Cody Herpin

Cody Herpin is a transportation coordinator as well as a set designer. For many years, Cody Herpin has worked in plenty of movies and TV shows like Krerws of the year 2010, Dark Honeymoon of the year 2008, Unhearted of the year 2007, and many more.

Aside from his professional successes, Cody Herpin has been in the spotlight as the ex-husband of an actress named Jodie Sweetin. Both of them married for a few years before their relationship hit a rough patch. Additionally, they are blessed to have a daughter who loves to play soccer.

Well, in the following article, we will also discuss Cody Herpin’s relationship status after his divorce from his wife, child support, custody battle, and much more! Let’s take a close look!

How old is Cody Herpin? His Childhood Details

As of the year 2022, Cody Herpin’s age is 45 years old. He was born on 28th April of the year 1977, in Los Angeles,  which is in California. While Growing up in Los Angeles, Cody Herpin also did his schooling there and lived happily.

However, as far as his parents, as well as family details, are concerned, it remains elusive. Besides, Cody Herpin is an American, and Cody holds Caucasian ethnicity.

Cody Herpin Career

As earlier stated, Jodie Sweetin’s ex-husband is a transportation coordinator who always works behind the scene. Cody Herpin landed his first transportation job in the short movie named Faith Happens in the year 2006.

In the upcoming year, Cody Herpin worked on numerous projects like Murder 101UnearthedBullrun, and Resident Evin: Extinction as well. In the year 2007, the ex-celebrity spouse also worked on the TV series named TMZ on TV. In Addition, Cody Herpin was a set dresser in Trust Me as well as a leadman in Safe Harbour.

His other credits encompass Dark HoneymoonAmerican Cowslip, and many more. His last off-screen work as a driver was in Krews of the year 2010 while starring Faune Chambers, Jonathan Cake, Charlie Robinson, and much more.

Cody Herpin and Ex-Wife Jodie Sweetin

Cody Herpin as well as his former spouse Jodie exchanged their vows on 14th July in the year 2007. According to their marriage certificate, both of them wed at the Little Church of the West on the Vegas Strip, in Las Vegas. Their wedding attendees were only their family members as well as colleagues.

During the time of their nuptials, Cody Herpin’s former wife who was once highly addicted to methamphetamine had just made her come back to the limelight as the host of Pants-Off Dance-Off. She hosted two great seasons of the Fuse TV show.

As for their meeting, the couple met in early the year 2007 and began dating in May of the year. They also didn’t wait for their wedding and afterward tied the knot in July of the same year.

Cody Herpin has One Child With His Ex-Spouse

Less than a year of their marriage, Cody Herpin as well as Jodie welcomed their first child, a daughter Zoie on 12th April in the year 2008. His ex-wife gave birth to their baby girl via C-section. Their baby girl weighed around 8 lbs. 7 oz. and was 21 in long during the time of her birth.

A rep for the Jodie said to People, Jodie tells that she as well as her husband and family are thrilled and in love with baby Zoie.

Cody Herpin

The couple declared they were expecting their first child in September in the year 2007. And they disclosed their baby’s gender as a girl in January.

Besides, their 14-year-old daughter Zoie is pretty into soccer as well as plays for her school team. Her father frequently posts photos of his daughter playing soccer at the school.

Cody’s Divorce With Jodie

Sadly, Cody Herpin as well as her former life partner went their separate ways around 16-month after their nuptials. Former Full House star registered for legal separation from her ex-husband in Orange County, California in November in the year 2008.

Cody Herpin

As for a fact, Sweetin once even called her partner a blessing who also helped her to overcome her years of methamphetamine addiction too. Though, things changed between the duo all of a sudden.

He was dumbfounded, the driver and set designer told People from the past month something has been different. He was concerned about their daughter and he just want (Zoie) home.

Sweetin’s agent told the tabloid, Jodie says that it’s unfortunate but it’s just what has to happen just then. No more detail, only because she says she doesn’t wish to disrespect him.

In her filed papers, the actress sought joint legal as well as physical custody of their daughter named Zoie. Talking regarding the reason behind their separation, Sweetin stated irreconcilable differences as the cause.

During another interview with People, Jodie said, that their house is in foreclosure, their water has been shut off twice. Presently, all of our other utilities are overdue. She also explained they’re nuptial which lasted for almost 16-month as rocky.

Cody Herpin

The actress from the place of Los Angeles also said that her then-hubby stopped working just after their wedding.

She claimed that he started finding one excuse after another for his failure to even attempt to get employment.

As for his carelessness to be employed, Herpin said that he was the stay-at-home dad, his job was taking care of Zoie, as Sweetin’s had a busy schedule.


Custody Battle as well as Spousal Support

Although Herpin originally filed for sole legal and physical custody of their daughter, Orange County Superior Court granted joint custody of Zoie in April in the year 2010 to both of them.

As for spousal support, the judge said the actress to pay around $600 a month in child support to her ex-partner.

What is Cody Herpin’s Relationship Status After Divorce?

Since his separation from his former spouse, the transportation coordinator has kept his love life very secret.  Furthermore, judging by his social media posts, it also seems like that Herpin is enjoying his fatherhood much rather than getting involved in any other kind of relationship.

Cody Herpin

So, as of the year 2022, there are no confirmations regarding whether Jodie Sweetin’s ex-husband is dating someone or not.

On the other hand, his ex-wife has been involved in several relationships since their divorce. She married Morty Coyle from the year 2012 to the year 2016. Following their divorce, the actress engaged to Justin Hodak but they called off their engagement in March in the year 2017.


In Jan in the year 2022, Sweetin again declared her engagement to Mescal Wasilewski.

Cody Herpin’s Net Worth

As per sources, Cody Herpin’s net worth is around $0.5 million in the year 2022. Cody Herpin has racked such a good amount of money from his above-stated off-screen works as well as achievements. Meanwhile, his ex-wife named Jodie has a fortune of around $2 million.

As of now, Cody Herpin resides in Los Angeles, which is in California with his daughter.

Social Media Presence

Cody Herpin is available on social media. Cody Herpin has posted various photos on his Instagram and most of the posts are of his cute daughter and himself. As well as Herpin has around 1k followers on his Insta. Likewise, Cody Herpin has an account on Facebook too.


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