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The great Heather Harlan bio is the widow of the late great legendary actor named Tony Randall. Tony sadly died in the year 2004 at the age of around 84. The former flames had a wide age gap of around 50 years. Although the two obtained a huge backlash from the public because of their drastic age difference, it had really never been a big matter for the two. As well as they were still together until Tony’s death in the year 2004.

Besides, Heather Harlan bio also shared two grown kids with her late husband. Both of their kids are pursuing in their father’s footsteps.

In expansion, Heather Harlan bio is the president of the board of the great New York Theatre Workshop at current. Well, let’s dive into lifestyle of Tony Randall’s widow named Heather Harlan bio in today’s article.

Harlan Randall Early Life as well as Education

What is Her Age? Her Ethnic Background
What is Heather Randall bio Doing Currently? All About Her Career
Heather Harlan is Tony Randall’s Widow: Their Infamous Wedding
How did Tony Randall Meet His Wife named Heather Harlan?
Heather Harlan bio Marriage Ended With her husband Tony’s Demise
What is the cause of Heather Harlan bio’s Husband Tony’s Demise?
Has Heather Harlan re-married? What is she doing today?
What is Heather Harlan bio Net Worth?

Harlan Randall Early Life As well as Education

Heather Harlan bio was born on October 20, of the year 1970, in Richmond, which is in Virginia, in the United States of America. Heather Harlan bio grew up in Boca Raton, which is in Florida with her family.

Following her high schooling there, Harlan shifted to New York City to study acting at New York University.

Besides, while most of her early details comprising her parents remain secret, we know for sure that Harlan rose up with her older sister. Back in July of the year 2021, the 52-year-old posted a beautuiful photo with her sista.

Heather Harlan bio sister
Heather with her older sister.
Source: Facebook

What Is Her Age? Her Ethnic Background

Her age is 52 as of the year 2023. As far as her ethnicity is concerned, Harlan is Caucasian as well as her nationality is American.

What Is Heather Randall Doing Now? All About Her Career

Nowadays, Heather Harlan bio is president of the board of the great New York Theatre Workshop, a famous well-established downtown space where the musical Rent was also born. Since her late hubby named Tony’s death, Randall has been using his money to fund different great theater institutions.

Besides, Heather Harlan bio is also a periodic actress who played the role of Linda Cassidy in the short movie named Forests of Mystery.

Heather Harlan bio Is Tony Randall’s Widow: Their Infamous Marriage

Harlan as well as her late husband named Tony tied the knot on 17th November of the year 1995. They wed in a low-key private ceremony that was only attended by their family members as well as friends. During the time of their nuptial, Harlan was only 25, whereas, her then-actor husband named Tony was around three times her age.Heather Harlan bio

Instead of the huge age gap of around 50 years, the ex-duo was in a happy wedded life. But, if someone married such an old man, society never let them go without gossiping behind their back.

I’m sure people said as well as continue to tell things behind my back,” Heather said, “But I don’t hear greatly of it.

At the time of their wedding, they utilized to live in their Manhattan apartment. The duo later bought a vacation condo in Key Biscayne, which is in Florida.

How Did Tony Randall Meet His Wife named Heather Harlan?

Heather Harlan bio met her future husband named Tony while doing an internship at the National Actors Theatre in the place of New York. It was founded by Randall. Sources say there was nothing unusual between the two initially, instead, Harlan loathed Randall after the actor was found getting frisky with the company’s staff.

Heather Harlan bio spouse named Tony
Heather Harlan bio as well as her hubby named Tony. Source: Getty
But it was two years later when Tony’s first wife of numerous decades died, the actor became pretty much alone. During the meantime, there was something touching between the duo.Heather Harlan bio

Since then, they started up dating. The duo also worked together on a stage play Three Men on a Horse, oversaw by John Tillinger.

Heather Harlan bio Children

Heather Harlan bio is the proud mother of two young kids with her late hubby named Tony. The two greeted their first child, a daughter named Julia Laurette Randall on 11th April of the year 1997, in the place of New York. Julia who was named after Heather’s great mother-in-law Julia as well as actress named Laurette Taylor studied acting at Guildhall School of Music as well as Drama.

Tony’s wife gave birth to their second child, a son named Jefferson Salvini Randall on June 15, of the year 1998. His moniker was taken in the honor of comic actor named Joseph Jefferson as well as Italian actor named Tommasso Salvini.

Heather Harlan bio children
Heather with her kids.
Source: Facebook
Besides, Jefferson is now the production assistant at The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo at great Sesame Workshop.


Heather Harlan bio further disclosed Tony’s craving for youngsters,

“And since he couldn’t have children with his first great wife, he desperately wished them — so he was an incredibly loving father. As well as a great provider — his kids have everything they will ever need.”Heather Harlan bio

Heather Marriage Ended With Her Husband named Tony’s Death

The duo had been in a gorgeous marital connection for around nine years until Tony’s casualty on 17th May of the year 2004. Although lots of fingers were put forward on their wedding, it was never a big deal for the two. After Randall’s passing,

At the moment, Heather also talked about her sexual life with great Tony,

What Is The Cause Of Heather Harlan bio’s Husband Tony’s Demise?

Tony Randal expired away in a deep sleep because of pneumonia at NYU Medical Center on 17th May of the year 2004. The late actor was diagnosed with the infection pursuing his coronary bypass heart surgery in December of the year 2003. His body was laid to rest at the Westchester Hills Cemetery in Hastings-on-Hudson.Heather Harlan bio

Has Heather Harlan bio Re-Married? What Is She Doing Today?

Since her late spouse named Tony’s passing, Heather has stayed tight-lipped about her love life. Because of the limited information, we can’t substantiate whether Heather is still mourning the loss of her hubby or has shifted on with someone.

Apparently, numerous sources believe that Harlan isn’t wedded to anyone as of the year 2023. She is neither on Facebook nor on Twitter.


In addition, Tony was previously wedded to his high school sweetheart Florence Gibbs. The two tied the knot in the year 1938 as well as were still together until Gibbs’ demise in April of the year 1992.

What Is Heather Harlan bio Net Worth?

Harlan has an assessed net worth of around $2.4 million as of the year 2023. Besides, her husband named Tony had a fortune of around $10 million at the time of his demise. Most of his fortune came from his labor in the entertainment industry.


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