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Emily Cinnamon Alvarez is the daughter of Mexican professional boxer Canelo Alvarez. Cinnamon Alvarez and her father have been sighted together at several events in the past few months. The father-child relationship appears to be strong. There are four weight classes that her father has won big fights in, including light heavyweight and super-lightweight.

Emily was born when her father Canelo was just 17 years old in the year 2007. The father-daughter duo has a very close relationship with each other and is frequently seen together at several events. Emily Cinnamon Alvarez’s age is currently 15 years old in the year 2022. She was born in the year 2007. Emily celebrates her birthday in November but the exact date of birth is yet to be revealed.

Emily Cinnamon Alvarez’s

Physical Appearance: Emily Cinnamon Alvarez

Emily Cinnamon Alvarez is a beautiful and charming young child. She is currently 14 years of age. Her body measurements are bound to change as she grows mature. She has a fair skin tone and has black eyes and blonde hair. She is a very cute and beautiful girl child.

Personal Life: Emily Cinnamon Alvarez

The fact that Emily is only 14 suggests that she hasn’t had any romantic involvements yet. She is focused on her studies and is enjoying family life with her parents. As she is the daughter of a famous boxer everyone would want to be her boyfriend.


Emily Cinnamon Alvarez age

In 2024 Emily Cinnamon Alvarez will be eighteen years old. Her father has been extremely secretive regarding the specifics of her birth, even though he has been spotted with her on several occasions. Whatever the case, we can verify that she was born in Mexico on October 12, 2005.

Saul Alvarez and Karen Beltran, Emily’s parents, are both of Latin American descent. They are originally from Mexico, a nation in North America that borders the United States. Emily’s father, Canelo Álvarez, was born in Los Reyes, Michoacán, Mexico, but his family is originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, on July 18, 1990.

Alvarez, whose red hair earned him the nickname “Cinnamon,” was raised on his family’s farm and acquired the horseback riding skills that he still possesses today and has effectively passed down to his first kid, Emily. Out of eight children, seven of them were males, including Álvarez, the youngest, who went on to become a professional boxer.

The welterweight boxers Ramón Álvarez, Ricardo Álvarez, and Rigoberto Álvarez—a former WBA interim world champion—are among Emily’s uncles. Álvarez began boxing at the age of 13 after receiving encouragement from his older brother Rigoberto. In his amateur boxing career, he triumphed in 44 of his 46 bouts, taking home many national titles at the age of 15.

Parents: Emily Cinnamon Alvarez

Talking about her parents, Emily’s mother’s name is Karen Beltran. Her father is none other than Mexican boxer Canelo Alvarez. Emily’s parents dated for a while in high school but did not get married. Karen is known to be his first love. Canelo and Karen’s relationship led to the birth of their daughter Emily in 2007. However, the couple soon separated from each other. The father and daughter seem to be quite close and are often seen together in Canelo’s matches. Canelo has also played an important role while raising his daughter even after separation from Karen. 

Who is the mother of Emily Cinnamon Alvarez?

Karen Beltran is a well-known name for Emily Cinnamon Alvarez’s mother. Her most well-known role was as Canelo Alvarez’s ex-girlfriend. They had a brief romantic relationship that ended when their daughter Emily was born, right as Canelo Alvarez’s professional boxing career was taking off.

Some background information regarding Karen Beltran, Emily’s biological mother, is provided. Although not much is known about her biological parents, Blanca Alfaro Rodriguez is her birth mother, as we can affirm. Despite numerous claims claiming they are all from Mexico, there is no information available on her father or other family members.

Emily Cinnamon Alvarez mother

Living in peace in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, is Karen Beltran. It is unclear whether she is married or not, as well as whether she is in a relationship. Nevertheless, we can verify that Emily Alvarez is not the only kid of her. Karen Beltran is a proud mother of an 11-year-old son who she posts images of on social media.

The stunningly beautiful Latin American currently goes by Anny Beltran. The 33-year-old Mexican mother of two was born in Mexico on September 5, 1990. During her brief career as an actor, she was chosen to star in the Mexican film El Día de la Mesa. She currently has over 29k followers on Instagram and is an influencer there.


Emily Cinnamon Alvarez is too young to start her professional career. She is very focused on her studies at present. Talking about her father’s career, He has won multiple world championships in four weight classes from light middleweight to light heavyweight, including unified titles in three of those weight classes and lineal titles in two.

Net Worth

The net worth of Emily Cinnamon Alvarez is unknown. She is still a young girl who is intent on completing her schoolwork. Canelo’s net worth in 2020 is estimated to be around $140 million, according to Sporting News. With such a large fortune, her father can provide her with the best of everything.


Social Media

The 18-year-old is a frequent user of Instagram, where she posts pictures of her hobbies and horseback riding adventures. Emily updates her followers and admirers on all of the horseback riding competitions she has participated in. With over 2,000 likes on her uploaded photos and videos, she receives a lot of interaction from her online work.

She may utilize Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and other social media platforms to stay in touch with her fans and followers, but this is unclear. Whatever the case, Emily is enjoying a fascinating adolescence and is already an inspiration to a large number of similar kids, particularly those from Latin America.

Emily Cinnamon, a young person, enjoys riding horses.

Emily, who is only eighteen, is progressively establishing herself as an equestrian. Emily aspires to be as successful as her father. She puts a lot of effort into pursuing her goals, even though professional boxing is a more popular activity than equestrian riding.

It’s possible Emily chose a different professional route than her father. However, her father served as her inspiration for her love of riding horses. As was previously said, her father adores riding horses and was raised in a farmhouse. Emily learned her trade in Guadalajara, Jalisco, where she currently resides with her mother despite her father’s constant support.

Emily Cinnamon Alvarez's horse riding

Emily is still quite young, but she has already participated in competitions and won awards for her horseback riding skills. She has inspired a great deal of young people by showing them that when you fight for what you want, you can accomplish amazing things and obtain your goals no matter how hard they seem to be. She is pursuing the same path as her father.

Because of her race and origins, Emily Cinnamon experienced racial discrimination when she competed in a pre-university horse competition held in the United States. However, the incident did not stop a child like her, who has the unwavering love and support of her parents, Canelo Alvarez and Karen Beltran.

Emily Is Related to Four Half-Siblings in Total

Santos Saúl Álvarez Barragán is a well-respected professional boxer who has won numerous titles in different weight classes. He is also held in high regard for his love and care for the kids he has from his previous partnerships. According to reports, Canelo Alvarez has dated several well-known women from different social groups and occupations, some of whom he had children with.

She has three half-sisters from her father and one half-brother from her mother. Just like her, her father’s siblings benefit from his celebrity status. But she’s a bigger star than they are. Her involvement in equestrian riding has contributed to her increased notoriety. Her siblings are Saul Adiel Alvarez, Maria Fernanda Alvarez, and Mia Ener Alvarez.

Maria Fernanda Alvarez 

The date of Maria Fernandez Alvarez’s birth is December 28, 2017. The public is aware that the 6-year-old is the boxer’s second daughter. Before their 2017 wedding, Alvarez and Maria’s mother, Fernandez Gomez, had a lengthy relationship. She was the first well-known female figure to be romantically linked to the boxer.

When Maria was born, her parents’ relationship was going through a rough patch that ultimately resulted in their separation. Alvarez cheated on his second wife shortly before the birth of his child. He received harsh public criticism for his conduct, but in the events that followed, he would eventually get back together with her.

Saul Adiel Alvarez 

In 2019, Saul Adiel Alvarez was born. Saul, who bears his father’s name, is the offspring of Canelo Alvarez and Nelda Sepulveda’s brief union. Their brief one-year romance came to an end before they gave birth to Saul.

Canelo first saw Nelda as a business partner throughout their relationship. Given that she was reportedly an entrepreneur when they first started dating, it is said that Saul assisted her in financing her company. Eventually, the friendship turned into a romantic partnership. Not much is known about her current location.




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