David Lemanowicz

David Lemanowicz is a Canadian ice hockey athlete and has attained a decent personality as a sportsman. Nonetheless, David is mainly well-known as the spouse of a famous American celebrity, television character, and model whose name is Jill Wagner.

A few years into a healthy married life, David Lemanowicz also has a kid with his spouse. Apart from Jill Wagner, David Lemanowicz has been in a worthless married life with his first wife Gina as well.

Well, in this article we are getting on to inform you the explanation for David Lemanowicz’s worthless married life in the past and his career life at present. Also, learn David Lemanowicz’s height, age, net worth, career & many more things.

Bio of David Lemanowicz

David Lemanowicz, a Canadian Ice Hockey athlete was born on the 8th of March in 1976, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. However David Lemanowicz holds Canadian nationality, David Lemanowicz’s family reportedly shifted from Poland.

If we talk about David Lemanowicz’s education, David Lemanowicz took his college education at the college of Toronto, where David Lemanowicz attained a degree in worldwide Relations. David Lemanowicz also got affected by Ice Hockey at the college and played for the University squad.

After some time when David Lemanowicz resigned from Ice hockey, David Lemanowicz recently entered the college of Texas-Pan American through the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) project. There David Lemanowicz earned his degree in Global Security.

Initial to obtaining David Lemanowicz’s Global Security degree, David Lemanowicz also briefly assembled the U.S. Army Reserve as Lt. David Lemanowicz, coming to be an American resident.

What Is the age of David Lemanowicz?

David Lemanowicz was Born on the 8th of March in 1976, David is 46 years old as of 2022.

Ice Hockey Career, David:

David Lemanowicz


David Lemanowicz got his main entrance in the Ice Hockey auditorium as a career back in the year 1995. Then, David Lemanowicz was recruited overall in the 218th rank to the National Hockey League by the Florida Panthers for the NHL Entry Draft. The next year in the year of 1996, David Lemanowicz played for the very first time for Spokane Arena.

David Lemanowicz conducted quite well with the team gaining more than 50 games and thus attained the Western Hockey league crown series.

The next season, David came to be a part of Florida’s farm club in the American Hockey League. Well, there David played ice hockey for the full three pro seasons after which David quit and entered the college of Toronto. While at the college of Toronto, David played for two seasons, also as a trainer.


After the fulfillment of David Lemanowicz’s education, David played for various teams for example:- Memphis River kings, Austin Ice Bats, Port Huron Border Cats, Laredo Bucks, Elmira Jackals, and Chicago Hounds as well.

After some years, in the year 2008, David quit Ice hockey as an athlete and ratified as a goaltending trainer with Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees.

The marriage Life of Jill Wagner and David began With a Tragic Love Story

The ice hockey athlete, David, and Jill Wagner tied the knot in April of 2017. The marriage procession of David was held at The Rose Hill Plantation in Nashville, North Carolina. While Jill Wagner is David’s second spouse, they are running a lovely marriage life as a duo. David and Jill Wagner got engaged in the year 2016.

David Lemanowicz

The most fascinating thing between David and Jill Wagner is that they were in a relationship for almost a lot of year before David and Jill Wagner tied the knot.

As per the media outlets, David and Jill Wagner joined back when Jill Wagner was only 17 years old in high school and David was only 20 years old and he was also an experienced ice hockey athlete. Nonetheless, after three dates, David and Jill Wagner’s love story had an unexpected end as David shifted to a varied site because of his proficient responsibilities.

Jill Wagner, on the other hand, started on with her examinations and ultimately followed a profession in Television, discovering an area in Ashton Kutcher’s “Punk’d.”

David Lemanowicz and Jill Wagner Met After some Years In Afghanistan

As destiny had it David and Jill Wagner met after almost 20 years in Afganisthan where David was deployed as a U.S Army in the year 2013. At the exact time, Jill Wagner, who has attained attention as a co-host of “Wipe-out” had traveled there for a “moral support” occasion for the armies.

Though they didn’t realize each other originally, David soon recalled and reached Jill Wagner. Well, at that time, they barely reportedly had a beverage before with no idealistic method as David was already in a marital relationship with Gina.

Proposal and Third encounter:

As destiny had it, David and Jill Wagner met again three years later in a cafeteria in Los Angeles in the year 2016 where David was attending to her daughter.

Although David had already gotten separated from his first spouse whose name is Gina, situations turned out otherwise between Jill Wagner and David. Their surprising and third encounter bloomed into a touching relationship. David and Jill Wagner have been in a relationship for almost three months before David exploded the topic in July of 2016.


Well, Jill Wagner declared openly the statement via a gorgeous Instagram picture. David & Jill Wagner Faced Fertility problems Before Greeting a Daughter

According to the people, Hallmark celebrity, Jill Wagner confronted fertility problems before Jill Wagner eventually gave birth to a daughter with her spouse David. But as Jill Wagner discussed with a fertility consultant, Jill Wagner found out she was certainly expectant. Talking about her pregnancy, Jill Wagner claimed,

My spouse, David, and I had been attempting for a long time and I finally quit worrying about it and brought about a meeting with a fertility consultant,” Jill Wagner added. “We certainly found out at the consultant’s clinic that I was already expectant. It was surprising, fearsome, and the most satisfactory emotion in the world all at one time!

David Lemanowicz

David greeted their first kid together on Friday of 17th of April in 2020, at around 12:36 p.m., in the Covid 19 epidemic. Well, the duo gave their child a nationalistic name that is Army Gray Lemanowicz, as Jill Wagner was conceived on the 4th of July.

David Lemanowicz Has a Daughter From a former Relationship

Army Gray Lemanowicz is not the only child of David. Rather David is the dad of one more kid whose name is, Lija, from his earlier relationship with Gina.

As of the year 2020, Lija is 10 years old and lives with her dad and stepmother Jill Wagner.

David Lemanowicz And Ex-Wife Gina’s Worthless Marriage life

Previous to Jill Wagner, David was in a matrimonial relationship with his ex-spouse, Gina. David and Jill Wagner got married back in the year 2005, but unfortunately, their relationship soon turned sour. The couple soon gets separated, nonetheless, they have not disclosed the exact explanation behind their separation.

Before getting separated, David and Jill Wagner lived jointly with their four puppies in Edinburg. David and Jill Wagner had reportedly greeted back in their university days in Toronto.


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