Dave Galafassi bio

Dave Galafassi bio is a renowned Australian actor as well as a professional drummer. Apart from that, he is widely known as a celebrity spouse who rose to importance after he tied the knot with the Australian actress named Toni Collette. Dave is also a drummer at his band named “Finish” where his spouse is the lead vocalist.

Talking regarding their relationship, they have been together for more than two decades. Nonetheless, Dave doesn’t open up easily in front of the media. So, how did the duo first meet? Moreover, do you know Dave Galafassi bio once got in a difficult accident? So, how did he withstand it?

We often get to hear that Dave is strolling in his wife’s shadow. Have Toni’s professional career influenced her and Dave’s marital relationship? Well in this article you will find everything regarding Dave Galafassi bio encompassing his personal life, career, net worth, as well as many more.

Dave Galafassi’s Early Life as well as Family

Born in the year 1978, Dave Galafassi is 44 years old as of 2022. He was born in Port Macquarie, New South Wales. Dave is quite secretive regarding his life which is why he has not disclosed much about his family. Moreover, he has not remembered his siblings yet.

Talking about his wife named Toni was born on November 1st, 1972 in Sydney, which is in Australia. She was born to her parents Bob Collette as well as Norma. Toni grew up in a normal household as well as her father was a truck driver.

Dave Galafassi bio’s Professional Career

Dave Galafassi bio is an actor as well as a drummer. He earned his debut in the acting industry in the year 2013 in a movie named Lucky Them. After that, he did not make many efforts to begin again his acting career.

Also, he is widely known as a drummer. He was into music from his early childhood and began his career by working in different clubs as well as restaurants as a drummer. Later, he evolved the drummer for the band name “Gelbison”. Soon, he began gaining fame as a band member.

Later, in the year 2006, Dave left the band. After that, he along with his wife formed a band named “The Finish” where Dave was the drummer as well as his wife was the lead singer. Their band was able to create some hit albums, as well as they, were also able to reach the 8th position on the AIR Indie Distro Albums Chart.

Dave Rose to Fame Because of His Wife named Toni Collette

Despite being a media personality himself, he is most well known because of his star wife, named Toni. Dave worked as an actor and drummer but his wife was profitable to survive longer in the entertainment industry. Also, she was able to gain more prestige from the media than her husband.Dave Galafassi bio

Dave Galafassi bio and his wife named Toni Collette

Dave Galafassi bio as well as Toni’s are still together in a marital relationship.

Dave Galafassi bio’s wife named Toni Collette is a multiple award-winning Australian actresses. She is widely known for her role in the movie The Sixth Sense (of the year 1999). She first started her career in the year 1990 by making a guest manifestation in a drama series named Seven Network: A Country Practice. Later, she began getting many opportunities as well as was able to be one of the most outstanding Australian actresses.

Dave Galafassi bio as well as Toni Collette’s Marriage

The beautiful star pair tied the knot on January 12, of the year 2003, in the presence of their friends and family. They exchanged the vows at Broughton, named Berry in Toni’s house. At their nuptials, there were stunning fireworks along with vegetarian banquets. They attended the Buddhist marital rituals which went on for a week.

Toni following the traditions, wore a gorgeous gown inspired by Collette Dinnigan with a long veil while the aisle was filled with rose petals as well as the guests held the flowers.

There were 80 guests at the marriage encompassing some famous names such as filmmakers Nash Edgerton and actor Kick Gurry. Since then their bond is getting stronger as well as calling them the most romantic as well as a loving couple wouldn’t be an understatement.Dave Galafassi bio

How Did They First Meet?

They first came across each other in the year 2002 at a restaurant in Sydney while he was performing as a drummer for his band Gelbison. During that time, Dave Galafassi bio was an up-and-coming drummer. Later, they again met each other at a barbeque party.


According to Toni, she was already dramatic with Dave as well as when he kissed her cheek, she thawed right away. She further expressed,

He kissed me on the cheek as well as I just kind of melted,’ I only liked to drop in on the party for ten minutes but came out waiting for 12 hours

Their meetings slowly started flourishing as well as soon they began dating and the rest is history.

Do They Have Kids Together?

The duo is the parents of two beautiful kids. Dave and Toni welcomed their first kid on January 9, of the year 2008, in the place of Sydney. They named their daughter named Sage Florence Galafassi.

Dave Galafassi bio’s kids

Dave is the father of two beautiful kids.
Three years later, the celebrity pair gave birth to their second child named Arlo Roberts Galafassi on 22nd April of the year 2011.Dave Galafassi bio

The Secret Behind Their Profitable Wedding

Toni discloses that she feels very lucky to be with her husband Dave. The pair has shown the world that the secret behind a successful marriage is understanding as well as support towards each other. Despite people sometimes mocking him for walking in his wife’s shadow he has always been confirmational of her.

As we all know that he was a drummer while his wife was a lead singer in the same band. Several people fallaciously take Dave as being under his wife’s shadow. However, Dave has always been calm as well as supportive towards his wife as well has not reacted much to this topic.

Furthermore, as per one of the articles from Dailymail, Toni also disclosed that her husband has watched all the sex scenes from her work as well as he has always been professional regarding it. She also mentioned that he praised her saying that one of the sex-scene was her best work on screen.


Dave Galafassi bio once Experienced a Dreadful Accident

In the year 2019, Toni revealed that her husband Dave had a dangerous accident during Christmas. His wife dealt a picture with six emergency vehicles on her social media where she clarified that her husband is regaining from a serious motorbike accident. Thankfully, the medical team was able to save his life as well as he recovered from his injuries.Dave Galafassi bio

Is Dave Galafassi bio Available on Social Platforms?

Dave is not available on the social media platform like Twitter, Instgram etc. However, his wife is quite available on her social accounts. She even gives updates regarding her family through her social media handle.

What is Dave Galafassi bio’s Net Worth?

The celebrity partner has been able to amass a good amount of fortune throughout his journey. Dave Galafassi’s rated net worth is around $2 million. He has been able to gather this good amount of fortune through his acting as well as a musical career.



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