Elizabeth Woods bio

Elizabeth Woods bio is an American businesswoman as well as a social personality who is more widespread as the mother of Heir Jordyn (aka Jordyn Woods). She is an American socialite as well as a model who has millions of followers on social media platforms.

Apart from being a businesswoman, she is also a mother to four kids. Elizabeth Woods bio was married to her ex-spouse when she welcomed her bundle of joys. However, the couple then singled out on good terms as their relationship didn’t work out. Later when her ex-hubby enacted away, she struggled as well as raise all of her kids on her own. So, what was the justification behind Elizabeth’s ex-husband’s death? What is she into these days? Where are her kids?

Read the piece below to find out about Jordyn Woods’ mom, named Elizabeth Woods bio’ age, birthday, husband, net worth, as well as many more. Stay with us till the end!

Elizabeth Woods bio Age, Early Life

Born on March 31, of the year 1970, Elizabeth Woods bio is 52 years old as of the year 2022. She was born as well as brought up by her parents in California. Moreover, she belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity as well as holds American nationality.

Despite being a social media star, Woods like to keep her emotional life away from the media. Maybe that is why she hasn’t divulged much about her early life, parents, as well as siblings.

However, we found that she enrolled at Wayne State University in Detroit, which is in Michigan, U.S.A. Elizabeth Woods bio then graduated from there achieving her bachelor’s degree in medicine. Yet, the date of her graduation is not indicated.

Elizabeth Woods bio Husband Passed Away Of Cancer: Is She Dating Now?

As of now, Elizabeth appears to be enjoying her single life as she hasn’t opened herself up about being immersed to anyone. Nevertheless, she was previously married to her husband named John Woods who was a television sound engineer. He used to work on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Unfortunately, he expired away of cancer on January 19, of the year 2017, just two weeks after the diagnosis.

Elizabeth Woods bio and her husband named John Woods

Elizabeth Woods bio with her ex-husband named John Woods
Source: veryceleb.com

As we spoke of earlier, the 52 years old doesn’t like to talk about her emotional life openly in public, thus the date of their marriage and the first meeting is still under wraps. Regardless, the former pair allegedly met in the 1990s and ultimately tied the knot after briefly dating. They later detached as things didn’t work out for them after becoming parents to four gorgeous children.

Elizabeth Woods bio Is The Mother Of Four Children

The social media influencer greeted her bundles of joy during her nuptials with her ex-hubby. Looking at how young as well as beautiful she is, nobody would say she already has given birth to four kids. She has two sons named John Woods III as well as Joshua Woods. Similarly, her daughters are Jodie Woods as well as Jordyn Woods.

All her baby boys as well as baby girls were lifted by her and are grown up now. They have already found their path at an early age and are all resolved in their professions. They are attaining for themselves with their mother’s support on the back.Elizabeth Woods bio

Elizabeth Woods bio, with her daughters named Jordyn Woods as well as Jodie Woods

Elizabeth Woods bio with her daughters named Jordyn Woods as well as Jodie Woods
Source: Instagram

Woods’ son Joshua is a professional tattoo artist while her other son John is a model. Likewise, both her daughters are widespread faces in the media with millions of followers. Jordyn is a socialite and model whereas Jodie is an entrepreneur as well as a brand ambassador for the clothing brand “pretty little thing.”

Jordyn Woods’s Mom Elizabeth Woods bio Had a different Profession

Elizabeth is a businesswoman as well as a media character who is also the proprietor of Mixed Image Media for nearly a decade now. She simultaneously also organizes to look after another company; Woods Management Group. As she is a single mom raising her children alone, she commenced working earlier in the year 2003 as well as explored many fields.Elizabeth Woods bio

Beginning from her first job, she was an estate manager in great Treyball Development from the year 2003 to the year 2007. She then in August of the year 2009 working with the authors of the book named Shades of Love. She attended there as a photographer, illustrator, as well as layout designer for a year until August of the year 2010.

The series of joining and resigning from the job was going on when she again entered Head 2 Heart as a computer consultant for 11 years. Her last job before beginning her own business was at Boujzee, Inc. She served as a Director of Business Development in the special company from the year 2013 to the year 2014.

Woods’ Daughter Is A Former Bestfriend Of Kylie Jenner

Woods’ little girls Jordyn as well as Kylie were best friends at one time. They used to be as close as sisters who was first instructed by Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith. Will Smith is a very good friend of Elizabeth, as well as his son, and is a mutual friend of Kylie as well as Jordyn.Elizabeth Woods bio

Elizabeth Woods bio’s Daughter Jordyn Woods is friends with great Kylie Jenner

Elizabeth Woods bio daughter named Jordyn Woods with her former best friend Kylie Jenner
Source: Cosmopolitan
Everything was going such as a fine wine until Jordyn Woods cheated on her best friend’s sister. Yes, Woods hooked up with Kylie’s sister named Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend named Tristan Thompson who also stakes a daughter with his girlfriend.

The one-time best friends broke up after the news of the two, “making out,” spread such as fire. Both families were on good terms but that special incident resulted the in the partition of years of friendship. On the contrary, according to PEOPLE, their friendship isn’t 100% over yet. The former besties have been texting each other though they haven’t met yet.


Elizabeth Woods bio Social Media Handles

The great celebrity mom is also a social media person who has thousands of followers on her Instagram. However, she is not active on any other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

The mom of four has an account under the name Elizabeth Woods on her Insta with 360K followers as well as more than 3K posts. Likewise, though she is not highly active on Twitter, she has one account @woodsmanagement with only 563 followers in it.Elizabeth Woods bio

Meanwhile, her daughter named Jordyn Woods has 12.6M followers on her Insta account by the name Heir Jordyn. Similarly, the other little girl has 1.4M followers as well as goes by the name Jodie Woods.


What Is The Net Worth Of Elizabeth Woods bio?

Elizabeth has accumulated good fortune throughout her career figuring her way out to stand in her place at the gift. She, as a model, social media influencer, and most of all businesswoman has successfully attained a lavish life for herself and her children.

Woods has a net worth of around $6 million and lives an extraordinary life. She is still making her career as well as looking after her kids and their career. The family of five resides in the place of California as well as has a friendly relationship with each other. The children call their mom “the best friend.


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