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Janet Surtees was also known by the name Janet Surtees Arness is the widow of James Arness, the late Hollywood icon. Janet Surtees Arness late hubby, James Arness earned great popularity following his enduring role in the series Gunsmoke as Marshal Matt Dillon in the cult hit CBS TV. The duo had started dating a year before the climax of the drama series.

Janet Surtees Arness and James Arness were in a happy marital relationship until James Arness died in 2011. Aside from their long-lasting marital life, many people want to know if Janet Surtees Arness and her late husband James Arness shared any biological child. So, we are here to disclose the secret of their happy marriage and information about their children.

Besides, we’ll also talk about James Arness’s wife Janet Surtees Arness’s parents and many more facts!

Who are Janet Surtees Arness’s Parents? Janet Surtees Arness’s Date of Birth

Janet Surtees Arness’s father was a pilot, but the information about Janet Surtees Arness’s mom is not available to the media. Janet Surtees Arness has a brother who also worked as a pilot in the past.

Moving towards Janet Surtees Arness’s Date of Birth details, Janet Surtees Arness was born on the 15th of February in 1947, in the United States of America. Janet Surtees Arness belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity and holds an American nationality.

Inside the marriage of Janet Surtees Arness and Husband James Arness:

The duo tied the knot in 1978 in a personal wedding ceremony. Janet Surtees Arness and James Arness led a happily married life since their marriage, supporting each other through thick and thin until the actor, James Arness passes in 2011.

Janet Surtees
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Despite their long-time marriage, the couple remained low-profile about their marriage throughout their relationship. Janet Surtees Arness and James Arness used to make irregular public appearances.

One of their limited outings was their joint arrival during a signing of James’ book James Arness: An Autobiography in 2001 in Los Angeles.

How Did They First Meet? The Couple Started Dating just Three Months After They Met:

Surtees Arness used to work as James Arness’s makeup artist Glen Alden‘s wife’s shop, which was placed in Tujunga Avenue. Janet Surtees Arness spent almost six years working in the shop. It was there Surtees Arness met her future husband, James Arness.

Glen Alden’s wife used to talk about James Arness’s adventures and his incredible roles in both TV shows and movies, especially on the CBS drama Gunsmoke. But, Janet Surtees Arness was unknown about James Arness’s successful Hollywood career at the time. One day, the actor, James Arness himself came over for dinner where Janet Surtees Arness was working, and these both had their first-ever encounter.

After some days, they went to Red Ridge Meadows, Mammoth Lakes. Surtees Arness and James Arness had a lot of fun there. The actor, James Arness rented horses for the duo. James Arness and Janet Surtees Arness, both were avid skiers too.

After spending some quality time together, they came back home, and James Arness told his future wife, Janet Surtees Arness, that he was going to Alaska and would call her only after he came back from there.

But, Surtees Arness disclosed that the actor, James Arness didn’t call her for almost a few months. Eventually, after three months gone, James Arness called Janet Surtees Arness and the couple went for dinner. They thereafter started dating and were in relationships for around four years before they tied the knot.

Did they have any children? Janet Surtees Arness Has a Son From Her Previous Relationship:

No, the couple didn’t have any biological children. But, both James Arness and Surtees Arness had kids from their previous relationships. Janet Surtees Arness has a son from her past love affair. Though, the information about her son’s biological father is still missing. Moreover, Janet Surtees Arness’s son was a big fan of Gunsmoke.


On the other side, James Arness had two children a daughter Jenny Lee Arness (b May 23, 1950) and a son Rolf (born February 18, 1952) from his first marriage to Virginia Chapman. Their son Rolf was the World Surfing Championship winner in 1970. Sadly, their daughter Jenny Lee Arness died of a drug overdose in 1975.

All you need to know about him:

Jenny Lee Arness is an American Actress and also the daughter of James Arness. Jenny Lee Arness’s father James Arness, was an American actor, best known for portraying Marshal Matt Dillon for 20 years in the CBS television series Gunsmoke. James Arness has the difference of having played the role of Dillon in five decades: 1955 to 1975 in the weekly series, then in Gunsmoke: Return to Dodge (1987) and there are 4 more made-for-television Gunsmoke films in the 1990s. In Europe, James Arness reached fans status for his role as Zeb Machen in the Western series How the West Was Won. James Arness was the older brother of actor Peter Graves. Jenny Lee Arness was not an only child of her parents, she also has a brother.

Jenny Lee Arness was born on the 23rd of May in 1950 in Los Angeles, California, the United States of America by her parents, Virginia Chapman.Virgini and James Arness. Jenny Lee Arness was an American actress. Jenny Lee Arness died on the 12th of May in 1975 in Malibu, California.

Jenny Lee Arness was an American actress, who got fame for Gunsmoke (1955). Gunsmoke is a television Western drama and an American radio created by writer John Meston and director Norman Macdonnell. The story revolves around in and around Dodge City, Kansas, during the concession of the American West. The central character is played by William Conrad as a lawman Marshal Matt Dillon, on radio and her father, James Arness on television. When the series was aired in the UK, the television series was originally titled Gun Law, later it was changed to Gunsmoke.

Janet Surtees
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Jenny Lee Arness was analyzed with schizophrenia before her demise. Jenny Lee Arness, the daughter of actor James Arness, who is the husband of Janet Arness committed suicide in 1975, not too far before her 25th birthday. It was rumored that Jenny Lee Arness was fighting due to a breakup with Greg Allman and Jenny Lee Arness took a toxic dose of pills.

Jenny Lee Arness’ father, James Arness married her mother, Virginia Chapman in 1948, and the duo adopted her brother, Craig. Besides Craig, Jenny Lee Arness’s parents, James Arness and Virginia Chapman also had a son, Rolf who was born on the 18th of February in 1952.

Fast Facts about him:

Bottom of Form
James Arness was wounded and obtained the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star for his efforts at Anzio during World War II.

James Arness was a radio announcer in Minnesota in 1945.

James Arness was signed to play Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke in 1955 after John Wayne turned down the part.

James Arness has made four films in three years with the Duke: Hondo (1953), Big Jim McClain (1952), Island in the Sky (1953), and The Sea Chase (1955).

James Arness has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and has been introduced into the Cowboy Hall of Fame.

James Arness was Co-authored the memoir James Arness: An Autobiography (2001)

1957 Emmy-Best Continuing Performance by an Actor: Nominated. 1958Emmy-Best Continuing Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Dramatic or Comedy Series: Nominated 1959 Emmy-Best Actor as a Leading Role in a Dramatic Series: Nominated.

Janet Surtees Arness’s Husband Death

One of the greatest actors, James Arness husband of Janet Surtees Arness passed away on 3rd June 2011. James Arness was 88-year-old at the time of his death. James Arness, husband of Janet Surtees Arness died of natural causes in his Brentwood home in Los Angeles.

James Arness’s body was consigned to the grave at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California.

What is Janet Surtees Arness doing after her husband, James Arness’s demise?

Janet Surtees Arness is currently into charity work. Like her late hubby, James Arness, Janet Surtees Arness has the same enthusiasm for humanity. Janet Surtees Arness supports the United Cerebral Palsy Research and Education Foundation.

Take a Look at Janet Surtees Arness Net Worth:

Janet Surtees Arness estimated net worth is $1 million. Janet Surtees Arness presently resides in Los Angeles. The ordinary median price of a home in the city is $650,000.

On the other hand, her late husband, James Arness, had a net worth of $8 million at his demise. James Arness mainly gained prosperity from his acting career. James Arness started his acting career by working in the movie The Farmer’s Daughter in 1974.


The actor, James Arness rose to stardom after his fan-favorite part in the acclaimed TV series Gunsmoke. James Arness worked in the series from 1955-to 1975. James Arness also occurred in five made-for-television Gunsmoke movies.


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