Hanne Norgaard

Idris Elba’s ex-wife Hanne Norgaard is a professional make-up artist as well as a businesswoman. She has worked on different television shows, stage production, movies, adverts, and fashion shows as well.

Hanne Norgaard, who mainly goes by the name Kim Elba, still, is better known as the ex-wife of the year 2018 People’s Sexiest Man Alive, Idris Elba. The preceding couple was in a marital union from the late 90s to the early year of 2000s with a daughter in between.

Know what she is doing in the present; whether she remarried or not after separation from The Wire actor. Also read about her life before meeting Elba, her usuals, and more.

The First Wife Of Idris Elba, named Hanne Norgaard

The ex-wife of the Bafta Nominee actor, Hanne Norgaard was born on April 5, in the year 1977. She is of Afro-Asian descent as well as considers herself of Blasian nationality.

Hanne Norgaard’s mother is from South Korea, and her father is an African American. She though raise with her adoptee parents who were of Danish nationality.

Who Are Hanne Norgaard’s Parents?  

While she has met her real father, the Danish make-up artist came to be still searching for her birth mother.

As such in June of the year 2018, the Thor actor’s former partner, who has a locked-out Instagram took to her Facebook to state she was looking for her birth mother.

In the post, she disclosed finding out about her father through Ancestry, but he didn’t have ample information on her mother.

Hanne Norgaard wrote her mom’s name is Kyle Nam Kim as well as that her Korean name was Nam Hee Kim. In the Facebook post, the part Korean beautician further disclosed how she went to Korea as well as visited the orphanage. It was the same place in which she had spent a year before her adoptee parents took her.

Through the orphanage, she reportedly got quite a little information as to where her mother was born as well as how old she is, and so on. Still, since she didn’t leave her registry number Hanne couldn’t track her down.

Hanne Norgaard

Her Educational Background 

Hanne Norgaard graduated with distinction from the Global Artist Makeup Academy in London. She studied with top honors from the acclaimed International Makeup Academy in Europe.

Hanne Norgaard Has Done Make-Up For Great Artists

The 45-year-old Hanne has been in the makeup business for around 15 years. In those years, she worked on a lengthy list of high-profile celebrity clientele. It varied from platinum-recording artist, Chilli of TLC and Lyfe Jennings, to actors Geena Davis and Hugh Laurie of television hit series named House.

Some other big names encompass Jenna Redgrave, Nigel Havers, her ex, named Idris Elba, the late Robin Williams, and others.

Hanne Norgaard maintains she finds it a blessing to have had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s most talented actors as well as musicians.

The celebrities have been considering Elba’s former spouse a pro amongst Europe’s socialites as well as entertainers and the exclusive Hollywood elite.

The South Korean as well as African American former model is an insider to the Hollywood glitz and glamour. What’s more, people frequently refer to her as a trusted resource for the makeup demands of today’s most-watched stars.

Her career in the makeup artistry field began right after she studied with the highest honors from the acclaimed International Makeup Academy in Europe.

Hanne Norgaard

Shortly after graduating, Hanne Norgaard says she was incredibly fortunate to get a smooth start in the industry as well as land jobs with prestigious companies such as BBC and Columbia Tristar.

She gained an extraordinary amount of knowledge working with those companies, not only regarding makeup but the industry as a whole.

After that, she went back to further educate herself. She thereafter received a Diploma with the highest honors in the continued education of makeup artistry. And in addition to that, she also studied cosmetology as well as esthetics. Norgaard has also launched her make-up brand known as Kim Elba Cosmetics.

The reason behind Hanne Norgaard doing her make-up line is because of the industry people raising a question like…do you have your makeup line or when will you be inaugurating a makeup line?

Meanwhile, she is also the manager of her daughter.


How Did Hanne Norgaard Meet Her Ex-Husband Idris Elba?  

Hanne met her ex-husband, named Idris when she was a makeup artist in London, and the British citizen was an upcoming actor. Hanne Norgaard as well as the Pacific Rim star married in the year 1999 after which the couple shifted to New York.

When together, the couple welcomed a daughter, Isan Elba in the year 2002. As it turned out, Isan was born on the very day her father secured his role on The Wire, the launchpad for his later success.

Hanne Norgaard

Her parents though divorced a year later in the year 2003.

Why Did Hanne Norgaard And Idris separate?

It is believed Elba and Hanne Norgaard’s union started to fall off because the former failed to secure any acting job and subsequent financial hardships.

The six-foot-two-inches tall Elba had brought his first wife, Hanne Norgaard, with him when he moved to New York to launch his career.

When the couple came to the States, Elba, however, worked hard to master an American accent as well as henceforth would only get a job as a laborer and nightclub bouncer.

Many say that the now 49-year-old Elba stopped living with Hanne Norgaard when she was still pregnant with their first child, named Isan. While no longer together, the main couple, nonetheless remain on good terms, co-parenting Isan.

They had also worked together side-by-side on their daughter’s 16th birthday.

Hanne On Her Ex-Spouse Success As well as Their Bygone Relationship

Hanne Norgaard seldom talks regarding her past relationship with Elba. Nonetheless, of her ex-husband becoming a prominent actor, Norgaard with Black Christian News, said,

He couldn’t have seen it coming. He knew he would be a great actor. He showed incredible promise when they were young. And there was no question in his mind that he would surpass many. But how the public reacts to him, he never even considered.

Hanne Norgaard

Hanne Norgaard says the marriage with Elba anyway was a rare experience that bought her the most valuable gift, her daughter Isan.

Hanne Norgaard admits she knew what Idris wanted to achieve would take major casualties, so she held on for the ride. But she says she is very happy with how things arose for them all.

After divorcing Hanne Norgaard, Idris went to have an affair with pole dancer Desiree Newberry. Following that, he married Sonya Nicole Hamlin though this marriage also stopped shortly. Hanne Norgaard’s former partner Idris next had a relationship with another makeup artist, Naiyana Garth. This couple also has a son, named Winston Elba.


Currently, Idris is married to model, Sabrina Dhowre. The pair started their relationship in 2017. Hanne’s ex-husband asked Dhowre to marry him in February in the year 2018. The duo decided to tie the knot after a year on April 26 in the year 2019.

Hanne Norgaard And Elba’s Daughter

Hanne Norgaard

Hanne Norgaard and Elba’s daughter, Isan is a student at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. There she is a Film as well as a Television, Production major.

Hanne Norgaard’s daughter’s LinkedIn page shows that she is also interested in acting. She was also a Golden Globe ambassador in the year 2019.

Isan lives with her mother named Hanne in the place of Atlanta, Georgia.

Who Is Hanne Norgaard Currently Married Too? 

The ex-wife of the Hobbs as well as Shaw actor Idris Elba, Hanne Norgaard is presently married to Pastor Andrew L. Friar II. She married her present husband Friar in the year 2013 almost after ten years of her first marriage.


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