Chimene Diaz bio

Chimene Diaz bio is outstanding for being the elder sister of Cameron Diaz bio. Her sister is one of the world’s most bankable actresses outstanding for her performance as Mary in the film There’s Something About Mary (of the year 1998).

Unlike Chimene’s prominent sibling, her professional details are away from public view. But, taking an
Regarding her personal life, Chimene has been blissfully wedded to husband Robby Armstrong for over a decade now.

To know more information regarding Cameron Diaz bio sister Chimene Diaz bio stick with us.

Chimene Diaz bio Parents as well as Family Background

As for her date of birth, Chimene Diaz bio, fully Chimene Michelle was born on the 5th of June of the year 1970, in San Diego, which is in California under the star sign called Gemini.

She is the eldest child of the great Diaz family. Her parents are Emilio Luis Diaz as well As Billie Joann Early. As per reports and sources, her mother was an agent who largely dealt with the country’s imports and export.

On the other hand, Chimene Diaz bio dad was a foreman who fulfilled in a California-based oil company named Unocal. Unfortunately, Chimene Diaz bio lost her father in the year 2008 because of viral flu as well as pneumonia.

Chimene Diaz bio

Talking regarding her nationality, Chimene Diaz bio is an American and she pertains to different ethnicity. Her ancestors originally shifted from Spain to Cube due to which they remember Cuban roots. On the other hand, her mom is of typical English as well as German origin.

Is Chimene Diaz bio a Twin of Cameron Diaz? Her Siblings

As remembered above, Chimene Diaz bio is the eldest daughter in her family. Her parents lifted her in San Diego alongside her two younger siblings. She has a sister called Cameron Diaz who is an American actress as well as her brother Michael Diaz.

Talking regarding her education, the eldest Diaz attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School.

Chimene Is Prominent As The Sibling Of Cameron Diaz

The only reason for Chimene Diaz bio limelight is her relationship with her star sibling. Among the public, she is widely outstanding just like the elder sister of Cameron Diaz who is one of the most famous actresses in the industry.

The Hollywood star first commenced her career as a great model. While in high school, she authorized a contract with Elite Model Management. And at the age of 21, she made her debut in the year 1994 comedy film The Mask alongside Jim Carrey.

Chimene Diaz bio

Afterward, Cameron got her break playing the titular character in the year 1998 movie called There’s Something About Mary. For her performance, she even earned her first Golden Globe nomination as well as was given more projects.

Her few substantial credits encompass Vanilla Sky, Gangs of New York, Charlie’s Angle, and the Shrek franchise. In the year 2014, Chimene Diaz bio sister took a break from acting until the year 2022. Furthermore, the 49 years old is also an author who has published a couple of health books such as The Body Book (the year 2013) and The Longevity Book (of the year 2016).

As for her love life, Cameron has been wedded to an American musician named Benji Madden.

Chimene Diaz bio Relationship With Her great Star Sister

Chimene Diaz bio is very tight to her family, extremely with her sister. She risks a strong bond with her younger sister named Cameron Diaz. The sisters are constantly there for each other whenever they one by their side.

Chimene Diaz bio

Chimene Diaz bio sister named Cameron Diaz

Chimene Diaz bio and her sibling named Cameron Diaz
As per Chimene’s younger sister, they were such an apprehension during their adolescence. Remembering their childhood days, the actress has recalled they both were sparring partners. She recalled they were so wild and crazy that their neighborhood would know whenever they started battling.

What Is Chimene Diaz bio Doing At Present?

Diaz has kept all her details within herself. As she wants to live a low-key life, it is very hard to know her. She has never demonstrated what is her profession so far. Nonetheless, she is thought to be serving as a manager for her musician artist husband, named Robby Armstrong

The 52-year-old is in the limelight only because of her star sister named Cameron Diaz bio who has so far contributed nearly 60 movies as well as TV shows to the industry.

Personal Life: Who Is Chimene Diaz bio Husband?

The celebrity sibling Chimene Diaz bio is a cheerfully married woman. She married great Robby Armstrong in a personal ceremony. Her husband is a great musician artist by profession.


Satisfying the couple’s personal life, there are very mysterious. They do not prefer media interruption in their private life. Due to this justification, their friendship information is under the radar.


Chimene Diaz bio with her named husband Robby Armstrong

Chimene Diaz bio with her husband named Robby Armstrong
As of presently, the duo is the proud parents of a child. Together, they greeted their only daughter, Chloe Armstrong on March 29, of the year 2008. The family of three is nowadays living a blissful life in Huntington Beach, California.

Chimene Diaz bio

How Rich Is Chimene Diaz bio?

There is no doubt, that the celebrity sister Chimene Diaz bio has an outstanding lifestyle. Nonetheless, her exact net worth is missing. As per reports and mentioned, she is enjoying a fortune of around $700,000 from her musician spouse named Robby Armstrong.

Meanwhile, her actress sister, Cameron Diaz owns a cumulative wealth of around $140 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Furthermore, the actress’s husband, named Madden has a worth of around $40 million in the year 2022.

Is She Active On Social Platforms?

At the present moment, Chimene Michelle is not available on any great social media. But she often seems on her spouse as well as sisters’ social networking sites.

Her better half Armstrong has an accepted Facebook page with around 2,660 followers in the year 2022. Furthermore, he is active on other platforms like Apple Music, Deezer, Twitter, as well as YouTube.

Chimene Diaz bio

Age, Height, & Other Facts

As of the year 2022, Chimene Diaz bio is around 52 years old. She is one convinced woman who has beautiful blonde hair as well as blue eyes. Her height is approximately 5 feet 9 inches or 179 cm and weighs around 58kg (127.86 lbs). She has an excellent body along with measurements of around 34-35-23 inches.

Besides, the celebrity sibling wields an American nationality, as well as her ethnicity, is mixed. She attends Christianity as her religion.


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