Hal Auden Cumberbatch

Hal Auden Cumberbatch is a cool celebrity kid born to Benedict Cumberbatch and his wife named Sophie Hunter. His father is an outstanding British actor mainly known for his role as Dr. Strange in the Marvel Universe. Furthermore, his mother is a well-known theater and opera director who recently also worked as an actress in numerous movies as well as TV shows.

Besides, walking into their wedding, Hal’s parents have been married since the year 2015. Besides, did you know Hal also has two siblings from her parent’s wedding?

Well, here are lots of intriguing details regarding him encompassing his birth details, birthday, and more. Let’s explore everything in the following article!

Who is Hal Auden Cumberbatch? Details On Benedict Cumberbatch’s Son

Hal Auden Cumberbatch is a star kid who was born on March 3rd, of the year 2017 to his mother named Sophie Hunter as well as father Benedict Cumberbatch. His zodiac sign is Pisces. As for his age, Hal Auden Cumberbatch is five years old as of the year 2022.


Besides, his first name Hal is a nickname for Henry Harold as well as Harry, a Shakespearean character while his mid-name Auden is a boy’s name of British ancestry which means ‘old friend.’

Hal Auden Cumberbatch with his father
Baby Hal Auden Cumberbatch with his father named Benedict Cumberbatch.
Furthermore, the celebrity kid has English ancestry as well as is British by nationality. Talking about his education, there is not much information accessible in that regard. But since Hal pertains to such a high-profile family, we can say that the star kid is researching in a prestigious preliminary school in his locality.

Hal Auden Cumberbatch’s Father and Mother Are Both Renowned Personalities

His parents Benedict as well as Sophie are both quite famous names in the entertainment world. His father named Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch aka Benedict Cumberbatch is a great English actor. He is adequately known for his outstanding acting in Sherlock from the year 2010 to the year 2017. In the project, the actor played the lead character named Sherlock Holmes.

Hal Auden Cumberbatch

Hal Auden Cumberbatch’s father
Multi-talented Actor named Benedict Cumberbatch

He rose to fame primarily for playing Dr. Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His major hit movies encompass Doctor Strange (of the year 2016) as well as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (of the year 2022).

Along with his prolific acting career, the multi-talented actor has also won various prestigious accolades for his acclaimed work in movies as well as TV shows. He has won the British Academy Television Award, Primetime Emmy Award, as well as Laurence Olivier Award. He has also been nominated for two Academy Awards, two British Academy Film Awards, as well as four Golden Globe Awards.

Hal Auden Cumberbatch

Similarly, Hal Auden Cumberbatch’s mother Sophie Hunter is a prominent English playwright, theatre director, as well as former actress. She made her directorial debut in the year 2007, co-directing The Terrific Electric at the Barbican Pit. She later directed plenty of projects like Off-Off-Broadway, Phaedra, and the great Turn of the Screw.

Hal Auden Cumberbatch’s mother
Named Director Sophie Hunter

Besides being a director, Hunter has also starred in a team of TV series such as Midsomer Murders (of the year 2004), Mumbai Calling (of the year 2007), and Torchwood (of the year 2009).

When did Hal Auden Cumberbatch’s Parents Meet? Their Wedding Details

Hal Auden Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter reportedly met in the year 2009 on a set while filming the thriller film Burlesque Fairytales. The couple first seemed together in a French Open in June of the year 2014. A few months after in November of the year, they surprised their fans when the pair declared openly their engagement.


Hal Auden Cumberbatch’s parents

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch with his wife named Sophie Hunter.
Talking about their marriage, the lovebirds exchanged vows on the 14th of February of the year 2015 on Valentine’s Day. The wedding took place at the great Church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Mottistone, which is in England.

The pair have been wedded since then and are enjoying their life together. They have also dealt with three sons since their marriage in the year 2015.

Hal Auden Cumberbatch Has Two Brothers From Her Parents’ Martial Relationship

Hal Auden Cumberbatch

Hal Auden Cumberbatch is the second eldest cute son of his parents. Hal Auden Cumberbatch has two more brothers. His elder brother named Christopher Carlton Cumberbatch was born on June 1, of the year 2015. His middle name ‘Carlton’ was motivated by his paternal grandfather. Furthermore, the younger one is named Finn Cumberbatch born in the year 2019.


Hal Auden Cumberbatch with father and brother

Benedict Cumberbatch spent time with his two great sons.
According to their parents, all three siblings enjoy each other’s company as well as affection to spend time together, thus having an intimate bond.

Hal Auden Cumberbatch’s Lifestyle as well as His Parent’s Net Worth

The star kid and his two siblings are appreciating their lives to the fullest. He along with his two brothers is living a pleased life with their parents. The family presently lives in their beautiful home on the southern fringes of Hampstead Heath.

Hal Auden Cumberbatch

Hal Auden Cumberbatch’s father, as well as mother, are both multi-millionaires. Auden’s dad named Benedict Cumberbatch is estimated to have a net fortune of around $40 million which he has collected from his career in acting.

Furthermore, his mon Sophie Hunter’s fortune is around $4 million. She has accumulated her fortune from her multiple different works.



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