Hailey Grice bio

Hailey Grice bio is a social media influencer as well as an Instagram star with around 997k followers on Instagram. Lately, she has been a subject in the media for her apparent marriage with a poker player named Dan Bilzerian, which is false.

The news of her marriage to Dan began circulating after Dan posted an image with a girl similar looking to Hailey. So, who is Hailey dating? Or is she already married?


Find out the validity here. Also, more details of Hailey Grice’s age, height, career, education, as well as boyfriend are here.

Hailey Grice bio Early Life: When Was She Born?

The media personality named Hailey Grice was born on 5th November of the year 1998 with the birth sign Scorpio. She was born in North Carolina, which is in the United States and is 24 years old as of the year 2022.

Hailey Grice bio With Her Family on Her Graduation Day

Hailey Grice bio alongside her household on her high school graduation day

Likewise, she has white caucasian ethnicity. She reportedly has a brother named Nicholas. Besides this, other information pertained to her parents as well as family is under the radar.

Hailey Grice bio Education Details
The 24 years old model completed high school in North Carolina in the year 2017. She then enrolled at the University of great North Carolina at Charlotte.

Hailey Grice bio

Hailey Grice bio Was A Competitive Cheerleader For Six Years

Hailey Grice bio was fond of cheerleading as well as was an ace on her team for a total of six years. During her middle school and high school days, she shouted for the Spartans.

Hailey Grice bio even had an Instagram account named @haileycheer solely devoted to her cheerleading journey. The account has around 2k followers as of now with around 39 posts. Following her high school graduation, she began her other IG account and quit using her old one.

Hailey Grice bio started Her Modeling Journey In the year 2017


As mentioned above, Hailey changed from cheerleading to social media soon after finishing high school. Since then, she has accumulated around 977k followers on her IG handle @haileygrice, around 108.3k on Twitter, around 49k on Facebook, as well as around 163.6k on Tiktok.

American social media influencer named Hailey Grice bio
Grice endorsing Hi-tech Pharmaceuticals commodities on her IG feed.


Moreover, Hailey Grice bio also has an old self-titled YouTube channel with around 460 subscribers. Her minor Instagram profile @hailey_grice has around 83k followers.

Hailey Grice bio is presently signed to Unruly Agency. So far, she has co-operated with brands like Beauty Creations Cosmetics, Basic AF, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Imaginary Magazine, Lounge, as well as many more.


Hailey Grice bio

Looking through her social media profiles, she mostly shoots for lingerie lines as well as swimsuit companies. The model cum influencer has wandered to India, Thailand, and Iceland so far.

Did Hailey Grice And Poker Player Dan Bilzerian Got Married?

On 25th July of the year 2022, Dan Bilzerian nodded the internet when he posted a picture of his marriage to an anonymous woman on his Instagram which he captioned “I finally did it”. After the post went viral, millions of followers inferred the bride was none other than a model named Hailey Grice bio.


The post presently has around 4 million likes with comments wanting ‘congratulations’, ‘fake news, ‘thank god, less competition, as well as many more funny responses.

Hailey Grice bio has neither substantiated the news nor has she denied it. Similarly, Dan has not made any additional updates since his viral marriage post.

While the post has amazed fans from all over the world, named Hailey is dating someone else. So who is her boyfriend? Find out below.

Hailey Grice bio

The 24-year-old Model Is Dating NBA Star named Abdel Nader

When the internet is going all frenzy over Dan as well as Grice’s wedding, we did some digging and found out the lingerie model is dating an NBA player named Abdel Nader.

Model Hailey Grice bio and boyfriend named Abdel Nader

Hailey and NBA star named Abdel Nader began dating in the year 2020
According to her TikTok, she as well as Nader began dating in the year 2020. Though Hailey has not posted named Abdel on her IG handle, she has several great TikTok videos with him. While on the other hand, the pro-basketball player has posted his beau for a limited time.


Back in the year 2018, Hailey Grice bio was dating a real estate developer named Dylan Dauzat. As of the year 2022, Dylan is also courting someone new.

Is Hailey Planning a Wedding?

Well, Hailey Grice bio is in no mood to tie the knot any time very soon. She is presently in a happy state with her boyfriend Abdel, nonetheless, the duo does not have any plans to stroll down the aisle.

That said, we would love to see her wedding as an excellent wife.

Hailey Grice bio

Hailey Grice bio Net Worth

According to several reliable sources, Grice’s net worth is estimated at around $500,000 as of the year 2022. Her primary income source is her design career as well as social media. Apart from this, she also receives thousands of dollars from OnlyFans’ subscriptions.


As per Influencer Marketing Hub, her sponsored post can make between around $2,893.5 to around $4,822 per post. Her IG post gets around 52k likes on average.


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