Christopher Allen Hackman

Christopher Allen Hackman is an American personality who is well-known as the son of the Hollywood star Gene Hackman as well as his late former wife named Faye Maltese. His father is a popular name in the industry significant for the movies like Night Moves (the year 1975), Superman (the year 1978), and Unforgiven (the year 1992) to name some.

Despite being born into a celebrated family, he transpired to keep himself away from the limelight. Thus, issues regarding not only his professional but also his personal life appear to be unexplored. Well, is he married to a wife? What about his past relationships & girlfriends?

Well, in this article, we will find out answers to all the questions interesting about Gene Hackman’s only son, named Christopher Allen Hackman.

Gene Hackman’s Son Christopher Allen Hackman Bio

Christopher Allen Hackman was born in the US, in the year 1960, making him 62 years old in the year 2022. Though he hasn’t opened up his exact date of birth, many tabloids indicate that he commemorates his birthday on 1st Jan.

Christopher Allen Hackman is the eldest kid and the only son of great Gene Hackman as well as Faye Maltese, among their three children. The celebrity child developed with his siblings and had a fine childhood. Since his dad was always busy with his work back then, he spent most of his time with his late mom, named Faye. Also, when he evolved, his parents separated despite a marriage of 30 years.

Even though the star kid didn’t get many periods to spend with his dad in his early days, the father and son are in good phrases now. Furthermore, Christopher is also close to his stepmom named Betsy Arakawa. On the other hand, despite being the son of a legendary Hollywood actor as well as a novelist, Christopher likes to protect his life low-key.

Also, the celebrity child is an American citizen as well as belongs to a Caucasian ethnic background.

Christopher Allen Hackman Is The Son Of Gene Hackman as well as Faye Maltese The 62-year-old is one of the three kids of Gene Hackman. His father is a retired American actor as well as a novelist who has traversed more than sixty years in his career. Likewise, he is also a recipient of four Golden Globe Awards, two Academy Awards, two BAFTTAs, one Screen Actors Guild Award, and one Silver Bear. However, the actor retired from his career in the year 2004 and is living a healthy life now.

Christopher Allen Hackman Parents Faye Maltese and Gene Hackman

Christopher Hackman’s mother named Faye Maltese and father named Gene Hackman; Getty

Talking regarding his mother, she helped as a secretary in a bank in Rockefeller Center, New York back then. She used to glance after him along with his siblings while his father was out at his work for months. Unfortunately, Hackman’s mom is no more with us. Faye took her last breath on 26 April of the year 2017, evacuating her children as well as ex-husband behind. May her deceased soul be comforted in peace.

His parents Gene Hackman as well as Faye Maltese Divorced after Three Decades
The star kid’s mom, as well as dad, tied knots in the year 1956 after a love relationship of a year. His mother Faye helped his father Gene during his challenging stage of being an actor. Nonetheless, his father’s high ambitions later became the justification for the husband’s and wife’s separation.

The former couple finally ended their three decades of marriage in the year 1986. Later, his dad after five years of his divorce wedded his stepmom, named Betsy Arakawa, in the year 1991.

Christopher Allen Hackman Has Two Sisters

Being the former kid of the family, Christopher has two adolescent siblings after him; both sisters. After two years of his birth, he bought his elder sista named Elizabeth Jean Hackman in the year 1962. Later in the year 1966 the newest sibling Leslie Anne Hackman was born.

Christopher Allen Hackman’s Father Gene Hackman & his Siblings named Leslie Anne Hackman as well as Elizabeth Jean Hackman.
Christopher Hackman’s dad Gene Hackman and sisters named Leslie Anne Hackman as well as Elizabeth Jean Hackman, Getty


Christopher Allen HackmanAll three siblings were nourished in LA, California by their late mom. Not having much of an age gap between the celebrity kids, they share a strong bond as well as still see each other sometimes.

Christopher Allen Hackman’s Dad Gene Hackman Couldn’t Be a Good Dad

As we remembered earlier, Hackman’s high ambitions somehow led to his detachment from his former wife. Well, it is not just dramatic his nuptial but also his relationship with his children.

During the Unforgiven star’s achievement, he would put all his time and effort into his work. No wonder, how his career thrived making him the winner of numerous accolades but it kind of cost him his household.

The Academy Award Winner couldn’t be there with his son Christopher when he wanted his father the most. He would be away for months absent from his residence without seeing his son as well as daughters. As a result, his work set up an obstacle between Gene Hackman as well as his kids, and also didn’t get to parent them.

Christopher Allen Hackman

The star kid’s dad now understands he was not there for his son as much as he should have been. In this reference, he said GQ,

I lost touch with my son in terms of advice first on. Maybe it had to do with being gone so much, doing locale films when he was at the age where he needed support as well as guidance.

Christopher Allen Hackman Often Visits His Dad Gene Hackman Now

Because Christopher couldn’t spend much time with his daddy in his first days, he often tours him now. After Superman actor retired from his profession, he began to invite his children to his house. He wanted to reconnect with his kids, Christopher, Leslie, as well as Elizabeth as he couldn’t do it before.


Christopher Allen Hackman Father Gene Hackman as well as Step-Mother Betsy Arakawa

Christopher Allen Hackman’s father Gene Hackman with his second wife named Betsy Arakawa; Getty

Christopher Allen Hackman
The father of three now lives in his house in New Mexico with his second spouse, named Betsy Arakawa. Though he perpetuates a liking to greet anyone and likes to stay at his residence, he requests Christopher as well as his siblings to see him. We can say they are the only people Hackman wants to meet.

Is Christopher Allen Hackman Married Or Dating A Girlfriend?

It may sound extraordinary, but despite being a recognized celebrity, Christopher has managed to keep his emotional life away from the media. The star kid is so mysterious that he has not let out single info on whether he is married let alone the name of his wife.


Also, there has been no history of his love affairs as well as his girlfriend. Also, his absence from social media platforms has made it far more impossible to track his love life.

Christopher Allen Hackman

What Does Christopher Allen Hackman Do? His Net Worth

Even though Christopher hasn’t opened up regarding his profession, he at one time worked as a camera operator as well as a camera assistant. He has worked in movies such as Hoosiers (of the year 1986), Made in the USA (of the year 1987), and a documentary, Chris & Don: A Love Story (of the year 2007). In addition to this, the information regarding his career and his total assets is still under wraps.

Having said that, his father named Gene Hackman is a millionaire with a net worth of around $80 million. Being one of the legendary entertainers in Hollywood, he has earned his fortune through his prospering acting career.


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