Ingrid Rinck bio

Ingrid Rinck bio is a businesswoman as well as fitness trainer from New Orleans Louisiana who is also the wife of the WWE as well as now National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) wrestler, Tyrus also recognised as George Murdoch. Rinck’s husband is also an actor as well as public figure.

Ingrid Rinck bio is noted for her courage as well as fascination for healthy living. Her story includes overcoming emotional issues including eating disorders, as well as mental health, overcoming adversity and building a nationwide profitable business. As such she is the person behind the largest meal preparation company in the whole US.

Read the voyage behind her status as a reputed entrepreneur along with her connection with her husband named Tyrus as well as others.

Ingrid Rinck bio Parents As well as Early Life

The now 41 years old Ingrid Rinck bio was born on April 24, of the year 1981. It is yet to be disclosed where her birthplace is, but Tyrus’s wife apparently grew up in the place of New Orleans.

Ingrid Rinck bio is the daughter of Gary F Rinck as well as Jane Boisdore Rinck. Ingrid Rinck bio is a member of the vast family of Slidell Rinck of Louisiana. Not much about her family is known but it has been told that Ingrid Rinck bio’s father, named Gary used to own considerable restaurants across the US in the past.

According to word of mouth, Ingrid Rinck bio is an a skilled CPA as well as businessman with 50 years of restaurant experience under his belt. Ingrid Rinck bio once told her father owned many fast-food restaurants while she was growing up. Now is the COO of his great daughter’s food company.

Her Siblings

Ingrid has a sister, named Kirsten Elizabeth Rinck, and a brother named Christian Eric Rinck. Her mother, named Jane is a registered nurse who studied Bachelor of Science in Nursing at great Loyola University, New Orleans, which is in the place of Louisiana.

Ingrid Rinck bio Relationship With Tyrus; She Was His Girlfriend For A Longtime Before Becoming His Wife

While it hasn’t been that long since Tyrus as well as Ingrid have become husband as well as wife, the two were partners or in a a connection for years. In They also kept the fact of their togetherness as well as cohabitation hidden for numerous years.

Tyrus shshareshe the news of his engagement with his then-girlfriend named Ingrid.
Ingrid Rinck bio as well as Tyrus sharing the news of their engagement
Tyrus once on his Twitter told he had indicated to Ingrid only on April 26, of the year 2020.

Wedded for years but officially gave her an actual proposal.

composed the husband of great Rinck. The wrestler/actor added,

It’s never too late to make things right! This woman is my everything as well as she deserves the world it’s my honor she assigned me The love of my life anyone that knows her knows green.

Together, Rinck as well as Tyrus also have a daughter named Georgie Murdoch.

Ingrid Rinck bio with her sons as well as daughter

Ingrid Rinck bio additionally has two sons from her prior marriage. Her two boys are Rock as well as Rhett. The Louisiana native had Rock as well as Rhett with her ex-husband, named Charlie Herbert. It is ambiguous when as well as why Ingrid Rinck bio divorced Charlie but according to some public records they were still husband as well as wife in the year 2008. According to her company’s website, nonetheless, Ingrid Rinck bio as well as Charlie’s connection initiated to crumble when the former was pregnant with their second kid.Ingrid Rinck bio

Ingrid Rinck bio’s eldest son, named James Rhett is a Mandeville High School graduate. Her other son, named Rock, on the other hand, is a diabetic high school sophomore.

Sensible Meals owner named Ingrid Rinck bio with her eldest son, named Rhett
Ingrid Rinck bio with her eldest son named Rhett
Ingrid as well as Tyrus with their youngsters reside in great Mandeville, which is in the place of Louisiana.


Ingrid Rinck bio Weight Loss Journey Helped Her In Aiding Others

Ingrid Rinck bio greatly was a trainer before launching her own business. She would turn back to being an instructor as well as since has been one with a total of over 25 years of experience. The celebrity wife has acquainted tens of thousands of women worldwide. Ingrid assisted a a a public of women by disseminating her struggle with weight due to anxiety as well as depression.

The Mandeville inhabitant admitting inherently lost 145 lbs As far as one knows, she has passion with the fitness business since she was 15 years old. Ingrid also united the fitness class at quite an a before age.

The transformation of businesswoman Ingrid Rinck

Wrestler as well as actor Tyrus’s spouse named Ingrid Rinck before as well as after weight loss.
Rinck first commenced training as a fitness trainer when she was around 27. As an instructor, she has won numerous awards as well as certificates, reportedly more than 40. Ingrid runs a gym and fitness center, FITCAMP.

Her Height And Weight

Ingrid Rinck bio stands at a height of around 1.8 meters as well as weighs around 132 pounds (60 kg).Ingrid Rinck bio

Tyrus’ Wife Ingrid Rinck bio Runs The Company, Sensible Meals

Aforesaid, Ingrid Rinck bio is also a businesswoman of a successfully meal company, Sensible Meals, a nine-figure company. Ingrid Rinck bio began the company in the year 2014 with only around $50. She likewise had no proper education, business partners, or loans. But Ingrid did get help from her father, named Gary to launch this initiative.

Fast forward to the gift, her then-enterprise now reportedly employs more than around 1200 people.


To start this business, Ingrid Rinck stopped her fitness career although it was operating successfully. She dived into the nutrition industry after understanding her second son, named Rock had Type 1 diabetes. According to Cajun, Ingrid Rinck bio started the nutrition business to help people cope with health difficulties resulting from poor diet. She also liked to assist clients to attain their nutritional goals.

Former WWE wrestler Tyrus with his wife named Ingrid Rinck in Aug of the year 2022

Sensible Meals owner Ingrid Rinck bio with her wrestler as well as actor husband named Tyrus in Aug of the year 2022
As referred to, her company, which has its headquarters in Mandeville, which is in Louisiana, directly is the largest meal preparation company in the whole US.He  is neither on Facebook nor on Twitter.Ingrid Rinck bio

During the meantime, Ingrid Rinck bio is also a member of the Circle of Red, an American heart disease awareness providing society. Ingrid Rinck bio furthermore is a corporate supporter of a diabetes research foundation. Ingrid Rinck bio further is the founder of the Leading Ladies League nonprofit organization. Her virtual fitness assignments straight from her studio are also non-profit.


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