FIFA chief: FSG and Liverpool hope of major football reform

Source: Liverpool

FIFA chief hints at the biggest reform that may happen in recent Football scenario. Fenway Sports Group, aiming to keep pace and challenge the likes of Manchester City has been one of their biggest tasks.

Working within the regions of the business strategy that they began a decade ago at Anfield, where net transfer spend falls well below that of their foe due to the nature of FSG’s player trading model. The challenges with finding directions to compete with those who spend more have been big.

Coming from a background of American sports ownership. Where there are more mechanisms in place to try and build some kind of competition throughout their professional leagues through salary caps and luxury taxes. It is something that FSG would like to see further elements of in football.

A portion of their motivation for joining the doomed European Super League was, after the huge financial numbers that were on offer. The opportunity to implement a more American model when it came to football, where there were two aspects in place to allow for competition to live among the founding 15 clubs year after year. With a cap on earnings to 55 percent of revenues.

The Super League was shoved into touch as nine of the clubs involved from the original 12. They committed to it started to step away from an opportunity that became more harmful with each passing hour before. Just 48 hours after it was announced, the plot veered to dust in one of the most discomfiting incidents in recent football history.

Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Juventus remain defiant that they are sticking to the plan, but with the first two, in particular, had been in desperate need of the money that would have been forthcoming from the Super League to solve their choking debt problems it is no real shock that they are clutching on in hope.

The nine clubs who returned to the bosom of UEFA signed up to a treaty earlier this week that put a stay to the Super League chatter on their behalf, at least for now. Should any of the nine form part of another breakaway plot in the future then there would be severe economic penalties to pay of €100m and further penalties relating to their future participation in the Champions League.

FIFA and UEFA : a sign of relief 

For UEFA and FIFA they have been able to breathe a sigh of relief. Something that would have given a challenge to their competitions (FIFA) and revenue streams has been kicked into the extended grass.

But it hasn’t deciphered the problems that exist at the very top of football across Europe. Where wages proceed to rise at a shocking rate at the same time that the debt among the top clubs crawls into the billions.

Financial Fair Play hasn’t served, with three of the four Champions League semi-finalists from this season’s competition. Because of having investigated for breakings of FFP in recent seasons.


Transfer fees have risen, as to have wages and the gap between the haves.

FSG knows that they have to enable Liverpool to fight, but they also want that to be in the confines of their very American model.

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FIFA president Gianni Infantino said that change may come soon but when and how it’s not certain.


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