Ernest Khalimov

If you are a meme lover, then you should have arrived across the “Gigachad” memes.

The physique of Ernest Khalimov went viral on civil media. Nonetheless, after some time, people started investing time to find out if “Gigachad” is a real person or just a digitally created personality.

It has been a few years since Gigachad memes made headlines, as well as we come to the year 2022, there has been a lot of evidence that benefits Gigachad’s validity. We got to know that Gigachad is a Russian model as well as a bodybuilder named Ernest Khalimov. But, what’s the truth? Is Ernest Khalimov the real Gigachad?

Let’s explore the biography of Ernest Khalimov aka Gigachad in today’s article. Let’s dig out information regarding his family, relationship, and much more.

Who is Ernest Khalimov? Is He the Gigachad Indeed?

Ernest Khalimov is a Russian model as well as bodybuilder who is most prominent as Gigachad. When it comes to the question of whether Khalimov is the Gigachad, there is no official information as of yet. Said that tons of websites have sincerely contended Ernest as Khalimov.

To talk regarding his birth details, there aren’t details about his birthday in the media. But at the exact time, some online sources have mentioned that Ernest Khalimov was born in the early 1990s. While on the other hand, some sources have stated that Gigachad has already crossed the 50 years mark. Meanwhile, if we take a see at his Instagram handle, it says berlin. in 1969, so we believe Khalimov was born in 1969 which brings his age 53 years in 2022.

Ernest Khalimov

Russian model named Ernest Khalimov, who is most prominent as Gigachad
Russian model Ernest Khalimov, who is most prominent as Gigachad
Ernest Khalimov is from Russia and he has been examining his career in his nation itself. the meantime, different people have said Khalimov has a Turkish background while some believe he is from Azerbaijan. However, in one of his social media posts, Ernest Khalimov illustrated that he doesn’t belong to so many nationalities, but German as well as Russian.

The Truth of Ernest Khalimov Being the Gigachad
How could be someone so perfect?

This was the most continual question that people asked after the Gigachad memes made headlines. Many of us thought that the photos were photoshopped for business purposes.

However, one tweet from Mark Meechan, a Scottish YouTuber, well known as Count Dankula back in April in the year 2020 brought a new twist. Dankula appeared to have been shocked to find out the truth regarding Gigachad.

“For the extended time I thought the gigachad meme was CGI or photoshop but it’s certainly a real dude lmao,” wrote Dankula in the caption. Here is the tweet.

For the lengthiest time, I thought the gigachad meme was CGI or photoshop but it’s certainly a real dude lmao

His name is Ernest Khalimov. That’s him on the right with all his brothers, all with matching chins.

But, many of Dankula’s followers retweeted saying the photos were partly photoshopped as well as Ernest’s girlfriend does it.

Ernest Khalimov

Ernest Khalimov is a Model for “Sleek and Tears”

Ernest Khalimov has been modeling for the Sleek and Tears company. We can see several photos of him on an Instagram account named Berlin in the year 1969. The account has a total of around 28 posts and has already boasted 925k followers as of June the year 2022.


Meanwhile, Sleek and Tears also have an Instagram account which is organized by Krista Sudamalis. The account features photos of several models, encompassing Ernest Khalimov’s. Looking at those photos, we can safely say that a lot of editing work is conducted before posting them online.

Gigachad is a model for Sleek as well as Tears company

Ernest Khalimov aka Gigachad is a model for Sleek as well as Tears.

After glimpsing these photos, we can say that some sort of photoshop editing pertained to Gigachad’s photos as well. Who knows Khalimov might not look like what he seems on social media and in memes.

Ernest Khalimov Died? Know About His Accident

We frequently come across death rumors of celebrities. Stars like Bill Cosby, Will Smith, Kanye West, and Dwayne Johnson have been gossiped to be dead so many times. In the same fashion, Gigachad Ernest Khalimov was also gossiped about being dead back in April 2021.

Ernest Khalimov

At the time, it was rumored that Ernest Khalimov met a car accident where he lost his life, nonetheless, there are no such official reports of him meeting an accident. Even though the rumors stretch on the internet pretty fast, people felt reluctant to think about the rumors.


Meanwhile, the social media account has some recent posts starring himself. So, we can safely say Gigachad is doing well and has been energetically pursuing his modeling career as of the year 2022.

What About His Love Life? His Girlfriend in 2022

Despite Khalimov’s presence on social media, he hasn’t ever talked about his love life as well as girlfriends. However, many online sources have stated that Gigachad has been dating Krista Sudamalis, the girl who governs Sleek and Tears’ Instagram account.

Ernest Khalimov

Gigahad, Ernest Khalimov with his apparent girlfriend, named Krista Sudamalis

Khalimov as well as his alleged girlfriend Krista Sudamalis is a digital creator
Moreover, some fans have also stated Krista as Ernest Khalimov’s girlfriend time and again. But, there is no official information regarding Khalimov and Sudamalis being girlfriend-and-boyfriend.


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