Dainty Wilder bio

Dainty Wilder bio is a widely known Only Fans celebrity from the place of Australia. She is also popular among people as a social media Influencer. Dainty Wilder bio rose to prestige after the news broke out that she made more than a million dollars from her Only Fans account.

Although Dainty Wilder bio is a media personality, she appears to keep her personal life away from media. Nevertheless, she has revealed that she was in a relationship earlier. Let’s explore if she is still in a relationship. If yes, who is her boyfriend?

Here in this article, you will find answers to all your queries in addition to details of her personal life, professional life, net worth, as well as several more!

Who is Dainty Wilder bio? Early Life and Family

Born on September 28, Dainty is presently in her early 20s. She is initially from Sydney, Australia, and her great star sign is libra. Although she has mentioned her family in her interviews, she has not revealed any details regarding her parents yet.

Dainty Wilder bio portrait

Dainty Wilder bio is presently in her 20s.
Likewise, talking about her education, she finalized her schooling at a local school in her hometown. Later, she enlisted at a University and graduated in interior design.

Dainty Wilder bio Made More Than a Million Within a Year From Her Only Fans Account

Dainty Wilder bio is one of the only few celebrities who has been able to make more than a million dollars within around 12 months. She was able to make around $100k within the first month after she enlisted OnlyFans. That being said, she also disclosed that it is not as easy to make money from the community as it seems. Dainty disclosed that she used to work for 70 hours a week. She added,

”It isn’t like this for everyone, I am in the top 0.01 percent of earners on here, but for me, I hit well into six diagrams every month.”

Dainty Wilder bio

Her fans can have admission to her profile only if they are willing to pay a minimum of around $9.99 per month, around $23.98 for three months, and around $71.93/per year. She also disclosed that she had been working as a cam-girl which is why it enabled her to gain more subscribers.


Talking regarding her Onlyfans journey, she disclosed that the community isn’t just about erotic conversations as well as pictures. she shared that there are several other wholesome content requests. She also confided that she appreciates whatever she is doing.

Dainty Wilder bio Owns a merchandise Store as Well

Dainty Wilder bio also owns her merchandise store where she sells her underwear for around $190 as well as her body fluid for around $1000. She swapped the jars for a limited run as we as sold out 100 jars within a week. She has remembered that numerous people are expanding it to the cart which is why she might sell it again.

Dainty Wilder bio

Dainty wilder bio
Dainty Wilder bio has a merchandise store.
Apart from that, she has been doing brand endorsements for different swimsuits as well as lingerie brands. Also, she does advertisements for cosmetic products.

What was Her Mother’s and friend’s Reaction When They Found Out About Her career?

As per sources and According to a great article published, Dainty’s mother found out about her Onlyfans through one of her subscribers. She revealed that once when she was with her mother one of her subscribers recognized as well as called her out in the similar cafe they were sitting in. He shouted, is she the same Dainty? She was too surprised to speak in front of her mom as she had not revealed anything regarding her job yet. She had kept her job a secret from her friends as well as family.


Nonetheless, after the incident, Dainty clarified to her mother about her job. She warned her mom that she has been posting some erotic pictures on her Instagram as well as she is also active on OnlyFans. Although Dainty did not expect that her mother would support her work, things turned out completely different from what she wanted. Her mother even said,

“If you’ve got it, illustrate it.”

Dainty Wilder bio

Unlike any other regular parents, her mother was very confirming of her work. Also, when she first announced her job to her fans, they were quite supportive of her as well.

Is Dainty Wilder bio Dating anyone? Who is her Boyfriend?

Dainty disclosed that she is not dating anyone at the moment. Although she is quite concentrating on her work, she disclosed that her work wouldn’t create any barriers for her to be in a long-term relationship.

Besides, she once remembered that she had several relationships in the past. While talking about how relationships are a struggle for someone who has a career such as Dainty, she stated,

I have had boyfriends in history who have notified me it doesn’t bother them but then modified their minds as well as at some moment in the relationship.

She also disclosed in the above-mentioned article that she looks at her fans they are her boyfriends. She frequently talks with her subscribers such as they are her boyfriends.

Dainty Wilder bio Always Needed to Build a Lavish Home: Her Net Worth

The social media sensation disclosed that it was always her dream to build a gorgeous home for herself. This is why she has been investing her money in properties as well as not in luxurious clothing items. What’s more, she has also commenced constructing a home.

Dainty Wilder bio

Dainty Wilder bio portrait
Dainty Wilder made around $1 million within a month

Moreover, talking regarding her net worth she has been able to amass more than millions through her modeling journey. She has a whopping net worth of around $5 million as of the year 2022.

Dainty Wilder bio’s Social Media Handles

Dainty is available on different social media platforms. Further, one of her Instagram accounts was banned which is why she is presently using her backup account under the name @daintymilder with around 148k followers. Moreover, she is also available on other platforms such as Twitter as well as TikTok.



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