DENZEL WASHINGTON’S BIOGRAPHY: Denzel Washington is One of the most popular and well-known Actors and is Best Known for His Academy Award Winning film whose title is ‘Training Day’
Denzel Washington is born on the 28th of December in the year, 1954 (Capricorn). Denzel Washington was Born In Mount Vernon in New York in the United States of America.

He is an Academy award-winning celebrity, producer, and director who is very popular for his roles in the films whose titles are ‘Malcolm X’, ‘Glory’ and ‘The Hurricane’. As a celebrity, Denzel Washington is best known for his tendency for taking on challenging roles and characterizing them as ideal.

Growing up in an especially African-American suburb, young Denzel Washington had witnessed many of his colleagues take up the way of pills, violence, and crime. He is specific that he too would have ended up as his friends had it not been for his mom, a needy single parent, who sent Denzel Washington to Oakland Military Academy to memorize some discipline. Assumed to make something competent of his life, the man, Denzel Washington completed high school and studied journalism before embarking on an experienced acting career.

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He received his debut big breakthrough when he was selected to play the role of Dr. Philip Chandler in the NBC medical acting series whose title is, ‘St. Elsewhere’. He performed various small roles in movies before ‘Cry Freedom’ broadcasted in the year, 1987. His role is of anti-apartheid civil activist Steve Biko founded Denzel as a talented personality actor. More challenging roles were pursued and the actor, Washington went on to earn various Academy award selections, winning two of them. Denzel Washington often worked together with director Tony Scott and producer Jerry Bruckheimer.



Washington’s full name is Denzel Hayes Washington Sr., a Pentecostal official, and Lennis, a hairstylist. He has two brothers. He followed Pennington-Grimes Elementary School till the year, 1968. His mom and dad separated when he was only 14 years old and he started to get entangled in street violence. In proclamation to instill some discipline in Denzel Washington, his mom sent him to Oakland Military Academy. He went to Fordham University upon graduating from high school and attained a B.A. in Journalism and Drama in the year, 1977.

Adding more to Denzel Washington’s biography, he comprehended his love for acting after operating as a creative arts director at a summer center. Washington followed American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco, for only one year before returning to New York in the United States of America.

Career of Denzel Washington 


After getting featured in a few television programs and commercials, he made his feature movie debut in the year, 1981 with the comedy movie whose title is ‘Carbon Copy’. It was pursued by a television film, whose title is ‘License to Kill’ Released in the year 1982. Over the decade he got featured in many movies such that ‘Power’ released in the year, 1986, ‘A Soldier’s Story’ released in the year, 1984 and ‘The Mighty Quinn’ released in the year, 1989. Denzel Washington’s first big achievement came in the year, 1989 with the broadcasting of the drama war movie titled glory in which he played the role of Private Silas Trip. He gained many honors for this role.

He played the ownership role in ‘Malcolm X’ released in the year, 1992, a biographical motion movie directed by Spike Lee. He obtained an Academy award selection for his role as a Muslim African-American human rights activist. The decade of the year, 1990 was a very efficient period for the talented celebrity, Denzel. Adding more to Denzel Washington’s biography, he played the role of the lawyer whose name is Joe Miller in the drama movie whose title is ‘Philadelphia’ released in the year, 1993, which was one of the first Hollywood films to handle the problems like AIDS, homosexuality, and homophobia.

In the year, 1995, he got featured as Lieutenant Commander Ron Hunter in the movie whose title is ‘Crimson Tide’. The film was set in post-Soviet Russia during a period of political violence. It obtained favorable reviews from analysts. His’s most prosperous film of the 1990s was ‘The Hurricane’ released in the year, 1999 in which he played the role of Rubin Carter who is a boxer imprisoned for threefold homicide. Denzel Washington’s performance was highly appreciated and he gained many prizes. One of his most remarkable performances was as Detective Alonzo Harris in the crime drama, the title is ‘Training Day’ released in the year, 2001.

Adding more to Denzel Washington’s biography, he played the role of an enemy in this film and this was a role that received Denzel Washington significant appreciation and several awards. His other remarkable films of the 2000s comprise ‘Inside Man’ released in the year, 2006, ‘Antwone Fisher’ released in the year, 2002 and ‘The Great Debaters’ released in the year, 2007. One of his most recent movies is the one whose title is, ‘Flight’ released in the year, 2012, which revolves around the story of a problematic character whose name is William Whitaker, who is an airline captain battling alcoholism. He was selected for an Academy Award for this role.


Major Works of Denzel Washington
‘Glory’ released in a year, 1989 was a drama war movie that won Denzel Washington his first Academy Award. He performed the role of Private Silas Trip which was widely enjoyed by analysts and audiences. Washington played the role of an enemy in the critically praised movie whose title is, ‘Training day’ released in the year, 2001. The story dealt with narcotic pill detectives, and Denzel Washington received awards for playing a role that was very distinct from his basic roles

Denzel Washington’s Biography: Achievements and Awards 


Denzel obtained the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his role as Private Silas Trip in the war movie whose title is ‘Glory’ in the year, 1989. He gained the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role in the year, 2001 for his role as Detective whose name is Alonzo Harris in the crime drama whose title is ‘Training day’.

Legacy and Personal Life of Denzel Washington 

Denzel Washington tied the knot with Paulette Pearson in the year, 1983. Paulette Pearson and Denzel Washington have four kids. There were rumors of the couple divorcing a few years ago because Denzel Washington was in an affair with another lady. Nevertheless, the duo stays married to this day.

Adding more to Denzel Washington’s biography, he was given the title of The Sexiest Man Alive by People’s Magazine in the year, 1996.

A director, actor, producer, and filmmaker rolled into one Denzel Hayes Washington, Jr is one of the most popular and versatile celebrities in the Hollywood industry. Washington is the winner of two Academy Awards and three Golden Globe Awards and a Cecil B. DE. Mile Lifetime Achievement Award, Denzel Washington is very popular for playing real-life figures in his films. From playing the role of a football trainer to a fighter, and from a pill heavyweight to a writer, Denzel Washington has done it all and has the status of essaying his parts with panache. Apart from acting in movies, Denzel Washington has also got featured in various theatres and Television shows.


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