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Eve Chilton Weinstein is an American star spouse most popularly known as the ex-wife of Harvey Weinstein. Her ex-husband is a past film producer and co-founder of the entertainment company Miramax. He has also been condemned for several sexual misconducts.

Well, Eve Chilton and Harvey married in 1987 and were together for over a decade prior they finally divorced. Moreover, the former couple also had three kids from their marital relationship. It has now been years since Eve’s split with Weinstein. So, where is she now? Is she married currently?

In this article, we are going to speak about her career, earnings, net worth, & much more. Let’s start.

Eve Chilton Weinstein Is From A Good Family

Eve Chilton Weinstein, initially Eve Chilton was born on September 1st, in the year 1955, in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. Presently, she is 67 years of age. She is the daughter of a father named Tom Weinstein and a mother named Maude Chilton.

Well, as we said, Eve Chilton comes from a wealthy family and had a good childhood. Both her parents were successful law businessmen, as well as investment advisors, who had clients across Boston, Nantucket, & Vineyard areas.

Furthermore, her grandfather Edmund Randolph was the first attorney general of the United States, whereas, her great-grandfather was the producer of the first-ever global law firm named Hunton as well as Williams.

Not only this, but her family also has federations with some prestigious clubs encompassing The Country Club in Brookline, which is in Massachusetts.

Eve Chilton

Eve Chilton Weinstein Is the First Wife Of Harvey

As we said, Eve Chilton was wedded to the infamous film producer named Harvey Weinstein. The former husband and wife married in the year 1987, in a gorgeous wedding ceremony.

Eve Chilton Weinstein With Her Ex-Husband named Harvey Weinstein

Eve Chilton Weinstein With Her Ex-Husband named Harvey Weinstein

The duo met for the first time in the year 1986 when she worked as an assistant for Harvey at Miramax. Well, as destiny had it, their meeting soon turned into a love affair and they started dating. It was just after a year of dating the former love birds agreed to walk down the aisle.

Unfortunately, things between the two didn’t work out ultimately. After being married for over 15 years, they separated in the year 2003. Their divorce was finalized a year later in the year 2004. Unfortunately, they never disclosed the precise reason behind their split.

Eve Chilton


She Has Three Children With Harvey

From her marriage with Harvey, Eve Chilton became a mother of three children, named Lily Weinstein, Ruth Weinstein, as well as Emma Weinstein. Their eldest daughter Lily was born on February 20, in the year 1995. Likewise, their second child Emma was born on February 2, in the year 1998, whereas the freshest of all Ruth was born on October 31, in the year l2002.

Well, despite being a celebrity kid, all her daughters have kept themselves away from the spotlight owing to all the controversy encircling their father Harvey.

Apart from that, the kids are all raised and happy in their life. They also clearly share a good relationship with both their parents.

Eve Chilton Weinstein’s Second Marriage

In case you didn’t know, Eve Chilton has been married double. After her split from Harvey, she moved on to marry a new man and her now-husband, named Sal Martirano.

Though the now-husband as well as wife kept their wedding ceremony completely away from the media and have not disclosed when precisely they tied the knot. That said, Eve Chilton and Sal are together for a while now and live a low-key life in New York City together.

Eve Chilton

Eve Chilton Weinstein With Her Husband named Sal Martirano

Eve Chilton Weinstein With Her Husband named Sal Martirano

Also, they have not greeted any kids together and they don’t seem to have any plans either.

On the other hand, Eve Chilton’s ex-hubby also married for the second time to an English fashion designer as well as actress Georgina Chapman. They married in the year 2007, but Chapman declared her separation from him on October 10, in the year 2017, following his sexual harassment accusation. The divorce was confirmed in July of the year 2021.

Eve Chilton’s Ex-Spouse Refused To Pay Her Child Support

Years after dividing from Harvey, Eve, in the year 2017, sued him for around $5 million. She claimed that Harvey has quit paying her the child support saying he would lose all his money during his court battle.

Unfortunately, the judge named Michael Katz ruled in Harvey’s favor, despite her multiple requests. Just for a fact, the support money reportedly encompassed around $1.4 million in child support, $500,000 for college, around $500,000 for healthcare, & over $124,000 for statutory as well as other expenses.

Eve Chilton


Eve Chilton’s Ex-Husband Harvey Was Convicted Of Sexual Crimes

Harvey Weinstein became a subject of huge controversy back in the year 2017. He was impeached for sexually harassing, assaulting, or raping several women according to The New York Times.

Well, on February 24, in the year 2020, Eve Chilton was sentenced to one count of criminal sexual assault in the first degree as well as one count of rape in the third degree by the jury.

As a result, Eve Chilton was accused with 23 year of jail sentence at Rikers Island in the place of New York City.

What Is Eve Chilton Weinstein’s Net Worth?

Coming from a wealthy family background as well as a former wife of Harvey Weinstein, Eve has undoubtedly lived an expensive life. Though there are no precise details regarding her wealth, her net worth is anticipated to be easily in the millions.

Besides, her ex-spouse is hugely wealthy with a net worth of around $25 million, as of the year 2022. He reportedly paid a divorce settlement of around $20 million to his second wife named Georgia.

She Also Owned An Apartment for around $23 Million

Harvey Weinstein’s first wife Eve Chilton reportedly auctioned her 5,500 square-foot apartment at 88 Central Park West for around $23 million. The house arranged at 88 Central Park West reportedly starred 5 bedrooms and a half bathrooms.

She reportedly sold the house soon after her divorce from Harvey and chilled out with her new husband named Sal.



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