Deva Cassel bio

Deva Cassel bio is a French-Italian fashion model, a social media influencer, as well as an entrepreneur. Besides, Deva Cassel bio shot to fame as the daughter of the Italian actress as well as model, named Monica Belluci and French actor, Vincent Cassel.

Being born to parents from two various nations has helped Deva in the growth of her career. Despite being a celebrity child, the teenager has been able to make an a individuality on her own. At an early age, Deva Cassel bio has already worked with multiple modeling agencies as well as brands such as D&G, Dior, Muse, Vogue, and numerous more. Likewise, Deva is also the brand ambassador of Dolce Shine obeying in her mother’s footsteps.

So, what’s apart from her career? Is Deva Cassel bio in a a connection? What languages does Deva Cassel bio speak? Look into the subheadings below to find out regarding the fashion model, named Deva Cassel. Also, learn if she is into movies, regarding her siblings, parents, boyfriends, as well as other interesting facts.

Deva Cassel bio’s Wiki; What Is Her Age In the year 2022?

Born on September 12, of the year 2004, Deva Cassel is 17 years old as of the year 2022. Deva Cassel bio unlocked her eyes to her celebrity parents Monica Belluci and Vincent Cassel in the place of Rome, Italy. The teenager born and brought up in Italy belongs to the white ethnic group as well as holds Italian nationality. However, she traveled to numerous places in her early days, pursuing her mother and father, and is now resolved in Paris.

Now talking about the Instagram model’s academic qualifications, there is no knowledge about her educational background. But according to some reports, Deva Cassel bio has already graduated from one of the reputed colleges in Italy. The fact is yet to be substantiated though.

Deva Cassel is also a model heeding her mom’s footsteps

The celebrity kid is making her path through her career pursuing in her mom’s footsteps. At a very early age, she tasted success striding into the modeling profession.

Deva Cassel bio
Deva Cassel alongside her mom named Monica Bellucci,
Deva Cassel alongside her mom named Monica Bellucci, posing in Vogue Magazine
Source: Instagram
It all started when Deva Cassel bio uploaded her first reel on her Instagram on July 14, of the year 2020. She then was moved toward by many commercials as well as brand owners and got the spotlight overnight. Though the teenager hadn’t planned any of these, things kept plunging in place for her.

Now, Deva Cassel bio is a a well-known French-Italian fashion model, an Instagram star, a social media influencer, as well an entrepreneur. She is also a brand ambassador of Dolce Shine and has worked with many reputed brands such as Gabbana, Muse, Dior, D&G, Vogue, as well as more.

Who Is Deva Cassel bio’s Father As well as Mother? Both Of Her Parents Are Celebrities

As we spoke of above, she was born to the stars Monica and Vincent; they both are popular actors. Her mother is an Italian actress as well as a model who began her career as a fashion model. Later after modeling for reputed brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Dior, she joined into Italian movies.

Starring in the movies such as La Riffa (of the year 1991), Bram Stoker’s Dracula (of the year 1992), L’Appartement (of the year 1997), as well as more, she even made her route into American as well as in French movies afterward. Not only that, but she also won the Cesar Award for the most promising and beautiful actress.

Deva Cassel bio
Italian actress named Monica Ballucci and French actor Vincent Cassels

Deva Cassel’s Parents; Italian actress Monica Bellucci as well as French actor named Vincent Cassels
Source: PEOPLE

Similarly, her father is a French actor who shot to fame after his work in the movie La Hainne (of the year 1995). He has also received accolades such as Cesar Award in the year 2009 and the Canadian Screen Award in the year 2016 for his performances. Like his ex-wife, named Vincent too entered into Hollywood later after getting recognition in the French film industry.

Deva Cassel bio’s Parents Separated After 14 Years

The French actor as well as Italian actress after more than a decade called it resigns. The rumors regarding the former couple’s separation were already circulated before, however, they confirmed their divorce on 26 August of the year 2013.

As both Deva’s parents are in the media, the ex-pair first met on the set of the French movie “The Apartment” in the year 1996 and felt an instant connection. The one-time husband as well as wife then tied knots in the year 1999 after dating for about three years. But as things didn’t work for them in the latter days, they agreed to part ways inDeva Cassel bio

Having declared that, the teenager’s mom once spoke about loyalty to The London Times. She stated,

“Passion you can feel for the wrongest man you ever encountered. But that has nobody to do with a a profound partnership. In such a one, passion stays, but more important is confidence, respect, knowing a man is not just loyal in a sex way, but that they will be more important there for you. That is more significant than just loyalty.”


Even though it was the first wedding occasion of Vincent, he was the second husband of Monica. She was previously married to a great photographer, Claudio Carlos Basso for around six months (somewhere between 1984-1985).

Nonetheless, Vincent went on to marry his second wife Tina Kunakey on 24 August of the year 2018, after the divorce. Meanwhile, Monica was in a brief relationship with former model as well as French sculptor Nicolas Lefebvre but is single at present.

Deva Cassel bio’s Have Numerous Followers on Social Media Handles

Being a good social media star, she is active on almost all social platforms with thousands of followers. Even though she made her account only a number of years back, her features as well as talent have successfully attracted numerous people to her.Deva Cassel bio

The fashion model has an Instagram account by the name d.casseluxxi with a rising number of around 723K as well as 71 posts. Furthermore, her Facebook goes with her name Deva Cassel with around 6.1K followers, moreover, she is not much active on it, unlike other platforms.


What Is The Net Worth Of Deva Cassel bio?

Achieving both name as well as fame at an early age, Deva surely is living a great life. Working with various modeling agencies and brands, the 17-years-old is already a millionaire made of her own. She has amassed a calculated net worth of more than around $1 million and is on the way to making more.

On the other hand, her mother named Monica Belluci bio is too a multi-millionaire with a total fortune of around $45 million. Similarly, her father named Vincent Cassel has total assets of around $40 million.


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