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Haley Giraldo bio, 37, is an American Instagram star, model, social media influencer, as well as mother of two. Haley Giraldo bio is the daughter of a rock singer as well as a songwriter named Patricia ‘Pat’ Benatar and her husband named Neil Giraldo.

Haley Giraldo bio rose to prominence with her fashion and lifestyle-related posts on Instagram where the favorable Insta star has around 128k followers in the year 2022. Furthermore, Giraldo is an occasional reality TV personality who has worked in shows such as Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive and Hollywood Squares.

In addition to all that, here also find out more about her lifestyle, husband, wedding, as well as more. Details are down below.

Details Of Haley Giraldo bio’s Age As well as Family

The model named Haley Giraldo was born on 16th February of the year 1985 in Los Angeles, which is in California under the birth sign Aquarius. She is 37 years old in the year 2022 as well as stands at a height of 5 ft 4 inches.

American influencer Haley Giraldo bio and her father named Neil Giraldo
Haley Giraldo bio as a baby alongside her father named Neil Giraldo before he had gotten his tattoos
Giraldo is the oldest child of singer-songwriter Pat Benatar as well as a record producer named Neil Giraldo. She is an American as per her nationality as well as has mixed ethnic ancestry. From her mother’s side, she is German, English, as well as Irish and from her father’s side, she is Sicilian.

Moreover, the rising star has not disclosed any information about her education as well as college.

Haley Giraldo bio and Her Sister named Hana Giraldo

Haley Giraldo bio grew up alongside her sister Hana Giraldo who is also a model. The Giraldo girls were raised in the place of Los Angeles, California by their star parents. In addition, her sista named Hana is also a singer who is best known for hits such as ‘Insanity’ and ‘Tote – Gimme that Bass,’ as well as more.

Furthermore, she also has worked on a pair of TV projects as a sister. Her movies as well as TV credit encompass Big Baby and A Christmas Cruise.

Professional Career: Haley Is A Lifestyle  as well as Fashion Influencer

The 37-year-old great Giraldo has been a media magnet since way before she was born. Gratitude to her celebrity parents, her profile as a star kid is also already a bonus to her career.

However, Haley Giraldo bio gained additional popularity on social as an influencer and a fashion model. She presently has over 128k followers on IG where she mostly posts regarding her life updates. Furthermore, her official Twitter handle is @haleygiraldo, and has around 7k followers as of Aug of the year 2022.

So far, Haley Giraldo bio has worked with brands such as Lack of Color Hats, Gladys Tamez Millinery, L*SPACE, Reformation, American Apparel, and various others. Not forget, she also helped in the year 2005 TV show Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive and Hollywood Squares.

Is Haley Giraldo bio In Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules?

As Haley Giraldo bio has already headlined in a similar TV show, many were anticipating her to appear in the year 2022 show Relatively popular: Ranch Rules. Unfortunately, Haley did not make it to the cast list. But, her younger sister named Hana did.

American influencer Haley Giraldo

Haley Giraldo bio posts largely fashion as well as lifestyle-related posts on Instagram
Hana happens in the show alongside other celebrity kids as well as lives and works at a ranch in Steamboat Springs, which is in the place of Colorado. The main intention of the show is to prove their worth to their parents and the world as well as that they are more than just their last name.

 Haley Giraldo bio

Haley Giraldo bio’s Parents Are popular Celebrities- Their Short Career Details
As remembered above, Haley is the older daughter of worldwide popular singer Pat Benatar as well as her equally popular husband Neil Giraldo.

Talking about her mother’s career, Pat is a four-time Grammy Award-winning singer as well as songwriter best known for In the Heat of the Night, Heartbreaker, Crimes of Passion, and more.

Haley Giraldo bio started pursuing her career as a singer in the year 1972 after quitting her job as a bank teller. Her debut album In the Heat of the Night hit the market on August 27 1979 and quickly evolved into her breakthrough album.

As of the year 2022, she has released 11 studio albums, 12 live albums, 27 compilation albums, 7 video albums, 4 tribute albums, as well as around 40 singles. In November of the year 2022, she will be inducted into the Rock as well as Roll Hall of Fame too.

Moving on to her father Neil’s career accomplishment, he is a record producer, musician, arranger, as well as songwriter with nine Grammy nominations winning five out of them.

The 67-year-old musician has produced, performed, and written for various renowned artists such as John Waite, Rick Springfield, Rick Derringer, Kenny Loggins, Scott Kempner, as well as Beth Hart.

 Haley Giraldo bio


Apart from music, he is the founder as well as chairman of the beverage manufacturing company named Steel Bending Spirits LLC. As of the year 2019, the company expanded its product line with two new variations, Twelve Bar Reserve as well as Amplify Rye.

Who Is Haley Giraldo bio’s Husband?

The model cum influencer is presently married to her hubby named Matt Williams. Her spouse works with LA Models as well as NTA Talent Agency.

American influencer Haley Giraldo bio as well as their husband named Matt Williams
Haley Giraldo bio as well as Matt began dating in the year 2015 and got wedded in the year 2017
Born and raised in the place of Texas, Matt is nowadays based in the place of Los Angeles where he resides with his family. As per his IG bio, he is also a certified personal trainer as well as has around 64.8k followers on his Instagram @matt5williams.

When Did The Couple Marry? Their Wedding

Haley as well as her then-boyfriend Matt reportedly began dating in the year 2014 as the Instagram star posted Matt on her IG for the first time on 2nd November of the year. Two years later, Giraldo declared openly their engagement via IG on 13th June of the year 2016.

Haley Giraldo bio

She proclaimed openly the big news by simply captioning an image of them with “Last night we celebrated our engagement” along with a red heart as well as the ring emoji.


And on 17th July of the year 2017, they got wedded in an intimate marriage ceremony held in Santa Barbara at Villa Sevillano. Their nuptials were attended by both their families as well as friends.

Since then, they are leading a pleased matrimonial relationship.

 Haley Giraldo bio

Giraldo Is Welcoming Her cute Third Child With Her Hubby

On 1th May of the year 2022, Haley posted a video of her showing as well as caressing her belly bump. Furthermore, on the second slide, she posted another video with ‘you’re having a baby boy disclosing the gender of the baby.

Besides, the husband-wife has also two daughters named Stevie James Williams, born on August 25, of the year 2018, and Lola Ford Williams, born on February 5th of the year 2020. Their second child named Lola was born precisely at 12:42 pm.

How Rich Is Haley Giraldo bio?

As a model, Haley has certainly earned a decent amount of fortune. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she is reportedly worth around $500 thousand as of the year 2022.

Haley Giraldo bio

Haley Giraldo bio earns income as a model as well as a social media influencer. On the other hand, her mother Pat Benatar has an estimated fortune of around $40 million. She has stretched such a substantial fortune from her prodigious singing career.


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