Grace Fan DeVito

Grace Fan DeVito comes from a family of celebrated actors. As the daughter of Taxi and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star named Danny DeVito as well as Cheers actress named Rhea Perlman, Grace Fan DeVito has a solid institute to dabble in the world of acting. The middle child of the power couple has chosen the various side of the entertainment industry as Grace is a budding producer. She has reached limited producing gigs in both movies as well as TV series.

Besides, there are reports that Danny DeVito’s daughter is now investigating the world of art too. Well, here are some untold facts regarding film producer Grace Fan DeVito encompassing her life as a single mother to a child and much more.

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Grace Fan DeVito Wiki, Age and Early Life

Grace Fan DeVito was born on 25th March in the year 1985, in the place of United States of America. Her age is 36 as of the year 2022. She is the daughter of one of the lasting Hollywood couples Danny, who was put forward Catholic, and Rhea, who is Jewish. The duo who pertains to two different faiths raised all of their children, commemorating the major festivals of both religions.

The Cheers star told the great Los Angeles Times in the year 1998,

We do all the holidays to keep the traditions as well as the culture going, but I don’t have a great feeling about any specific organized religion, and I don’t think it’s right to assess one on my kids. I feel like I’m giving rise to them up to be decent people, and that’s what it’s regarding.

Needless to remark, Grace Fan DeVito is incredibly close with her mom as well as her dad. She can be seen with her parents on several occasions, accompanying premieres and events. Back in May in the year 2019, the film producer was seen at the premiere of Poms with her mom as well as sister.

Similarly, along with her brother and mother, Grace Fan DeVito also appeared together at the premiere of Dumbo in the year 2019 to supper her dad named Danny, who fiddled the role of Medici in the project.

Grace Fan DeVito

Grace Fan DeVito’s Parents

Danny and Perlman started dating in the early of the year 1970s. The two were in a relationship for various years before they tied the knot in Jan in the year 1982. Throughout their relationship, they helped on a handful of movies as well as TV shows.

Nonetheless, their long-time relationship once hit the rock in October in the year 2012. But, they reunited in March in the year 2013 and are since leading a heartily married life.

Grace Fan DeVito Ethnic Details

Besides, Grace Fan DeVito is an American as per her nationality and pertains to a mixed ethnical background as her father is of Italian descent. Her grandparents are initially from San Felipe, Basilicata, as well as Calabria, an administrative region of Italy.

Grace Fan DeVito

Grace Fan DeVito’s Siblings Are Actors

Grace Fan DeVito has an older sister named Lucy DeVito, an actress, as well as a producer. Born on 11th March 1983, in the place of New York City, Lucy is better known for her work on Deadbeat. She also seemed on the heat TV sitcom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia with her father and other cast members that encompassing Kaitlin Olson as well as Glenn Howerton.

Grace Fan DeVito and her other family members, supported her father when Danny obtained a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Similarly, Grace’s brother named Jacob Daniel DeVito is an actor with a few acting credits. He has credits for his work on The Better Angels as well as Curmudgeons.

Grace Fan DeVito Career

Grace Fan DeVito

Grace Fan DeVito started her career in the show business at the young age of twenty, eliciting her first movie named My Girlfriend’s Abroad. It endeavors with the issues typical of college learners. A year after in the year 2007, DeVito landed another producing gig in a short movie named Bloom, which dealt with much more developed themes.


According to sources and reports, Danny DeVito’s daughter seemed as an actress in two on-screen projects as Amboy ( of the year 2015) and Jeff & Some Aliens (of the year 2017).

Is Grace Fan DeVito An Artist?

Many online tabloids reported that Grace Fan DeVito has dedicated herself to earning contemporary art. But in fact, the woman who has been into artistic works for years is not Grace. She has, coincidently, transpired to have the same moniker as Danny DeVito’s daughter. She followed the School of Visual Arts and now labored at Grace Mehan DeVito Fine Art.

Back in May the year 2021, Grace Fan DeVito also talked regarding her unique artistic style in an interview with great East Oaks Studio. Have a look,


Grace Fan DeVito Has A Daughter

Grace Fan DeVito is quite a private person who has kept everything regarding her love life out of the public eye. Due to a lack of reasonable details, we have yet to trace out whether or not Grace is wedded to a husband.

Grace has a pre-teen daughter. Back in October in the year 2013, the curly-haired appealed with her mother as well as her daughter, who shared a striking resemblance to her grandmother at a special screening for CBGB at the ArcLight Hollywood in the place of New York City.

However, any detail regarding the biological father of her child is yet to come out, neither Grace has ever cited whether the baby’s father is just her partner or husband.

Grace Fan DeVito

Grace Fan Devito Net Worth Details

In the year 2022, Grace Fan DeVito’s net worth is around $500,000. Her main source of revenue is her producing career.


In the meantime, her father named Danny has around an $80 million fortune. They previously owned a house In the place of Beverly Hills, California, and also a vacation home in Interlaken, which is in New Jersey.


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