Gonzo de Mondo

Gonzo de Mondo came to the limelight through the professional wrestler great Rebecca Quin (aka Becky Lynch). In numerous cases, you probably have seen someone being acknowledged through men. But, today here in this write-up you’ll find just the great polar opposite. Yes, Rebecca is the elder sister of great Gonzo. In acquisition to this, his brother-in-law named Seth Rollins is also a great professional wrestler.

This article has lots of interesting as well as untold facts, so don’t miss this golden chance to untangle everything about Gonzo de Mondo. Well, in this article we have comprised his age, early life, career, Instagram, net worth, as well as many more.

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Gonzo De Mondo Details On His Age, Early Life

As per the speculation, Mondo’s birthplace is Limerick, which is in Ireland. His little sister named Becky Lynch was also born there. Nonetheless, there isn’t any data on Gonzo de Mondo’s date of birth as well as age. Aside from this, Gonzo de Mondo’s real name is great Richy Quin.

Similarly, talking about his family background, nothing much is known aside from his father’s death. On March 11, of the year 2011, Gonzo de Mondo’s prominent sister named Becky mourned the demise of their father through her Instagram. The wrestler also came up with a great lengthy caption.

Gonzo de Mondo composed,

“My brother as well as I never second seconds doubt that he loved us unconditionally. He was proud of us no consequence what. Not for what we accomplished, but for who we were. The rest was just elements for my pops.”

Gonzo de Mondo with his family
Gonzo de Mondo’s with his father as well as sister.
Although the face/identity of their pops’ was indicated, they have never come ahead with their dad’s name. The same thing can be told when talking about their mother.

Gonzo de Mondo Is Incredibly Protective As A Brother

Like numerous younger sisters, Becky is also proud of having a brother in her life. Yes, while growing up, Gonzo truly protected his sister from bad surroundings. The pro wrestler told in an interview with The great Cybersmile Foundation.

Gonzo de Mondo was invited, have you ever been bullied so badly? If so, what was the situation as well as how did you overcome it? She answered yes, as well as also put in that her brother was able to handle as well as mediate the situation. She is neither on Facebook nor on Twitter.

Academics Qualification: How Educated Is Becky Lynch’s Brother?

As we told before, Gonzo de Mondo has a very secretive personality so his educational background is also unknown. Nonetheless, we do know that, in the year 2002, he went to a wrestling school ra un by a WWE star named Finn BHect, he also instructed them.

What Does Richy Do For A Living?

Gonzo de Mondo is reportedly a professional wrestler like his sister named Becky Lynch. In the initial phase of his great wrestling career, which is around ten years ago, Gonzo played a great match against JC Williams. On December 18, of the year 2005, a YouTuber with the account named BamKatrazOfficial, uploaded a video almost nine minutes long. The scope creator captioned the clip,

  JC Williams confronts the biggest challenge in his young career, as he seizes on the dangerous Gonzo De Mondo.

Let’s also check out the video cited below,

Nonetheless,  didn’t pursue a wrestling career like his sister. Talking about Becky’s WWE career, she began her professional career in the year 2005, after uniting the Canadian promotion SuperGirls Wrestling. It is an all-female wrestling as well as an offshoot of Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling (ECCW).Gonzo de Mondo

Gonzo de Mondo and his sister named Becky Lynch their a wrestling career together

Gonzo de Mondo great-sister sister used to watch wrestling more than anything
During the end of the year 2005, she also took part in All Pro Wrestling (APW)’s third ChickFight tournament, in Hayward, which is in California. Despite winning the first round, she finally lost the match against the winner named Mariko Yoshida. Then after, from the year 2013-15, she began working with WWE as well as relocated to Florida to document to their developmental territory NXT.

In between this year, her name into solved Becky Lynch. Gonzo de Mondo was previously recognized by the ring names Rebecca Knox as well as Komeera.

Gonzo de Mondo Aka Richy Worked As A Great Tag Team In Their Initial Wrestling Career

During the advent of their career, Gonze de Mondo as well as his sister named Becky’s fought together as a tag team. In fact, for some time, in their hometown in the place of Ireland, they even worked as a tag team. During that time, Becky choose to be recognized under the ring name Rebecca Knox. During an interview  with a great Irish Amea Rica, a wrestler named Becky told about her before days of training,Gonzo de Mondo

But if you liked to be a wrestler, you’d have to go off to England or America to train. It [Balor’s school] was about an hour as well as a half away from me. And it didn’t even have a ring at that point of time. We grappled for three months on just six blue mats on the floor in this tiny little auditorium at Saint Andrew’s national school. We’d go down there every Sunday as well as that’s how we understood, on the mats. We’d go across to England as well as do these summer centers where you’d train eight or nine hours a day in a gym. You’d doze on the mats in the ring or under the ring.”

Is Gonzo De Mondo Dating Anyone? His Relationship Status

Becky’s elder brother named Richy hasn’t said anything about his dating history or his recent relationship status. Meanwhile, as referred to above, till now, Richy Quin has not been noticed in any media interviews, or public places, where the online media could apprehend him.

Gonzo de Mondo’s Net Worth

Gonzo de Mondo’s whole income is still under media research. Becky, on the other, has a calculated net worth of around $4 million as of the year 2023. Her hard work in the wrestling industry has gained her fame as well as a hefty amount of money that is functional in her bank account.

Does Becky’s Brother Have Social Media Handle?

The celebrity sibling hasn’t been implicated in any sort of social media forum. Nicely, apart from his younger sister’s social media accounts, we couldn’t find any of his as well as his family members’ social media profiles.


Likewise, even the well-known Becky has preferred not to post any sort of portrayals or clips that instantly relates to her family or better yet her brother.Gonzo de Mondo

What Is Gonzo De Mondo Doing Nowadays?

The areas realized thanks to his famous sister. Although altthewell-known one-known, Becky, has a very eye catchy profession, when it arrives to her elder brother, it stays a mystery.


Henceforth, what Gonzo de Mondo does as of the year 2023, will be only understood if anyone from his family member, or himself divulges it to the media.


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