The Hills had Lauren Conrad as well as Heidi Montag’s frenemies feud. Real Housewives of great New Jersey aired Teresa Giudice’s table-flipping debate with Danielle Staub. Also now Netflix’s Selling Sunset has a lasting rift between real estate agents Chrishell Stause and Christine Quinn.

From the moment Christine discovered Chrishell would be enlisting The Oppenheim Group, she was defined to ruffle feathers. Since then, the pair’s relationship has been rough at best as well as completely non-existent at worst. Things only proceed to escalate as Christine formerly weighed in on Chrishell’s shocking divorce from This Is Us actor Justin Hartley.

Justin as well as Chrishell’s Divorce Drama

Ahead, is a recap of the drama between the opposing sides of Oppenheim over three seasons? Plus, a breakdown of where Christine, as well as Chrishell, stand with one another today as the latter competes on Dancing With the great Stars.

Season 1

The first season of Selling Sunset provides a series of ups as well as downs for the pair. In some moments, they’re grabbing cocktails as Christine fills Chrishell on the lay of the land which is real estate in the Hollywood Hills.

Chrishell even pursues that Christine is a “teddy bear on the inside.” Other episodes show the agents fighting it out for a multimillion-dollar client. (Chrishell wins out, which Christine associates with “beginner’s luck”).

Things turn definitively sour between them after Chrishell talks to fellow agent Davina Portaz about the connection between their co-worker Mary Fitzgerald and her then-fiancé Romain Bonnet, who is 12 years old than her junior.

Chrishell, still new to the group, asks Davina what the financial circumstance between the couple glances like. (Does she pay his bills? Do they have a prenup?) Davina promptly tells agent Maya Vander about the gossipy convo, who in turn says Christine, who says Mary herself.

This all culminates in a company pool party in the last episode. She indicts Chrishell of being “two-faced” by talking about Mary’s relationship behind her back but seeming to verify to her face. Chrishell tries to defend herself as well as explain that Davina was also questioning the romance.


Then, Chrishell angrily walks out, but not before Christine has also called her “shady” as well as “a crazy person.” By season’s end, Christine attempts to make revises at a billboard unveiling for The Oppenheim Group. But Chrishell has already obstructed her on social media and seems reluctant to reconcile.

Season 2

Christine makes an over-the-top but in-character entrance into the second season. Since cameras quit rolling on the first season of Selling Sunset, she met and got engaged to mysterious millionaire Christian Richard. She declares her newfound happiness—and increased wealth—via her coming in a private jet, then a Rolls Royce.


Christine and Chrishell reunited for the first time at an event for the brokerage’s around $40 million Hillside House listing. In the off-season, Christine had a great party that Chrishell wasn’t asked to as well as served a cocktail called “Chrishell’s Two-Faced Tonic.”

Chrishell also alleges that Christine said the other Selling Sunset women not to like her posts on Instagram. Christine counters that she sent Chrishell flowers at one point, although she can’t recall why she sent them. (It was for the death of Chrishell’s father, making this a major yikes moment in their relationship.)


After their rooftop chat, both of them decide to remain civil, if not overly close. When Christine asks Chrishell about her sexual Phantom of the Opera-themed engagement party, Chrishell declines. She says it wouldn’t be moral for her to attend and instead sends her red roses on the day.

Any goodwill between the duo is lost by the season’s end, as Heather Young tells Christine that Mary, as well as Chrishell, were questioning her fast engagement to Christian. Tensions run even higher when Mary appears to have a bachelorette party with only a unique number of her Oppenheim coworkers, inviting Chrishell but not Christine.


Chrishell defends Mary, alleging it was more of an impromptu hangout rather than a formal bachelorette party.

All parties open the air enough to attend Mary as well as Romain’s backyard wedding. But an uneasy moment in the finale where Christine tries to adjust Chrishell’s braided hairdo doesn’t go invisible.

Season 3

Things are honestly lovely and peaceful between the C’s this season. That is, until Chrishell’s highly-publicized as well as shocking divorce from Justin Hartley.

While she tearfully confesses in Fitzgerald as well as jets off to spend time with family in St. Louis, Christine begins speculating regarding the split with Davina.

They speculate about the marriage’s problems, joke that Chrishell must have called paparazzi to camp outside of her house, as well as flirt with the idea of seizing Justin’s side. Although Christine only met the actor once as well as  Davina never has, they agree he appears like a gentleman as well as the question of whether Chrishell was blindsided by the divorce.



Chrishell has no idea these discussions are taking place. So she accompanies Christine’s gothic winter wedding to Christian despite her fresh heartbreak. But things go wrong when Davina hints at liking to hear “both sides of the story” of Chrishell’s split at her wedding reception.

Chrishell makes a dramatic exit as Christine cuts into her “bloody” wedding cake. But the real drama between the duo was regarding unravel after season 3 was filmed…

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As Selling Sunset season 5 begins, the Oppenheim Group’s LA office has given very fully. The Netflix hit’s newest season follows various storylines amid the realtors, encompassing Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim’s ill-fated relationship as well as the coming of newcomer Chelsea Lazkani—making her the third new broker after Emma Hernan as well as Vanessa Villela arrived in season 4.

Even before Chelsea officially enlists the brokerage, it’s clear that some realtors will be on the chopping slab.


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