Faye Maltese

Faye Maltese was a celebrity spouse who came to the spotlight after her marriage to a retired American actor as well as novelist, Gene Hackman.

Her husband is also a champion of two Academy Awards, four Golden Globes Awards, one Screen Actors Guild Award, two BAFTAs, as well as one Silver Bear. Sad to say, but, the star’s wife named Faye has already departed this world.

Faye Maltese as well as her beau celebrated their marital relationship for almost three decades. Despite the strong bond and such a long-term association, the duo then separated ways.

Yet, the retired couple was proud parents of three children during their marriage. She was the first wife of Gene Heckman who was with him since the time of his endeavoring period in acting.

Even though the husband-wife were with each other in every up as well as down in life, things later didn’t recede in line for the two. So, Hackman took off to tie the knot with his following bride named Betsy Arakawa.

The pair is still together albeit with an age hole of around 30 years. So, did Gene Heckman’s ex-wife too marital after separation? What was the explanation behind Faye as well as her ex-husband’s divorce?

Enlist in the article below to find out everything about Gene Hackman’s ex-wife named Faye Maltese.

Who Was Gene Hackman’s First Wife named Faye Maltese?

The Golden Globe Award winner’s first wife named Faye Maltese was a New York native. She was born in Faye Philippa Maltese which is in the United States of America in the year 1929.

Moreover, the celebrity’s wife held American nationality as well as belonged to mixed ethnicity because she was from an Italian family.


As Faye Maltese shot to fame only after her marriage, not much of her information regarding her early years is accessible. However, we have found that she worked in a New York Bank as a chemical bank secretary back then to help her family.

Faye Maltese As well as Her Ex-Husband named Heckman Had Love At First Sight
As we mentioned previously, Faye Maltese’s ex-spouse wasn’t famous when she came across him.

He was just 25 years old as well as was in the military. However, Maltese was then a secretary at a bank in Rockefeller Center. She met him at a Y.M.C.A. in the place of New York in the year 1955.

Faye Maltese as well as her ex-spouse Gene Hackman

Faye Maltese and her ex-spouse named Gene Hackman;
The ex-duo immediately pertained at their first meeting and without a due, started dating. Faye and her boyfriend-turned-husband Heckman were in a romantic relationship for nearly a year. Eventually, the then-boyfriend and girlfriend agreed to make their union official by tying knots.

Faye Maltese

Additionally, the former couple walked down the aisle in the year 1956. They fixed a private wedding ceremony among their close friends as well as family members.

During their nuptials, the retired husband and wife became parents to three children; one son as well as two daughters. They named their son Christopher Allen Hackman and daughters named Leslie Anne Hackman and Elizabeth Jean Hackman.

Faye Maltese As well as Gene Heckman’s Divorce After 30 Years of Marriage
Maltese’s ex-hubby, at the time he was married, was struggling to become an actor. He left his military job as he always realized he liked his career in acting.

Accordingly, he began acting classes at Pasadena Playhouse. Even though Maltese’s former beau wasn’t verified in his profession, she stood by his side working in a bank and benefiting their family.

Maybe it was because he wanted the recognition and money then, he devoted all his time to getting success. Faye’s mate became so ambitious that he only concentrated on his job despite he had a family.

According to sources and reports, the actor said,

Faye Maltese

You become very greedy as an actor. Even though I had a family, I took jobs that would segregate us for three or four months at a time. The temptations in that, the money and distinction, it was too much for the poor boy in me.


Well, the actor’s high intentions and the fact that he could assign time for his wife and family became the reason for the conclusion of his courtship with his ex-spouse.

The mother of three Faye however managed to stay with him for 30 years but couldn’t carry longer. They ultimately separated in the year 1986, regardless, didn’t give any statement behind the reason for their separation.

Did Faye Maltese Marry Again After Her Divorce?

No, there was not any information of Faye Maltese being committed to anyone after her separation from her ex-partner. We can say she completely shut down from the spotlight until her death in the year 2017.

Faye Maltese

Faye Maltese’s Ex-Spouse Gene Hackman with his second wife named Betsy Arakawa
Faye Maltese’s ex-husband Gene Hackman with his second wife named Betsy Arakawa

On the other hand, her one-time spouse went on to exchange vows with his second wife named Betsy Arakawa; who is 30 years younger than him. The pair were wedded in the year 1991 as well as have a house in the place of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Gene Hackman is still married to her.

Faye Maltese death

Faye Maltese shut down her eyes forever on April 26, in the year 2017. at the age of 88 years old. Her death left her family as well as fans heartbroken.

Since there were no reports of her disease or any accidents, she might have died of normal death. Nevertheless, neither her family nor her former spouse has talked anything regarding it.

Where is Faye’s Ex- Mate named Gene Hackman Now?

The Academy Award winner retired from his profession in the year 2004. He has taken a leave from social media and is living a low-key life currently. He has now a good connection with his children as well as his now-wife also is near to them.

Faye Maltese

Faye’s Maltese ex-husband as well as her children


Faye Maltese’s ex-spouse Gene Hackman as well as their children; Christopher Anne, Leslie Anne, as well as Elizabeth Jean
The 92-years-old wants to live his continuing days in peace and hence, is living at his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. However, he is allegedly periodically marked running around town on his e-bike.

Faye Maltese’s Net Worth

Since Faye Maltese used to work in the bank, she must have received a good amount of money back then. However, her exact earnings haven’t been published yet.

Meanwhile, her ex-husband named Gene Hackman has amassed a net worth of around $80 million through his thriving career as an actor as well as a novelist.



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