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Hadley Klein bio is a Screenwriter, Producer, as well as Director in the American Film Industry. He is best known for his works in the movies like Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Any Tom, Dick, or Harry, Good Morning Rabbit, & several more. Apart from his works as a professional, Hadley is also understood as the husband of an actress named Taissa Farmiga.

Besides, Hadley Klein bio is also an actor, but his achievement in acting has stayed limited. He has so far only played a character named Jimmy in the TV series named Party Down unlike his wife Taissa, who is one of the reputed actresses in the industry. Nicely, how is his relationship with his wife? Do they have children from their wedding?

So, today, we are going to examine the details of Hadley Klein bio along with his age, his parents, his list of movies, as well as his marriage, & much more.

What Is Hadley Klein bio Age? His Wiki as well as Parents

Hadley Klein bio was born Hadley Ethan Klein on the 25th of January, the year 1983, in St. Louis, which is in Missouri, under the great birth sign Aquarius. He is 39 years of age as of the year 2022. He developed in his hometown along with his sister named Amira Ashley Basaysay.

Growing up, he had a very normal upbringing and spent the main part of his life in his hometown along with his parents as well as a sibling. Talking of his nationality, Hadley belongs to mixed ethnicity and pertains to American nationality.

Hadley Klein bio Educational Details

While examining his academics, the Missouri native Hadley majored in Film Studies at Emerson college located in Boston, which is in Massachusetts. He finished up with his degree in the year 2005.

Details on Hadley Klein bio Parents

Walking on to his parents, he has a mother named Cindy Klein Lewis who is still by his side as well as living her life fully while his father is no more in the world. It has already been 22 years in 2022 since his father evacuated the world.

In memory of his fun-loving father, Hadley protects dealing his memory with his late father in his Insta account. In the year 2020, Klein again shared his childhood minutes with his dad as well as composed,

20 years is an unbelievably long time to miss somebody. the reasoning of you today as well as everyday

Hadley Klein bio With His Father & Sister

Hadley Klein bio with his dad as well as a sibling. Source: His Instagram

Unfortunately, Hadley Klein bio has not disclosed the justification behind his father’s death.

Hadley’s Mother Remarried A great Man named Rabbi Shalom Lewis

After the death of Klein’s father, his mother named Cindy again came across the love of her life. It was around the year 2001 when she started dating her recent husband named Shalom. Her longing partner named Lewis who was a divorcee, was there for her to solace her when she forfeited her husband at a young age.

Hadley Klein bio

Hadley Klein bio mother is a young widow
Hadley Klein bio mother named Cindy with her recent husband
Slowly and deliberately, both of them got dragged toward each other very deeply and agreed to take a chance on their connection.

Hadley Klein bio Is Into Filmmaking: His Movies

As he majored in film studies in his college, it is apparent that he had always been passionate about filmmaking. Following his passion, Hadley shifted to Los Angeles after he completed his study as well as started his career as a production intern in a TV series named Joey.

Additionally, he became a production assistant in another TV series named Without a Trace. Likewise, he has worked in various TV series as well as movies like As the World, Baby’s Breath, Party Down, and several more.

Hadley Klein bio

Nevertheless, Hadley Klein bio got noticed after he worked as a director as well as a producer on some projects such as Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Good Morning Rabbit, as well as any Tom, Dick, or Harry.

Hadley Klein bio Is A Writer As well as an Actor As Well

He has helped as a writer for an animated children’s television series named Fresh Beat Band of Spies. For this particular series, Klein, in total has written five episodes named ‘Mummy Mayhem, Fruit Racer Game, Werewolf Hairwolf, Wild Outlaw, as well as Bunnies Go Bananas’.

Also, Hadley did acting in Party Down, a TV series where he depicted the role of Jimmy.

Hadley Klein bio Is Married To An Actress named Taissa Farmiga: Their Wedding
As of the year 2022, Hadley is in a marital relationship with his wife named Taissa Farmiga. The couple tied a knot on August 8, the year 2020, in a private ceremony at their own home. In their marriage amid the corona pandemic, his actress wife posted their wedding photo on her Instagram with a caption,’ Married my best friend.’

Hadley Klein bioThey Dated Each Other for around 6 Years Before Marriage

The now husband as well ad wife had been dating since the year 2014. Taissa, as well as Hadley, reportedly met on a movie set since both of them are in the movie industry. Eventually, after 4 years of their relationship, in the year 2019, the pair reported being perpetrated with each other.

And finally, in the year 2020, they earned their partnership official by dealing vows in a low-key wedding ceremony.

Short Bio On his Partner, named Taissa Farmiga

Taissa was born on August 17, in the year 1994, as the younger sister of an American actress named Vera Farmiga. As a great star sibling, Taissa herself dreamt of being an actor since her childhood. And finally, she made a debut in the drama film Higher Ground in the year 2011.


Additionally her debut, she starred in various movies like Coven, Roanoke, Apocalypse, The Long Dump Road, Share, and several more. However, Farmiga got prestige after she helped on an American Horror story, Murder House.

Furthermore, she also got critical praise for her work in movies such as The Final Girls and 6 Years. Further, she was included on Variety magazine’s list of “The 14  Women Who Dominated the South by Southwest Film Festival”.

Hadley Klein bio

Hadley Klein bio Is On Instagram: What regarding His Other Social Networking Sites?

Taissa’s spouse named Hadley is hugely active on Instagram under the username @hadleyk with an intro “my name is Carmelita chu. I obtain butterflies.” He has around 19.5k followers on his Instagram with around 1,194 posts in total.

Furthermore, Hadley Klein bio is also on Twitter with around 2,825 followers. Till today, a director has tweeted completely around 9,838 tweets.


What is Hadley Klein bio Doing In the year 2022?

Looking at his latest Instagram posts, he appears to be busy with his upcoming projects. He has lately been working as a producer in the upcoming emotional movie named She Taught Love along with other producers, named Milan Chakraborty as well as Sanjay Sharma. In this movie, his wife named Taissa will be headlined alongside Darrell Britt-Gibson.

Hadley Klein bio

Furthermore, he is enjoying his family life with his wife, as well as other family members.

Hadley Klein bio Net Worth

Hadley Klein bio has professionally pertained to the American film industry since the year 2005. Since then, he is continuously into some projects either as an assistant as well producer, or a writer. Hence, as per reports and sources, he has a net worth of around $10 million.

On the other side, his popular wife, named Taissa Farmiga’s a net worth is around $1.5 million.


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