Christi Pirro

Christi Pirro, professionally, Christine Pirro Schwarzman is a bankruptcy attorney who is popularly known as the daughter of Jeanine Pirro, a former judge as well as once the host of the Fox News show, Justice with Judge Jeanine. Jeanine’s daughter, named Christi built her resume at practice at Kirkland exemplifying debtors in out-of-court restructurings, Chapter 11 cases, and pitiful acquisitions.

Pirro represents clients with Bankruptcy: Business issues in New York. Jeanine’s daughter, Christi’s clients have encompassed public and personally held companies in the telecommunications, technology, retail, and energy industries, encompassing Payless ShoeSource, Lehman Brothers, as well as Washington Mutual.

Jeanine as well as her former spouse’s daughter, named Christi Pirro also advises boards of directors and senior management of despicable companies regarding fiduciary duties and corporate governance. Scroll down to keep memorizing more about her; her ancestry, her relationship with her mother, her marital facts, as well as beyond.

Christi Pirro

Christi Pirro Is Half Lebanese

Christi Pirro’s maternal grandparents were migrants of Lebanese roots who were also Maronite Catholics. Judge Jeanine’s daughter, named Christi Pirro, who goes by the nickname Kiki, was born on June 23, in the year 1985. Her maternal grandmother and Jeanine Pirro’s mother, named Esther Ferris, died of pancreatic cancer at 90 and had been a longtime resident of Elmira, which is in New York.

Fox News shows Justice With Judge Jeanine star, named Jeanine Pirro with her daughter as well as attorney, Christi Pirro.
Christi Pirro with her mother as well as ex-judge, Jeanine Pirro.

Christi Pirro’s grandmother, named Ferris was a Pink Lady at St. Joseph’s Hospital and in the Women’s Auxiliary at the Arnot Art Museum in the place of Elmira.

Christi Pirro’s Parents, Albert, As well as Jeanine

Christi Pirro’s parents and the former couple, Albert Pirro and Jeanine Pirro, real name, named Jeanine Ferri Pirro, married in the year 1975. They met each other at great Albany Law School. When together, Jeanine as well as Albert greeted two children named Christi and her brother, named Alexander.

Former convict and Christi Pirro’s father named Albert Pirro, left, with his ex-wife as well as ex-judge, Jeanine Pirro.
Christi Pirro’s mother, Jeanine Pirro with her ex-husband as well as one-time prisoner, Albert Pirro.

Daily Entertainment News reports the co-host of The Today Show and her ex-husband split up in the year 2007 and separated six years later in the year 2013.

They broke up after Christi Pirro’s father, named Pirro had an affair with paralegal Jessica Hutchinson while she worked at a Florida Firm. Their nine-month affair also produced a daughter named Jaclyn Marciano.


Christi Pirro’s Father named Albert Went To Jail Twice

Well, Christi Pirro’s father, Albert Pirro has a bit of an anxious history. The father of Jeanine’s children, Albert Pirro once an assistant to President Trump, was an honorable real estate lawyer and lobbyist. His status, however, went down the drain in the year 2000.

Albert has also spent more than a year behind bars after the court found him bad on four counts of tax evasion, 28 counts of filing a false tax return, and one count of fraud. He reportedly hid around $1 million in personal expenses, which probably wrapped the two Mercedes he gifted Jeanine with, his Ferrari, and costly wine.

With the money, he also sold furniture to decorate his and his ex-wife’s vacation home as well as electronic gates for one or various of their homes. In the year 2012, Albert went to jail for the second time; he at the time snatched a lady’s wrist before wickedly shaking her.

As for Christi Pirro’s mother, named Jeanine, she currently seems to be without a husband or a partner. However, back in April in the year, 2019 reports had it the host Jeanine Pirro had an affair with a Texas cop, Cody Cazalas, who searched the late killer, Robert Durst’s case.

Christi Pirro’s Brother As well as Jeanine Pirro’s Son, named Alexander Pirro Also Studied Law

Christi’s brother, Alexander who was born on March 23, in the year 1989, and his sister, also live in the New York City area. Alex too followed in his parents’ and sister’s footsteps. The younger brother of Christi Pirro also attended law school.

Christi Pirro

Christi Pirro’s brother, Alex Pirro Ex-Judge, Jeanine Pirro’s son, and Christi Pirro’s younger brother, Alex Pirro

As per his Linkedin profile, Alex accompanied Fordham University School of Law in the year 2011 and the year 2012. However, it does not appear that Christi Pirro’s brother completed law school. Sources report Alexander Pirro rather agreed to pursue business.

For that, he reportedly followed the New York University Stern School of Business. Alex, whose age is now 33 years, concentrated on Finance and graduated in the year 2011, according to his Linkedin.


Who Is Christi Pirro’s Husband, named Zak Schwarzman, A Real Estate Businessman

Christi Pirro is married to cute Zak Schwarzman. Pirro and Schwarzman linked the knot in a ceremony off the coast of Maine on August 19, in the year 2017. The couple had their marriage on House Island, which is a personal island in Portland Harbor. The bride, as well as the groom, wished Kristi’s mom, Jeanine, to join them to accomplish an “official” ceremony.

Bankruptcy attorney, Christi Pirro with her husband, named Zak Schwarzman, a real estate businessman during their wedding in Aug in the year 2017.
Former judge, Jeanine Pirro’s daughter, named Christi Pirro with her husband, Zak Schwarzman at their wedding in Aug in the year 2017.
The obtainment negotiator, Christi Pirro’s husband, Zak, is initially from Greenwich, Connecticut.

He is a partner at a company in New York phoned MetaProp NYC. The firm finances start-up companies and real estate technology.

Christi Pirro

Christi Pirro Career

According to her bio on the Kirkland & Ellis law firm website, Jeanine’s daughter, named Cristi attained her law degree at the University of Pennsylvania Law School in the year 2010.

Cristine Pirro Schwarzman chose to maintain a career in law after completing undergraduate studies. She accompanied the University of Pennsylvania Law School and graduated in the year 2010. Cristine Pirro Schwarzman passed the bar exam and arrived in legal practice in the year 2011.

She Worked As A Law Clerk Earlier


Before joining Ropes & Gray, Christi was an employee for Chief Judge Gonzalez of the Southern District of New York as the law clerk. She attended there for a year and a half. Soon after that, she helped for nearly three years as an Associate at the law firm of Weil, Gotshal, as well as Manges.

Is Christi Pirro On Social Media?

While Christi is non-public on Instagram, she was relatively active on Facebook albeit only up until mid-2017. Pirro’s now mostly inactive Facebook encompasses some pictures of her wedding, her partner, Zak, some of her hangout flashes, as well as others.

Christi Pirro

On the Instagram front, Christi, at times, nonetheless gets stated by her reality star mother be it wishing her birthdays or sharing her daughter as well as her son’s TBTs.

Christi Pirro’s Net Worth

Christi Pirro’s mother, Jeanine being a Fox person has been a celebrity for many years or so. And the faces of Fox have been in the headlines for their dubious takes on virtually every issue in addition to their million-dollar salaries and likewise wealth.

Having her show, Christi Pirro’s mother, named Jennine in some manner was bound to be a millionaire. Her net worth of around $ 15 million with a salary of around $ 5 million a year makes her one of the highest earners on Fox.



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