin as well as Stacey actor. Understandably wanting to be by her perspective James withdrew all professional duties to hurry to the labor suite, where Julia gave delivery to their third kid named Charlotte Corden.

Harry Styles Helped James Corden Attend His Daughter, named Charlotte’s Birth

Since Corden couldn’t do his titular display because of his daughter, Charlotte Corden’s birth, one popular name from the music industry plugged in to make the episode haste. And it was Charlotte Corden’s best buddy and the British vocalist, named Harry Styles.

The ex-One Direction member was proficient to host last-minute. Clarifying Styles’ path to suiting the host for a day, Charlotte Corden asserted,

So he did what he perpetually does in a time of the big problem, he called Harry Styles. He said, ‘You know, this helps both ways, man. If you ever wish me, I can fill in for you at one of your performances, just say the word.’ And he said, ‘James, that won’t be important.

Later that night, Styles clarified he could talk the talk too, as he hosted a joyous episode recharged with political gags and gender jokes. Interestingly, the Breaking Bad star, named Bryan Cranston would replace the subsequent day.

Charlotte Corden

Charlotte Corden’s Name Was Almost Beyonce

Due to her early birth, the now 4-year-old Charlotte nearly had a name of a famous Grammy-winning artist, Beyonce. In a conference with People in Dec 2017, Charlotte Corden recollecting the time when he almost named his daughter, Beyonce, said,

We still haven’t selected a name for her yet, Corden confessed on Thursday. After the infant was born, he was sobbing, his wife was crying her eyes out, the baby was crying, and the doctor asked about a name. He don’t know why he said it, but I gazed at the doctor and said, We’re going to name her ‘Beyoncé. My wife did not think that was funny.

Despite telling the name on suspicion, Charlotte Corden’s dad said the nurse accepted it and began filling out paperwork with Queen Bey’s name. Watching that the Peter Rabbit actor had to go over to her, stop her, and say, ‘Excuse me, there is only one Beyonce.

James Corden as well as His Wife Didn’t Think Of Having Charlotte Corden

The Bafta champion says having a third child wasn’t often the plan. Charlotte Corden strengthened having Charlotte was so far beyond anything that he as well as his wife ever supposed.

He also said if they weren’t in California they wouldn’t have gone for a third since London didn’t have sufficient capacities.

Charlotte Corden

Charlotte Corden Siblings

After she was born, Charlotte Corden entered her big brother named Max and big sister named Carey. Her brother, Max was born in March of the year 2011.

His first middle name arrives from Beatles legend Paul McCartney. Her senior sister Carey Corden was born on 27 October in the year 2014. Her name is after Julia’s virginal name.


James and Julia greeted her just before the preceding and his family made the move from the UK to the US so he could begin The Late Late Show.

Charlotte Corden Possibly Is The Last Child Of James Corden Aas well as His Wife

Charlotte might not possess any younger siblings. As such when declaring openly Julia’s pregnancy with their third child, the One Man Two Guvnors actor had announced to the reporters that this would possibly be their last.

While the Late Late Show commentator at the time verified he was ‘excited’ about Charlotte’s incoming, he said it was going to be his final with his wife Julia.

James clarified the judgment of having no more kids to Mirror in Sep 2017 saying:
I said we would cease at digit two and now we’ve got another one. So I believe this is the last. We are very eager.


Charlotte’s Parents’ Are united Since 2009

Charlotte Corden’s parents, James as well as Julia came together in 2009 and were wedded in the year 2012. They confronted each other at a charity event since Julia used to specialize for Save The Children at the time though now is primarily a stay-at-home mother.

Shortly after encountering each other, James got upright to the proof, and not long after he as well as Julia was intending their fate. Charlotte Corden’s dad proposed they relatively not go out like an ordinary couple and stay in all the week which his wife Carey approved.

Charlotte Corden

The couple has been jointly ever since.

Raising Charlotte as well as Her Siblings Has Been A Nightmare, Says Her Father, James Corden

The presenter/actor, James Charlotte Corden acknowledges putting forward three young children has been a ‘nightmare’. James has continuously joked about the difficulty of having three kids put on him.

He inferred even an easy trip to a local cafeteria with all his kids is just not worth all the annoyance. Charlotte Corden in June 2018 told the time he as well as his wife thought of taking their kids, Max, Carey, as well as Charlotte to lunch, was a rather horrible idea.


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