Emma Rose Roberts

Emma Rose Roberts is an American Actress who is very popular for Her Role in the Television Series whose title is ‘Un-fabulous’, ‘Scream Queens’ and American Horror Story. Emma Roberts was born on the 10th of February 10 in the year, 1991 (Aquarius). Emma Roberts was Born In Rhinebeck in New York in The United States of America.

Emma Roberts is an American singer and actor. She is very popular for playing main roles in Hollywood films and television series. . Emma Roberts belongs to a family of distinguished celebrities. Her dad’s name is Eric Roberts. He is an Oscar-nominated celebrity, while Emma Roberts’s aunt name is Julia Roberts is an Oscar winner. Emma Roberts began acting when she was only nine years old, playing a role in the film whose title is Blow.

Nonetheless, she began taking over the spotlight only after being selected as an Addie Singer on the Nickelodeon television series whose title is Un-fabulous. While the series, Un-fabulous was a kids’ show, she also performed a few main roles in horror series, for example, Scream Queens and American Horror Story later in her career. However Emma Roberts has a studio album whose title is Unfabulous and More to her credit, Emma Roberts has set her singing career on hold to concentrate on acting.

Among her films, Emma Roberts is well-known for acting in Nancy Drew, Aquamarine, We’re the Millers, The Art of Getting By, Palo Alto, and Nerve. In the year, 2009, she was called the brand ambassador for Neutrogena. Emma Roberts was in an on-again, Emma Rose Roberts relationship with her Grown-up World co-star whose name is Evan Peters, before getting separated from him in March of year, 2019.


Emma Rose Roberts

Emma Rose Roberts was born on the 10th of February in the year, 1991, in Rhinebeck in New York in The United States of America (USA), to Eric Roberts and Kelly Cunningham. Emma Rose Roberts’s mom later tied the knot with a musician name Kelly Nickels. Emma Rose Roberts has a motherly half-sister whose name is Grace.

Her dad also got married again, and Emma Roberts also has two step-siblings from her step-mom whose names are Eliza Simons’ first marriage. Emma Roberts’s paternal family has been in the recreation field for a long time. Her grandmother whose name is Betty Lou Bredemus assisted as an acting trainer, while her aunts Lisa Roberts Gillan and Julia Roberts are celebrities.

Originally, her mom did not want an acting career for Emma Roberts. Nonetheless, spending a lot of time on movie sets, alongside her aunt Julia Roberts, made her enthusiastic about acting. She studied at Archer School for Girls in Los Angeles California in The United. She was then got admission to Sarah Lawrence College in September of year, 2011. Nonetheless, Emma Rose Roberts left the college within a few months to concentrate on her film projects


Emma Rose Roberts

In the year, 2001, Emma Rose Roberts began her acting career with the movie whose title is Blow. She performed the role of Kristina Jung who is the daughter of a cocaine smuggler and that role was played by Johnny Depp. In the following few years, she played a role in a short movie, got featured as an extra in one of her aunt’s films, and acted in two family movies whose titles, Spymate and Grand Champion. However the movie Spymate was shot in the year, 2003, and it was not broadcasted until a year, 2006.


Being cast as the main character in the Nickelodeon series whose title is Unfabulous in the year, 2004 was her big break. Emma Rose Roberts’s roles in the show attained her several award selections. In the year, 2005, Nickelodeon initiated her music career with an album titled Unfabulous and More. Emma Rose Roberts participated in the lyrics of a few songs and got featured in the music videos of her songs videos. The album attained the 46th spot on Billboard’s Top Heatseekers chart.

In the year, 2006, she was selected for the film whose title is Aquamarine alongside JoJo And Sara Paxton. In the film, Emma Rose Roberts sang the cover version of Weezer’s single, Island in the Sun. Emma Rose Roberts played a nominal role in the film Nancy Drew released in the year, 2007. While the movie did not obtain much acclaim from analysts, it did well at the box office. In the year, 2008, she performed another main role in the film whose title is Wild Child, and also got featured in the independent movie whose title is Lyme life.

In The same year, she spoke for the character of Wilma in the animated movie whose title is The Flight before Christmas. In The next few years, Emma Rose Roberts did a few comedy films, that are, It’s Kind of a Funny Story and Hotel for Dogs. In the year, 2010, she got featured in the teen action drama movie Twelve and got featured alongside her aunt Julia Roberts in the romantic comedy Valentine’s Day.

Around this period, Emma Rose Roberts also played a supporting role in the film whose title is Virginia which got broadcasted two-and-a-half years later. She played the role of Freddie Highmore in the romantic comedy The Art of Getting By in the year, 2011. In That same year, Emma Rose Roberts was also selected in her first horror film whose title is Scream 4. After this, she also worked on the horror TV series, that is Scream Queens and American Horror Story, getting a feature in two seasons each.

Emma Rose Roberts

The year, 2013, was a significant year for Emma Rose Roberts; she acted with Evan Peters in the film Adult World and got featured alongside Jennifer Aniston in the comedy movie whose title is We’re the Millers. Moreover, in The same year, Emma Rose Roberts’s performance in the film Palo Alto, which was based on James Franco’s short story collection of the exact name, obtained favorable reviews from movie critics. She went on to work in the film Nerve released in the year, 2016 with Dave Franco.


Emma Rose Roberts then came to be part of the American biographical crime drama movie, Billionaire Boys Club which broadcasted in the year, 2018. In the year, 2017 drama movie, Who We Are Now, Emma Rose Roberts played the role of Jess. She also spoke for the character of Wedgehead in the comedy animated movie whose title is, Ugly Dolls. In the year, 2019 fantasy drama movie whose title is Paradise Hills, she got featured as Uma. In The same year, Emma Rose Roberts was also selected to play significant roles in movies, that are, The Hunt and Holi date

Personal Life & Legacy of Emma Rose Roberts 

Emma Rose Roberts

Emma Rose Roberts began dating Chord Overstreet in April of year, 2011. Nonetheless, she and Chord Overstreet got separated twice within four months before eventually calling it quits. She began dating Evan Peters in the year, 2012. The next year, their relationship brought a horrible turn when she was charged with wounding Evan Peters during a hot argument. They ultimately worked on their situation and got married in March of year, 2014.

Nonetheless, they got separated in May of year, 2016, only to get back together in January of year, 2017. She was reportedly in a serious relationship with Christopher Hines in mid of the year, 2016. Their relationship ended as Emma Rose Roberts got back with Evan Peters.


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