Francesca Hetfield bio

Francesca Hetfield bio is a former costume manager for the heavy metal band, Metallica. She is also best known as the wife of the band’s frontman, named James Hetfield. Hetfield has been married to the heavy metal rockstar, named James since the late 90s; concurrently they are also parents to three children.

Francesca Hetfield bio as well as her longtime partner, James Hetfield are quite a private couple. The couple despite being together for so many years and often the topic of discussion among metal fans as well as others has rarely seemed for interviews or any public events. Tomasi, nonetheless, happens to be one of the most important people in James Hetfield’s life; something that the Master Of Puppets singer has acknowledged himself numerous times. He credits her for the man he’s developed to be.

Read more regarding the Argentinian-born American former wardrobe manager, named Mrs. Hetfield in the rundown below; know all about her history, how she came to be James’ wife as well as her existing line of work.

Francesca Hetfield bio Came From A Family Filled With Macho Men

She was born Francesca Tomasi in Rosario, which is in Argentina in Jan of the year 1970. She belongs to the Argentine ethnicity as well as has American nationality.

Nothing much regarding the Grammy winner’s wife’s early life or family has been put into words. James, however, during an interview with Independent, in late the year 1997, disclosed his wife, Francesca Hetfield bio came from a macho family where the men in her family stressed their dinner on the tables.

In light of that, Hetfield at the time also told his spouse had a rather difficult time revising to her American artist husband in the advent.

Francesca Hetfield bio Grew Up In Colorado

Although she was born in Argentina, which is in Francesca has been reported to have grown up in Vail, which is in Colorado.

The now 52 years old, Francesca Hetfield bio is also reported to have gone to Overland High School, which is in Colorado from where she graduated in the year 1988.

James Alan Hetfield wife Francesca Hetfield bio.

Downey-born heavy metal singer, James Hetfield with his wife as well as the mother of his three kids, named Francesca Hetfield.

She specifies the place at the base of Vail Mountain as her hometown. Francesca reportedly has also lived in the place of Aurora, Co.

Her parents further are rumored to have resided in Rosario, which is in Santa Fe, Mexico.

What Does Francesca Hetfield bio do? 

As mentioned, Francesca Hetfield bio, in the past, was an ordinary costume designer for her husband’s band, named Metallica.

As for now, nonetheless, it is only up to the insiders as to what the blonde Latina has been doing when it comes to her skilled front.

Some suggest she is largely busy helping her husband, James with the behind-the-scenes works of Metallica.

Francesca Hetfield bio Relationship With James Hetfield; When Did They Meet Each Other? 

Tomasi wedded the speed metal artist, Hetfield in mid-Aug of the year 1997. They allegedly met around the year 1992 after which they dated for five years before tying the knot in the year 1997.


When she met the ESP guitar endorser, Francesca at the time used to help at Metallica’s wardrobe bureau on tour.

James Hetfield Francesca Hetfield bio three kids.

52 years old Francesca Hetfield in the middle, with her three kids as well as her husband and Metallica frontman, named James Hetfield. Getty

After the marriage, the pair would become parents to three children. They had their first child, named Cali Tee Hetfield in June of the year 1998, then Castor Virgil Hetfield in May of the year 2000, as well as Marcella Francesca Hetfield in Jan of the year 2002.


When their kids were still young, Francesca Hetfield bio as well as the Enter Sandman singer used to live on the latter’s 500-acre spread in San Rafael, which is in California.

The family now reportedly lives in San Francisco, which is in California.

James Once Said He And His Wife Francesca Hetfield bio Are Equal In Their Home 

James is an artist who sings in way over authoritative as well as manliest voice. He, nonetheless, in the year 1997 while talking to Independent UK revealed everything in his household, between him as well as his wife, named Francesca was very 50/50.

Hetfield told his partner just didn’t belong to the kitchen only, barefoot as well as pregnant. The Sad But True singer indicated he also didn’t belong to garage mending whatever he as a man was presumed to.

Francesca Hetfield bio

James told the mother of his kids nonetheless liked going to the garage morally out of her income. The Kill Em All artist believes everyone should be dealt with equally.

James Tells His Wife, Francesca Is The Most Amazing Wife

She Helped Him Get Rid Of His long Alcohol Addiction

James rarely talks about his wife as well as kids but when he does remember them, the Downey-born singer has always thanked and admired them, particularly his longtime partner and wife, named Francesca.


During his interview with Metal Head Zone in March of the year 2018, James told,

My wife, named Francesca Hetfield bio, has been the most amazing person in my life. She has jogged the big waves with me. We have gone through some extremely hard things as well as come out stronger.

Francesca Hetfield bio

The 59 years old further expanded how Francesca Hetfield bio stuck with him through all the hell. He also disclosed when he fulfilled her he knew then and there that she came into his life to help him out of the hell hole he was in. And the thrash metal singer told she did recoup him.

James also told how at times Francesca Hetfield bio stood up for the household and told him that he had got to get out of the house as well as got to get himself together.

The now 52 years old Argentinian born Colorado native Francesca Tomasi Hetfield with her husband as well as longtime partner,

Hard rock singer from the band Metallica, James Hetfield with ex-wardrobe manager as well as his wife, named Francesca Hetfield bio.

Francesca Hetfield bio

Francesca Hetfield bio warned him by warning him how she wasn’t going to accept herself and her kids to him if he began again to be an alcoholic.


In the past, Hetfield had difficulty with alcohol dependence for years. The ex-Leather Charm member disclosed it during an interview with Joe Rogan on The Joe Rogan Experience.

He eventually got rid of his habit after marrying into a rehab program as well as starting his total abstinence from it in the year 2001.

Years later, the Gibson Explorer user would relapse and once again check himself into rehab in the year 2019. Because of this, Metallica also had to repeal their Australia/Newzealand leg of the WorldWired Tour that year.

Once while talking to NPR’s Fresh Air, James told Francesca that also enabled him to mature. She in addition also taught him to govern his bad temper more constructively.

Francesca Hetfield bio

Francesca Hetfield bio net worth 

For someone who is deemed one of the greatest metal vocalists of all time and the producer of numerous hits, Francesca’s husband is undoubtedly rich. His more than around $300 million net worth, beyond any doubt, ranks him among the affluent artist.

In addition to nine-figure wealth, Hetfield is also the owner of numerous massive properties across the states. What’s more, his possession also encompasses an art collection reportedly worth around $12 million. Despite the aforesaid discussed figures, Tomasi’s husband, named James, however, is still not the richest Metallica member. That title seemingly belongs to the band’s Danish-born drummer and co-founder, named Lars Ulrich who has a net worth of around $350 million.




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